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The Who Tickets

The Who band is one of the classical, most influential English bands of all times – which is still active these days. The band was first established in 1964 and achieved fame with their classic, most powerful line-up, which included: the vocalist Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend on vocals and guitar, John Entwistle on the bass and Keith Moon on the drums.

The Who is one of the most successful bands of all time, with over 100 millions of sold records and huge influence on both studio work and live performances as we know them today – vivid and kicking, performing bare chested and smashing instruments during the most intense moments. The band continues to perform these days, with 2 of the original line-up surviving members –   Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, despite the declining hearing of the latter. However, these problems were a result of highly important experiences, including setting the world record for the noisiest performance in 1976 – 126 dB, which is probably the least of the most impressive achievements this incredible band had.

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Interesting facts about The Who

The Who has a lingering influence both as a phenomenon and as separate people – and it is huge. For example, Townshend was the first to coin the term “power pop” back in 1967, when describing the early 60’s singles of the band. The wild behavior of the drummer Keith Moon was soon perceived as the appropriate one for a rock star. It also inspired the “Animal” character in the “Muppets Show”. His unique drumming style gave him the title of the second best drummer of all times – and this title still relevant today, 50 years later.

The musical influence of the Who

The Who had shaped the rock style of music through the 70’s as we know it – their influence can be seen in the growing use of Marshalls, unique lines in drums and guitars. They also contributed to the formation of the rock opera genre.

The influence of “The Who” is spread over a vast length of genres, included heavy rock, punk rock and more. Their songs are widely recognized and played extensively, in cover versions as well (for instance, Limp Bizkit’s version of “Behind Blue Eyes” from 2003). The songs with social messages are still relevant to these days and youngsters nowadays still can relate to the lyrics of “My Generation”, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and more.

The band was active throughout the last 50 years, although the top of their fame was in the late 70’s, until the shock they experienced with the death of Keith Moon in 1978 – he couldn’t get a hold over his alcohol addiction. The band continued to tour until 1982, when Townshend grew tired from living on the road and the band went into hiatus.

The latest years of The Who

The band reunited in 1996 and continued to perform sporadically until the death of John Entwistle in 2002. Starting from 2013, Townshend and Daltrey are leading a tour they describe as their last. They aspire to perform in locations they never visited before, and although they consider recording new material – their main interest is to celebrate half a century of the band’s existence and the greatest hits. Many say and rightly so, that this is the last chance to watch a live performance of the legendary figures who shaped the rock world as we know it.




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