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The 1975 Tickets

The 1975 band is a rising force in the British music scene. This is 4-piece group from Manchester who came together as a band in their early teens. The band members are: Matthew Healy – vocals and rhythm guitar, Adam Hann – guitar, Ross MacDonald – bass and George Daniel on drums.

As stated by the musicians themselves, they started to play together in 2002, when all of them were around the age of 15. The performed during organized gigs for the local youth. However, it took them long while to gather their own musical style and start creating their own compositions – during their first years their repertoire consisted of mainly cover-versions, until they managed somehow to write their own first song, according to Matthew Healy.

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The inspiration for the name and first years of formation

Before going with “The 1975”, the band performed under various other names. The origin of the name which was eventually chosen is a scribble on a package containing a beat poetry book by Jack Kerouac – the scribble said “June 1st, the 1975”. The quartet went a very long way from the moment they first met in 2002 and until releasing their first EP and shooting up to the top of the charts. By now the band released 4 EP’s and 2 full-length albums.

On August 2012, their first song “The City” reached the major radio stations in England. The song was taken from their first EP and by the end of the year they released another EP – “SEX”, with the track of the same name having wide exposure through the BBC. The band toured their homeland and the USA intensively as part of the promotion of each and every one of the singles they released from their 4 mini-albums, prior to the release of their debut album.

The debut album – “The 1975”

After a decade of work and long process of building a momentum, which included touring with Muse, The Neighborhood and being a warm-up act for the legendary Rolling Stones – “The 1975” released their self-titled debut album in September 2013. The album darted straight to the tops of the charts in Britain.

The style

The musical style of “The 1975” presents well the direction of modern British Music of our decade – balancing on the line between pop and rock, between commercial and indie music. The subjects which concern the songs of “The 1975” are somewhat melancholic and dark, presenting in nude light the most relevant issues of the younger generation these days (also known as the “millennials” – those who reached adulthood in this millennium) – love, sex, fear and self-exploring. These presented in alternative eerie rock.

The second album and current affairs

The second album of the “The 1975” – “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” was released in February 26th 2016 but had a long preparation towards it – starting from June 2015. It also included a public stunt to “scare” the fans into thinking that the group has disbanded. This was achieved by eliminating all the social media pages. The album was preceded by 4 singles, each and every one of them contributing to the growing popularity of the young band. The hard work was rewarded and the album was charted first places in both the UK and the US charts and even entered the short-list of the Mercury Music awards.


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