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Catfish And The Bottlemen Tickets

Catfish and the Bottlemen is a British band formed in North Wells in England in 2007, when the main members were 14 and 17 years old. They played cover versions of known songs in pubs nearby in order to practice as performing musicians and learn to play on the necessary level – and slowly but surely they began gaining recognition. Their first album was released in 2014, reaching number 10 in the UK charts. The band had a long tour in England, Europe, North America and Australia, including participation in luxurious festivals, such as: Glastonbury, Latitude, T in the Park and others. They won their first Brit award on February 2016 in break of the year category and released their second album “The Ride” in May of the same year.

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Band members

As for today, Catfish and the Bottlemen is consisted of 4 musicians:

Ryan Evan “Van” McCann – singer and guitarist, Matthew Benjamin “Benji” Blakeway – bass guitar, Robert “Sideshow Bob” Hall – drums and Johnny “Bondy” Bond on guitar. The band has 2 ex-members, one is Billy Bibby how was one of the founding members, the first to join the leader of the band Ryan McCann when they both were young and lived in 2 separate bed-and-breakfast owned by each one’s family. Billy Bob departed from the band in 2014 and formed a new one on his own. The second ex-member is the first drummer John Barr which was replaced in 2010 with current one Robert Hall, by the recommendation of the producer who worked with the band at the time.

The inspiration of the name and musical style

The unusual name of the band derived from the first musical memory of the band founder Ryan McCann. Catfish and the Bottleman was street artist in Australis (where McCann lived with his parents for few years) playing on special instruments made of beer bottles. The artist gained relatively wide recognition, comparing to the nature of his activity. The name of the band is similar to the artists’ name – but in plural.

The musical style of the band fits all the canons of a British Rock band – moreover, McCann claims he never tried to stand out: “I feel like everyone are trying to be outside the box all the time, arty and special. We wanted to stay inside the box”. This approach, unusual as it is, had brought them the desired exposure and helped them to reach vast crowds in England and beyond. The band toured a lot around the country before getting signed by Communion Records.

The subjects of the songs

The subjects of the bands’ songs are a god reason for their growing popularity. The songs speak of subjects that any working class person of the current generation can relate to – the desire to get away from reality, relationships etc. According to MacCann, the main subject of the bands’ first album was about not letting anyone get in your way, to stay positive and keep a kind environment for self-improvement.