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Royal Ascot Tickets

Many sports around the world started centuries ago and developed in various ways through the years. But it’s hard to find a sport which is more interesting and captivating than horse races – and one of the most interesting facts about it is the few changes it had gone through over time. The industrial revolution took Europe by storm, wars broke and finished but horse races remained mostly unchanged. The Royal Ascot racecourse is among the classiest spots to watch these races, as a unique phenomenon in the English culture, as well as one of the most important social events in the country, in th 18th century as well as today. From early 20th century (1913, to be exact) the racecourse is being managed by a special operating unit, created solely for this purpose. The uniqueness of racecourses as sport (and gambling) sphere alongside the historic value of the Royal Ascot racecourse is contributing to the tourists’ interest in this spot.

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The inception of the racecourse and its first years

The Royal Ascot racecourse was established by Queen Ann in 1711. The first race which took place there consisted of 7 horses and had a winning fund of 100 guineas (the local coin at the time). In 1813, the British Parliament established a law that the racecourse will remain public property at all times, specifically devoted to horse races – and this rule was obeyed until this very day. Renewing projects were done on the course in 1839 in a total cost of 10,000 Pound Sterling and in 2004 – the process took 20 months and cost 186 million pounds. Queen Elizabeth attended the Grand Opening of the renewed racecourse in 2006.

Horse Races in Royal Ascot

During each year, 26 horse races take place, with the season beginning in May and finishing in October. During the winter the races include jumping above obstacles. On the days of the most prominent races one may attend special events with the participation of the royal family and enjoy unforgettable experience. The uniqueness of visiting the Royal Ascot is hidden in the fact that this experience is different from what we used to in sports events. It takes special dress code – elegant and festive. The horse races are unique social events where one may present him or herself in the most exquisite looks, along with fashionable hats. The dressing of women of the royal family is always reaching the newspapers during these days, not only in England but in the whole world.

Visiting the Royal Ascot

You may enjoy a special tourism event on the horse races in Royal Ascot – various tourism agencies are offering special package of different prices, according to the chosen seat (silver, golden ring etc.) and the level of hospitality (meals, reception, alcohol).

Visiting the Royal Ascot meaning to get familiar with one of the most important customs of the British culture which affected whole Europe and was preserved in its most splendid way.


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