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Red Hot Chili Peppers Tickets

The Red Hot Chili Peppers (also known as RHCP) is a unique phenomenon in the American rock scene ever since its first inception. It has a complex history, including breaking-up and coming back to activity, frequent replacement of guitarists and even a suit against a well-known television company for using the term the band coined in one of their songs. The band released 11 albums, the last one in 2016. They have a total of 80 million records sold, 16 Grammy awards and the title of the most played alternative band of all times.

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The founders

The RHCP first appeared in 1983 when 4 high-school buddies got together in Los Angeles:

  • The singer Anthony Kiedis
  • The bassist Flea
  • The guitarist Hillel Slovak
  • The drummer Jack Irons

Nowadays, only Flea and Kiedis remained from the original line-up, while Slovak died of an overdose in 1988, followed by the departure of Irons, his childhood friend. Prior to these sad events, the quartet recorded the first 2 albums. Chad Smith was enrolled to the band after open auditions in 1988. Jack Irons remained involved in the life of the band, alongside to his work with Pearl Jam and he’ll also perfrom as an opening act for RHCP 2017 tour for the 11th album “The Gateaway”, which expected to last for 18 months and will include other special guests – the girl-metal band from Japan “Baby Metal”.

The first years and music style

The RHCP went through extensive changes in their creative life, starting from the early period of their work when they were known for performing naked, except a sock hiding their genitals. However, this came after they were already known, while the first appearance was in a club in front of 30 people and included a jamming session of the musicians, while Kiedis was rapping a poem he wrote for the occasion. This certainly predicted the future stylistics of the band. The crowd enjoyed the enthusiastic performance and they were invited to perform again the following week.

The musical style of the band is rock with elements of Funk music and a lot of improvisation, which style creates interest among the listeners.

Changing band members

Over the years, the band exchanged various guitarists, including Dave Navarro who brought some darkness upon the bands’ regular vibe. His period in the band was short – 1995-1998, and including the recording of only one album “One Hot Minute” which got mixed reviews. However, his influence was felt in their following releases as well, including approach of some pretty dark issues. The current guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer has enrolled the band in 2007, he’s a high-quality musician for hired who performed in many bands and in backing bands for various artists.

Interesting facts regarding the band

Anthony Kiedis was a child actor, son to a struggling actor in Hollywood who made some extra money by selling drugs. However, his son adored him and always looked forward to the short periods of time he spent with him in Los Angeles. He’s been living with his father in the City of Angels from the age of 12, having a vast experience in the glamorous life-style of actors and even appeared as the son of Sylvester Stallone in a 1978 movie. All his experiences were reflected in the lyrics he wrote for the band, including the notorious “Californication”.