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The heated rivalry between Man City and Man Utd – known as the Manchester Derby – is one of the most well-known in sports. The two teams are separated by only a few miles, and the fans are some of the most passionate in the world.

The two teams played their first match against one another in 1891, which resulted in a 1-5 victory to Man Utd. In the ensuing years, Man Utd have retained the competitive edge over Man City in the ensuing years, though games between the two teams are always fiercely-contested with a lot of pride on the line.

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Manchester City vs Manchester United Tickets


Never before has a match between Manchester Utd and Manchester City meant so much. Now two of the elites of the Premier League, the past thirty years have seen both teams experience vastly different fortunes.

For so long, it was Utd that was the benchmark of English football. Dominating domestically, Utd grew into one of the greatest clubs in the world. Whilst Utd were busy scaling the heights, neighbour Manchester City was spiralling down the English football pyramid. At one point close to going out of business, City eventually found itself back in the Premier League but was still just a footnote in comparison to its great rivals.

However, everything would change in 2008 when City was brought out by its current owners from Abu Dhabi. Transforming the club’s fortunes almost overnight, City was able to attract some of the world’s best talent and just four years later was crowned Premier League Champion for the first time.

Once described by Ferguson as the ‘noisy neighbours’, those neighbours have now turned into arguably the best team in the world and in 2023 equalled Utd’s treble feat that was achieved back in 1999. It is now City that is the envy of the football world.


Matches between Manchester Utd and Manchester City are always special occasions. Often the first match that fans of both teams look for when the season’s fixture list is announced, due to the shift of power in Manchester this historic fixture means more today than it ever has before.

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What makes Utd vs City so special?

There are several reasons why Utd and City matches are special occasions. Utd is desperate for City’s recent reign of dominance to come to an end, whereas City is firmly on track to become one of England’s greatest sides.

It’s more than just the Premier League

Matches between these two greats aren’t just consigned to the Premier League. The last two FA Cup Finals have seen these great sides lock horns, and there is always the potential for these two teams to compete against one another in Europe.

Iconic and memorable moments

With both teams fielding some of the most exciting players in the world, so many memorable and special moments have been produced. Who can forget Mario Balotelli’s famous ‘Why Always Me’ celebration, Michael Owen and Paul Scholes’ last-gasp winners and Ilkay Gundogan’s spectacular FA Cup final volley?

As both teams continue to vie for England and Europe’s greatest prizes, you can be guaranteed that there will be many more special moments to come.

Passionate crowds and stunning stadiums

With Premier League matches taking place in front of vast crowds at both the Old Trafford and Etihad Stadiums, the atmosphere around this famous match often reaches fever pitch. With both grounds being amongst the best in the Premier League, they provide the perfect platforms for one of English football’s greatest games to take place.

Memorable Utd vs City matches

Over the decades, there have been many special encounters between the sides.

  • In 2023, City was hoping to emulate their cross-city rivals by winning a famous treble. With the Premier League title already locked up, the next stage was the FA Cup Final. The first time in the tournament’s long and illustrious history that a Manchester Derby had occurred in the final, the game got off to a bang when City captain Ilkay Gundogan fired home a volley inside twelve seconds. In a game that went back and forth, City was able to hold on and secure the second leg of their treble with a 2-1 win.
  • One thing you can be guaranteed of when these two old foes meet is goals. The highest-scoring game between the two came back in October 2022 when City won a pulsating encounter 6-3. Both Erling Haaland and Phil Foden would end the game with three goals apiece.
  • With the power beginning to shift over from the red side of Manchester to the blue half, City flexed their muscles when stunning their great rivals 5-1 at Old Trafford. The game is often remembered for Mario Balotell’s famous ‘What Always Me’ celebration when firing the Cityzens into the lead.

Manchester United facts

Founded in 1878, Manchester United has risen to become one of English football’s greatest clubs. European Cup winners on three separate occasions, nobody has won more Premier League titles than the Red Devils. The first English side to have won the treble, Utd are one of the biggest clubs in the world.

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Old Trafford

Utd plays their home games at Old Trafford. Holding over 74,000 fans, Old Trafford is the second biggest football stadium in the UK, ranking just behind Wembley. With the iconic statue of three of Utd’s most famous sons, Dennis Law, Bobby Charlton and George Best, located outside the South Stand and the famous Stretford End, Old Trafford is one of the most iconic and revered stadiums in the world.

Manchester City facts

Founded two years after their great rivals in 1880, Manchester City has experienced a much bumpier football journey that has seen them climb up and down the English football ladder. Nine times City has been crowned league champion, and they have won the Premier Division seven times.

Able to emulate their great rivals across the city when winning the treble in 2023, City looks on course to dominate the game for years to come.


Manchester City moved into the Etihad Stadium in 2003. Built originally to host the Manchester Commonwealth Games, the Etihad hosts over 53,000 fans. With more work set to take place on the stadium, the capacity is set to rise to over 60,000.

History of the Manchester Derby

The Manchester Derby is one of the oldest matches in English football. First played in 1881, United were victorious 3-0.

Since that famous day, the two have played 192 times. United lead the head to head having won 78 times. City are catching up with 61 wins, with the two sharing the spoils 53 times.

Manchester United vs Manchester City FAQs

How do I get hold of Manchester Derby tickets?

The best way to secure tickets for a Manchester Derby is by being a season ticket holder. If you own a season ticket you will be able to guarantee a seat for any home game whilst having the chance of attaining enough points to guarantee yourself a seat in the away end for any away games.

If the cost of a season ticket is too much, or it is just not right for you, becoming a member is another tactic you could look to employ.

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How much do Manchester Derby tickets cost?

Tickets for Manchester Derby start at £50 if bought through official club channels. However, as getting hold of these tickets is hard, we will have a huge range of tickets available at a range of different prices, depending on where you want to sit.

What is the best way to get to Old Trafford?

There are numerous ways to get to Old Trafford. If you are driving, there are a multitude of different car parks you can access. You can also access the ground by tram, which is easier than the train.

What is the best way to get to the Etihad?

Just like Old Trafford, if you are driving there are many different car parks that you can use. A 25 minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly, you can also travel to the stadium via tram.