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Justin Bieber Tickets

Justin Bieber is probably the most prominent white solo artist (unlike boys/girls bands) from 2008 and until now. He made a lot of scandals and was one of the most adored artists of young girls – while being one of the most hated personas over the Internet, with thousands of “memes” dedicated to the desire to see him disappear from the musical world. But for now that’s very unlikely. Justin Bieber is a young man who grew up in front of the eyes of his admirers, from a sweet teenager with a dorky haircut into tattooed macho-guy who is unwilling to fulfill the expectations this world has of him, and although his songs mostly deal with him-her subjects – their nature changed vastly.

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Justin Bieber first came to prominence in 2007, when his mother uploaded videos of him singing songs of known artists. The popularity of the 12 years old performer grew rapidly and in 2008 he was scouted by Scooter Braun who saw his video online. Soon after the Canadian boy was singing for Usher. In 2009 his first single “One Time” was released, while the recording of the debut album was still ongoing. Over time he became the only artist ever to release 4 number one hits prior to releasing a debut album. By the end of the year he already was a guest at the White House, performing for President Barack Obama and his wife.

At the beginning of 2011 the song “Baby” was released, probably one of the most known ones and became an instant worldwide hit. It was promoting the debut album of Bieber – “My World 2.0” which reached the first place in the Billboard chart instantly – making Bieber the youngest artist to achieve this since Stevie Wonder in 1963. In the following years he managed to overcome a serious obstacle of male artists of his age – puberty and the maturing of his voice, singing in lower tones and dealing with the cracking voice of adolescence period.

As for today, the singer released 4 albums, the last one in 2015. The total sum of album sales is 100 millions – an unprecedented achievement for a Canadian artist. He won 1 Grammy, 2 Brit awards, 13 Billboard awards and countless awards of fans love, including “Teen Awards” and 18 MTV awards, the biggest achievement registered until now. He also set 14 Guinness Records as being the most played artists on Spotify, and by replacing own song on the number 1 spot in world charts etc. The performance of Justin Bieber always completed his musical work – well-produced, invested, intended for young audience but also well fit for adults who appreciate the pop culture.

Interesting facts about Justin Bieber

The young man grew up with his single mother (although his father was involved in his upbringing too), used to play the piano, drums and trumpet, being a good student too. These days he invests in start-ups he believes in and contributes a lot to charities, both financially and by spending time with sick children who dream to meet their idol.