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World Cup 2018 Tickets

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting competition in the world, and only comes around once every four years. With 64 professional football matches being played against 31 national teams, it is the highest echelon of national football. With a cumulative audience of 715 million people, the World Cup is a global spectacle. Beat the crowds and compare the best deals for World Cup 2018 tickets right here.

The 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia, with games held across 12 venues in 11 different cities. It will include the best national football squads in the world, including Brazil and title holders Germany.

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World Cup History

The World Cup was first created in 1872, with its first match being played in Glasgow, Scotland. Scotland and England played in a challenge match, which ended 0-0. Although the foundation of the world’s greatest sporting competition fell a little flat, the popularity of the sport continued to grow globally. After FIFA was founded in 1904, it was not long before the World Cup became a much more grandiose spectacle.

Six of the tournaments eight champions have won the World Cup while hosting it at home, with the unfortunate exception of Brazil in 1950 and more recently in 2014, and Spain in 1982. Brazil has been the most successful country in the World Cup, with 5 titles to their name. Germany, the current title holders, have won four titles.

Average Attendance and Ticket Prices for the 2018 World Cup

It is really no surprise that the World Cup is hard to get to, because of its worldwide popularity. Not only do you need to make sure that you can make it to the host country of Russia, but there is a lot of feverish competition for tickets. The average prices for a World Cup ticket this year is about £135 at face value, but you can expect the market prices to skyrocket into the thousands of pounds.

Attendance to most games is normally excellent, thanks to the huge spectacle of the World Cup. Last year’s final was a sell-out in Argentina, with 75,000 fans crammed into the Maracana stadium to watch Germany dominate the hosts, Brazil.

How to Guarantee World Cup 2018 Tickets

The World Cup is unquestionably a mammoth sporting spectacle, which all-but-guarantees games that sell out quickly. Getting your hands on a World Cup ticket is not always easy, especially if you do not want to spend a small fortune. Thankfully, there are a few channels to try out, which we have looked at below:

Directly from FIFA

FIFA release their tickets to the World Cup sporadically through a lottery system. Suffice it to say, it is not a very good system if you want to guarantee a ticket. Unless you are very prompt or lucky, you will most likely be rejected for a ticket. It is always a good move to try a few times before giving up, though, as FIFA stagger the sales.

Hospitality Tickets

If you can source some corporate or hospitality tickets, expect a lavish experience while watching the World Cup. Corporate tickets normally include a pre-game meal and refreshments as well as access to box seats. Be warned – these tickets are very hard to come by and they cost an awful lot of money. Another downside is the lack of atmosphere in the box seats, which does not match the lively feeling of a seat in the stands.

Ticket touts

Ticket scalpers make a fortune selling fake or stolen tickets to unsuspecting fans outside of stadiums on match day. It is advised to avoid touts at all costs, as the practice is illegal and dangerous. If you are caught with a fake or stolen ticket, you will be removed from the stadium and criminally charged.

Official ticket vendors

Ticket vendors are a relatively new way to buy your World Cup tickets, and it is all done online. By creating an online platform for tickets to be bought and sold, these resellers facilitate a safe space for legitimate ticket resale. Legitimate ticket holders can sell on their tickets if they can no longer attend the game, and with such a healthy marketplace prices tend to be fair. Some of the biggest and best resellers are Ticketbis, StubHub and Viagogo.