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Elton John Tickets

Sir Elton John (a title which was honored to him by Queen Elizabeth in 1998) is one of the top best-selling artists in the world. One of his most impressive accomplishments is having at least one hit song a year for consecutive 31 years – from 1971 to 2000. Every year he had at least one song performing well both in the American and English charts. His full name today is John Hercules Elton, but it is a pseudonym – his real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Who knows, perhaps such a name would be catchy too?

In his earliest years he already exhibited unusual musical talent. He started playing the piano at a very young age, earning a special scholarship for studying in the academy at the age of 11. He got hold of the technique pretty quickly and in 1962 he already established the blues and R&B band Bluesology. This group would accompany and back up the various blues artists visiting the UK for touring.

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His first album “Empty Sky” was released in 1969. His second, eponymous album produced his first major hit – “Your Song”, entering the first 10 of the UK chart. However, his path to success had some disappointment and rejections as well. For instance, when he was first sighed by Liberty Records, the executives wasn’t impressed by his songs and paired him with Bernie Taupin in order to make a better use of John’s composing skills with a better lyrics. This cooperation is still going strong even now, 30 albums later.

Elton Johns’ spheres of interests and main achievements

Although Elton John’s record company would prefer if he’d given his smashing hits songs to singers with more “stardust” than the awkward young man in glasses and crooked smile – but he wouldn’t give up. However, he worked in the backstage as well. He played piano for many major artists: George Harrison, John Lennon, Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, Ringo Star, Bob Dylan and more.

Another sphere of activity where John had a major success is in writing for movies and theater. He became a part of the childhood of the whole world by composing the songs and the soundtrack for Disney’s popular movie “Lion King”, as well as the notable “Aida” musical and “Billy Elliot”, a movie and a musical. Among the awards he received: 5 Grammys and 5 Brit Awards, Golden Globe, Special Legend Disney Award and many more. He’s presented in the Hall of Fame of Rock’n’Roll and songwriters since 1994 – both in Britain and the United States.

Another important part of his activity is AIDS awareness. He established a fund of his name in 1992 and ever since that year he’s hosting special charity event and party – which is the hottest after-party for the Oscar’s.

These days the performer is touring with his latest, 2015 album “Wonderful Crazy Night”, which is planned to continue until July 2017 (as for now).