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Live Football Tickets Review

last updated - 10/01/2024

LiveFootballTickets.com is a secondary source for buying football tickets, and has a strong reputation amongst football fans. The site caters to the international market and UK market, and we have found it to be consistently reliable, with thousands of happy customers. Read on to find out more about our first-hand experience with buying tickets from LiveFootballTickets.

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Ticket Compare has worked with LiveFootballTickets for many years, and they are amongst the most-trusted ticket sellers on the web. Nonetheless, we decided to go ahead and test the service ourselves, to provide a detailed review of the experience.

In this comprehensive LiveFootballTickets review, you’ll find out about our experience with using the site to buy tickets for the Spurs vs Liverpool match that happened on 30 September 2023.

We hope to answer all common questions and concerns about the platform, based on our own experience of buying tickets on the site.  We’ll also look at what other customers have said about the site (in communications with us during and after purchasing from LiveFootballTickets), what people have said in Trustpilot reviews, and how other people’s experiences compare with our findings.

The buying experience at LiveFootballTickets

Buying tickets from LiveFootballTickets is easy and intuitive, thanks to a number of user-friendly features on their site. Most importantly, the user experience is backed up by the quality of the service, and their guarantee.

The guarantee

It can be daunting venturing into the secondary ticket market, since, unfortunately, from time-to-time, people do lose money to unreliable sellers. For this reason, LiveFootballTickets’ “150% guarantee” is reassuring to see. The guarantee ensures that in the unlikely event that you don’t receive your tickets, you will be refunded 100% of your money, plus 50% credit to use on their site the next time you want to buy tickets.

We obviously didn’t need to use the guarantee, because our tickets arrived in good time. But it was good to know the guarantee was in place. The guarantee is backed up in their rigorous terms of use.

Availability of tickets

The game we wanted to buy tickets for was the Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool fixture, at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 30 September 2023 (we were keen to see Spurs’ impressive stadium for the first time!).

This was not the most in-demand fixture of the season, but nonetheless, it was undoubtedly a “big” match between two of the finest top-tier Premier League teams. There were plenty of tickets on offer at LiveFootballTickets, so we found one that was a good price (£139 + £30 fees), and which was close to the pitch.

Choosing your seats

When it comes to choosing your seats, LiveFootballTickets has some excellent features. Firstly, you will find that for all of the biggest stadiums, the site offers an interactive stadium map. When you hover over the ticket selection, the map indicates precisely where in the stadium the seats are located. This was great, as it meant we could choose exactly where we wanted to sit.

A slight drawback is that if you are buying tickets for a smaller stadium, you may find that the interactive feature is not available.

stadium seating plan screengrab

Sitting in groups with multiple people

Another great feature of LiveFootballTickets is that it allows you to sit in groups with multiple people, and makes it clear when this is possible. When multiple seats are available together, there is a clear label saying ‘Up To X Together.’ 

We only needed to buy one ticket, so we didn’t use this feature. But it’s really handy to have it available.

buying a single ticket screengrab

Additional ticket details

In some cases, there is extra information available about specific tickets. This information is a little bit hidden – you need to hover your mouse over the little information icon to see it – but we were glad to see that individual tickets had this extra information included. The additional details include all-important information such as ‘Home Fans Only.’ Take note, because you probably don’t want to find yourself seated with your opponent’s fans!

home fans only screengrab

Paying for the tickets

Paying for the tickets was a smooth and seamless experience, and we received an email notification immediately to confirm the purchase. We ordered the ticket around five weeks before the match.

We paid by debit card. You will notice that Paypal is not integrated on the site, which might be a disappointment to some buyers.

Delivery of tickets

Once the order was complete, we received a confirmation which explained that mobile tickets and instructions would be sent ‘no later than 24hrs prior to the event.’

delivery details email screenshot

We received the ticket over 48 hours before the game, which is a nice surprise, and again added to our peace of mind.

phone ticket screen grab redacted

Support and customer service

A few days after purchasing the tickets, we realised that we had accidentally entered the wrong phone number when completing the purchase. A simple mistake on our part, and the perfect opportunity to test out LiveFootballTickets’ customer service!

We sent them an email on 5 September. Unfortunately, they did not reply. We forgot about the issue for a few days, and then remembered again on 18 September, and chased them up. This time, they replied on the same day, a few hours later.

It was obviously very important that the right mobile number was on the ticket, or we may have run into problems on the day. It was a little disappointing that our first email was overlooked, but we did get the desired outcome with one quick chase.

customer service email exchange screenshot

For UK customers, LiveFootballTickets has a number you can call for phone support. This is pretty unusual for ticketing companies, and something that you will rarely find elsewhere.

However, if you are outside of the UK, email support is your only option, as there is no live chat feature on their site.

