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Bundesliga Tickets

The German Bundesliga hosts some of the world’s most successful and popular clubs. Featuring 18 teams from across Germany, the Bundesliga has the highest average stadium attendance for football worldwide. With world-class talent on the pitch, it is no surprise that the games are normally packed with supporters from across the nation. Get a head start in buying your Bundesliga tickets by comparing available tickets here.

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The Bundesliga hosts the 18 top football clubs across Germany, with a season running from August until May. The league is home to international giants Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04. With 306 games played in the Bundesliga last season, it is one of the most prolific leagues in terms of matches.

Bundesliga History

Before the inception of the Bundesliga, German football was amateur, and ran across several sub-regional leagues. It was not until the German National squad suffered a painful defeat to Yugoslavia in the 1962 World Cup that the Bundesliga came to be. The National team defeat spurred the German Footballing Association to implement a professional football league in Germany by 1963.

The first season only consisted of 16 teams from across Germany, including Borussia Dortmund, FC Köln, VfB Stuttgart and Hamburger SV. The first winners of the Bundesliga were FC Koln, who are still in the Bundesliga as of today.

Average Ticket Prices and Attendance for the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is unique in that it offers some of the best live football in the world at incredibly low prices. With an average price of just £10 for their cheapest tickets - almost three times less expensive than the English Premier League. As a result, match day tickets sell out quickly and often.

The Bundesliga is the most attended football league in the world, with an average attendance of 43,000 supporters. Borussia Dortmund draws in the largest crowds, at an average attendances of 81,000 last season.

How to Get Bundesliga Tickets

With such a loyal and dedicated fanbase, getting to see a Bundesliga match can be challenging. The massive crowds and low prices often equates to lots of sold out games. This is even more true if it is one of the bigger teams, such as Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund. Thankfully, there are several different methods of getting a match day ticket:

From the club at the box office

For Bundesliga games, clubs normally release tickets for sale anywhere from two to four weeks leading up to the match. That means that you should act quickly - especially for the bigger games - if you want to buy your ticket there. This is the main channel for official ticket sales, and as a result they sell out fast. The fastest way might be over the phone, but many club box offices are also available online.

Get a club membership

Many teams in the Bundesliga offer a club membership to fans that want to get the most out of a season. The membership normally includes some club memorabilia and, more importantly, members get to buy tickets before anyone else. This sort of treatment comes at a price though, memberships have an annual fee attached to them. So, this is an option that is best suited for people looking to go to multiple games in a Bundesliga season.

Classy corporate tickets

One of the more elegant options to spectate a Bundesliga match is to obtain a corporate ticket. This type of experience is nothing short of decadent - pre-game meals, assorted drinks and an exclusive box seat are all standard fare for corporate ticket holders. However, if the incredibly high price of the corporate ticket does not dissuade you, the lack of any atmosphere in the box seat when compared to a seat in a stand might do the trick.

Ticket touting

Ticket touting is illegal in Germany, so it is generally advised to avoid scalpers at all costs. They are normally found outside of stadiums trying to sell tickets, but to not be tempted! They normally sell fake tickets, and if you are caught with one you will be ejected from the stadium. Worst still, you could face criminal charges after the fact.

Official ticket exchanges

There has been a sizeable rise in the number of ticket resellers online over the past few years. These resellers provide legitimate tickets to fans at a reasonable price to games that they cannot attend. Tickets are fairly priced and you can usually pick up a bargain if you shop around. There are many great resellers out there, but the best are StubHub, Ticketbis and Viagogo.