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Armin Van Buuren Tickets

Electronic music artists, such as Paul Van Dyk and David Guetta, are the reason for many people to name this generation of DJ’s as the greatest of all. they call it “the golden era”. One of these great names is Armin Van Buuren. Still younger than 40, Van Buuren is named by many as the best DJ in the world. Some are even speaking of him in historical terms.

Between the years 2007-2012 he was named back-to-back by DJ MAG as world’s best DJ.When he wasn’t winning the fancy title, Armin still made it to the top ranks by many opinion leaders. Armin Van Buuren was born in 1976 in Leiden, Holland, and specializes in Trance music, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance and Progressive House music.

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His professional journey started with a somewhat of a Cinderella story: As he was working as a DJ in a local club, people started noticing his unique style and the story has it that never had he acquired any technicians to work for him, being worried they couldn’t stand to his standards. At 19 he already released “Blue Fear” – a single that made echoes overseas.The next one: “Communication”, made him popular worldwide and slipped in to the british hits chart.His success encouraged him the start his own label, and in 1999 so he did.

It seems the label founding, combined with his collaboration with another Electronic music giant, “Tiesto”, has finally gotten him the recognition and reputation that every artist dreams of having.The two has released “Wonder where you are?” – a single that won a gold record and was just another success story of the Van Buuren.In the year of 2000, Van Buuren finished working on his mega album, “State of Trance”, an album that sold over 10,000 copies and was a great success.

Since 2001 Van Buuren is also broadcasting a radio show named after the album, and is being transmitted in 84 different countries, with 37 million listeners.  Some people relate the great success of Trance music to the radio show and the way the show promotes the genre, where new DJ’s get the so needed exposure and, of course, promotions to his own concerts. In September 2009 Van Buuren married his wife, Erica, which he was in a relationship for 9 years. During his marriage his wife has given birth to a girl in 2011, and his son in 2013, awarded with the crowd applauding during the Tomorrowland festival.

In November 2010, Armin joined a few other musicians who were a part of the games revolution: Now days people can experience being a DJ and play music in front of a huge virtual crowd with some of Van Buuren’s tracks.In December 2016 a tour in South America will lead Armin Van Buuren to a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, continuing to Colombia from there. In March the DJ is supposed to have a special tour including Germany, Indonesia and Singapore.