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Bob Dylan Tickets

The singer-songwriter and public opinions addresser Bob Dylan was back in the public eye this year after being awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, but as far it goes – this icon of modern world pop culture is never off the spotlights. His influence over the protest movements, poetry and songwriting is so deep and substantial he cannot be forgotten not even for a moment. Despite all that, he never charted first places in hit charts. The closest he ever got was 12nd place on Billboard with “Like a Rolling Stone” in 1965 and 35th place with “Rainy Day Women” in 1966.

However, his songs became the hymns of civil rights, anti-war movements. In fact, his most lingering effect was the protest culture becoming my “civilized” and marginal.

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The early years

Bob Dylan was born as Robert Allan Zimmerman in 1941. When he was 20 he signed his first records deal with Columbia – and convinced the producer John Hammond that he was orphan, so he won’t have to ask his parents to sign the contract with him (considering 20 is still not considered as rightful adult in the USA). At the age of 22 he legally changed his name to Bob Dylan and started crafting the legend that he is. Over the years he worked with various music genres which were reflected in his music and in the American culture: folk, blues, country, gospel, Rock n roll, rockabilly, Scottish and Irish music and more. The instruments mastered by Dylan are the guitar, harmonica and keyboards.

Most prominent works

His well-known song “Like a Rolling Stone” was edited severely before achieving the shape we know today. Based on different accounts, the initial lyrics were up to 20 pages long!

The song “Masters of War” was released in 1963 and remained the most influential protest against military-industrial world – up to this very day.

In 1965 he first recorded electric instruments, which wasn’t taken well by some of his fans. As part of the promotion of the album released that very year – Bringing it All Back Home, he recorded a video during which the key words were presented on sheets of paper held by the artist. This technique became widespread ad being used even now.

Although his most notable works were released in the 60’s, he was constantly active during the past 50 years, releasing the latest album “Fallen Angels” in 2016 with the same record label as before – Columbia.

Except creating music, Bob Dylan also released a total of 7 books of drawings and paintings, held few exhibitions and painted some of the covers of his albums.

The never ending tour – from 1988 and until now

Since 1988, Bob Dylan had embarked a never ending tour, during which he gave about 100 shows a years in the 90’s and the 2000’s – more than any other fellow artist from the  60’s. His shows are constantly changing in interpretation of the songs and even the lyrics, which makes the experience exciting and unexpected, but also raises some complaints among the music experts who feel this conduct doesn’t do justice to the songs which changed the face of music, poetry and worldwide culture. During 2016 he visited Japan and USA and participated in a big Desert Festival in California, sharing the stage with other veterans, including the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who and Roger Waters.