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Simply Red Tickets

Simply Red in a Pop-Soul British band (or to be exact – Blue-Eyed Soul, sub-genre of white people singing in a way that is typical for Afro-Americans. Ironically, this style was as loved and widespread in England).


The band first emerged in 1985 and was at the top of its success between 1989 and 1995, disbanded in 2010 and made a comeback in 2015. The force behind the group is the singer Mick Hucknall, who is also the author of all the songs. He’s the only member who remained in the band through all the years and he rightfully claims that the band is a one-man-project basically. However, few musicians stick with him for long years, including Ian Kirkham (keyboard and wind instruments) who played in the band from 1986 up to 2010 and since the renewed activity in 2015.

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An interesting fact about Simply Red is that despite the widespread belief, the name is not derived from Micks’ Hucknall red hair, but is a token of loyalty to the Manchester United team, being a born and raised in the city. His love and devotion to the club even driven him to try purchase it in 1998 but he couldn’t pull it off.

Before singing sweetly to the lady’s ears, Hucknall was actually a punk singer, front man of a band inspired by the Sex Pistols, which speaks highly about his variable abilities. At first, Mick was backed by Tim Kellet on trumpet and keyboard and Fritz McIntyre as back-up singer and keyboard player. The band had many changing musicians over the years, including from different parts of the world, such as Brazil (guitarist Heitor Pereira) and Japan (Gota Yashiki).

The first major hit of the group was “Holding Back the Years” from their debut album “Picture Book”, released in 1985 and placed first in the charts in America and Ireland, and second in England. It took another decade for fully winning the heart of the English public – the song “Fairground” released in 1995, accompanied with a unique music video of its time and presenting more electronic music rather the blues style from which everything started.

Achievements of Simply Red

The most notable album of Simply Red is their forth – “Stars”, released in 1991. The song of the same name is the band’s signature track. All the songs were written by Mick Hucknall. The band sold 50 million albums all around the world, released 11 albums, the last is “Big Love” from 2015. Plus, a “Greatest Hits” compilation was released in 2008.

Where are they now?

These days, Simply Red is touring with a special program celebrating 25 from the release of “Stars”. During this tour, embarked November 2016, the album is performed fully just the way it was on the record, bringing joy and nostalgic tears to all of those who miss the happy 90’s.