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UEFA Europa League

UEFA Europa League Tickets

The Europa League is one of Europe’s biggest football events, featuring some of the continent’s most successful and well-known clubs. Although not as prestigious as the Champions League, the Europa League is massive, with 160 teams competing and a 48-team group stage. Get ahead of the crowds and compare the best deals for Europa League tickets here.

Compare UEFA Europa League Ticket Prices

The Europa League heats up at the group stage, where 48 of Europe’s biggest teams compete head-to-head for the Europa League trophy. Historical champions include Sevilla, Liverpool and Juventus.

UEFA Europa League History

The first season of the Europa League, also known as the UEFA Cup, was played in the 1971/72 season. The first final featured an all-English lineup as Tottenham Hotspur defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers and became the first UEFA Cup Champions.

Since 1971, there have been 27 different Europa League champions, with 12 teams lifting the trophy on multiple occasions. The Spanish club Sevilla has been the most successful team in the tournament, winning a total of 5 UEFA and Europa League finals. Other notable winners include Juventus, Inter Milan and Liverpool.

Average Prices and Attendance for the UEFA Europa League

Although it does not draw crowds that are quite as spectacular as the Champions League, the UEFA Europa League is still a huge event in European football. Last seasons attendance saw an average peak of 66,000 fans supporting Manchester United, followed by Borussia Dortmund with 60,000 supporters in attendance. It is clear that this is a popular tournament, which makes sourcing a ticket challenging.

Prices for UEFA Europa League tickets vary from club to club, but generally cost the same as a domestic league ticket. These fixtures do tend to be popular though, and tickets will sell out to games often. Average prices for Manchester United’s Europa League fixtures were around £30, which is reasonable considering the fixture.

How to get Europa League Tickets

The Europa League is a hotly contested competition that makes for some excellent European football. With some of the continents best teams in contention for the title, supporters are eager to help their team out by attending. As a result, it is not uncommon for tickets to sell out quickly for games. Thankfully, there are several ways to get your hands on Europa League tickets, which we have discussed below:

Straight for the club

Club box office’s usually sell their Europa League tickets around one month prior to the day of kick-off. That means that you should act as quickly as possible to get your tickets if you want to use the box office, as they can and will sell out. Many box offices can be used online, but are also available at the stadium and over the telephone.

Join as a member

Many clubs will offer memberships to fans that provide priority access to purchasing tickets to Europa League games. This is a good option if you are a fan of the club and intend to attend multiple games in a season. However, the extra cost associated with the membership might dissuade the occasional or one-time fan.

Corporate and hospitality tickets

If you are particularly flush, you might want to try sourcing some hospitality tickets. These illustrious tickets grant you access to box seats as well as a variety of complimentary services and refreshments. This is an expensive option, though, not to mention the relative rarity of this type of ticket. Moreover, there is next to no atmosphere in the box seats, which are separate from the stands.

Ticket touts

Ticket scalping has been in existence for centuries, but it is illegal as ever today in almost every country in Europe. Oftentimes, scalpers will rob their customers or sell them fake tickets. If you are caught buying or possessing a scalped ticket, you can face criminal charges. So it is best to avoid this option.

Official ticket resale vendors

Thanks to the rise of the internet, official ticket reselling has grown massively in popularity. By allowing the exchange of legitimate tickets, these online platforms have revolutionized how people buy their match day tickets. Some of the big names in ticket reselling include Ticketbis, StubHub and Viagogo. Resellers only provide a platform, so prices are determined by the market. However, by and large, these prices reflect the face value of the ticket.