Match Day Experience

When the match day finally came around, the experience was perfectly smooth. We gained access to the stadium without any issues.

outside view of tottenham hotspur stadium

Spurs vs Liverpool signage outside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The seat was excellent, in an area of the stadium that was close to the touchline. This meant I could easily watch the players warm up, and see Sky Sports commentators up close.
pre match warm up photo
Pre-match warm-ups between Tottenham and Liverpool.
the view from the seat at kick off
The view at kick off.

It was a highly entertaining match that included controversial VAR decisions, two red cards and a last minute winner. The whole experience using LiveFootballTickets was genuinely seamless, and based on that, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.
goal celebrations
Tottenham celebrating Son Heung-min’s goal against Liverpool.

stadium at night

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at night.

Ticket Prices and Availability

The sheer number of available tickets from LiveFootballTickets is one of its biggest selling points. For any given match, you are pretty much guaranteed to get the tickets that you’re looking for, with the seating that you would like.

You do pay the price for the great quality of service that LiveFootballTickets provides. In addition to the ticket price, which can be high, you will also pay a booking fee. However, all things considered, the service and peace of mind that LiveFootballTickets offer make it worth the price.
livefootball tickets availability
Fully stocked with the most popular tickets – always a good sign.


LiveFootballTickets have taken several steps to ensure customer security. Firstly, they use two different types of secure online process. By integrating both McAfee Secure and GEOTrust SSL into their payment processing, security is all but guaranteed from their end. They accept most payment methods, including the usual Visa and Mastercard routes. One of the major downsides, as previously mentioned, is their lack of PayPal functionality. This is a direct result of their beefed up security, so consider it more of a sacrifice than a flaw.

To ensure that you securely purchase your ticket, LiveFootballTickets also provides a real-time inventory for their tickets. By keeping it in real-time, there is next to no chance of double-bookings. This means you’re all but guaranteed your ticket. This, coupled with their wide range of secure delivery methods using trusted vendors such as FedEx, makes Livefootballtickets.com one of the most reputable sites regarding ticket security.

LiveFootballTickets Terms and Conditions

Like every reputable ticketing website, LiveFootballTickets has a full, comprehensive list of Terms and Conditions on their website. Here are some of the main points that you might need to know.

What Happens If My Tickets Are Lost, Stolen or Damaged?

If you have a physical issue with your tickets, Livefootballtickets states, “After you receive your tickets, please keep them out of the sunlight, in a cool, safe place. Please note that direct sunlight or heat can damage some tickets. Tickets cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen or damaged.”

What Happens If The Match I’m Attending Is Postponed?

If the match that you have tickets for is postponed, Livefootballtickets states, “If an event is postponed, the tickets will be honoured for the new date of the show. New tickets will not need to be issued. If you cannot make the new date, we cannot cancel the booking or offer any refunds, however we can attempt to sell your tickets on consignment.

What Happens If The Match I’m Attending Is Cancelled?

In the unlikely event that the match is completely cancelled, Livefootballtickets states, “Livefootballtickets.com will not be liable for any cancellation of or alteration to the booking or any loss or damage to the client arising out of circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to any act of God (rain out, earthquake, flood, epidemic, etc.), war, terrorism, strike, lockout or government regulation.

LiveFootballTickets reviews from other sites

LiveFootballTickets have an excellent reputation, which is backed up by their impressive score of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on over 5,000 reviews. We found that our experience lined up pretty well with the general consensus on Trustpilot.

Here is a brief summary of what other customers said.


As the 4.7 score suggests, customers reviewing LiveFootballTickets on Trustpilot had a lot of positive things to say. Common themes included:

  • Seamless purchasing process
  • Tickets received in good time
  • Good seats
  • That they would use LiveFootballTickets again


The Trustpilot reviews revealed two common criticisms.

Lack of communication

Some customers voiced concerns that LiveFootballTickets’ customer support was lacking in terms of the level of communication.

This is a very common pain point across ticketing companies. It seems that, unfortunately, LiveFootballTickets also fall short here, at least for some customers.

As discussed above, in our own experience we found that the first time we contact customer service, we didn’t receive a response. However, we got the support we needed when we sent a follow-up email.

Incorrect details

Some reviewers on Trustpilot reported that LiveFootballTickets provided some inaccurate information when it came to purchasing premium football tickets that included extras such as museum tours, pre-match meals and more.

This issue didn’t affect us, but it has been mentioned by several customers on Trustpilot. It seems that if you’re looking to purchase more than just a ticket to a football match, this is where you’re more likely to run into problems.


LiveFootballTickets is a safe, reliable, and legitimate secondary source for buying football tickets, and one that we at Ticket Compare are happy to recommend. LiveFootballTickets excel at one thing: they make sure that you receive your tickets and get into the game. On the rare occasions where this doesn’t happen, their guarantee covers you, as long as you didn’t do anything wrong like physically losing your ticket. There is a good reason why LiveFootballTickets have so many positive reviews. True, their customer service is not perfect. But time and time again they have helped football fans get to see the teams they love - and they make it easy.

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