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Football Study: Where Were the Premier League’s Home Grown Stars Born?

The home grown Premier League star is fast becoming a rare commodity in this day and age, some of the top flight clubs now enlisting only a handful of English born players in their first-team squads per season. Hence why the English grass roots system is all the more precious to the sport and holds the key to the future of the next wave of future international players.

Most Hashtagged Sporting Arenas

Players come and go, but sports stadiums and arenas are there to last. The headlines may be hogged by today’s modern athletes, but where would they be without their platform to showcase their ability? is shining a light on the most celebrated sports stadiums in the UK in the digital age by revealing those which are most talked about on on social media.

Snagging A Euro 2016 Ticket – A Survival Guide

The UEFA European Championship’s month-long tournament is always a spectacle, and this year is no different. People have been scouring high and low to get their hands on tickets to the best matches, which feature the 24 best international squads in Europe.

Snagging a Wimbledon Ticket – Survival Guide

 Wimbledon is one of the greatest sporting events in the world, pitting the current tennis greats against one another in a truly iconic venue. For many fans, the prospect of making it to one of the matches is only a pipe dream. However, if you have the desire and funds to nab a ticket, you will be in treat for a true spectacle at Wimbledon 2016.

Euro 2016 Championships: How Many Foreign Born Players Will Feature?

A popular topic of debate heading into any major football tournament is that of eligibility, particularly that resulting from the residency method. Looking ahead to the Euro 2016 Championships in France Ticket Compare conducted its own study to ascertain the number of foreign-born players in each squad, where they were born and how they are eligible.

A League of Their Own: Euro 2016 Tickets Pricing Out the Working-Man

A ticket price breakdown for Euro 2016 confirms what many have been saying for years: football is no longer a sport for the average man or woman.

Is a Season Ticket for Your Premier League Team Worth It

The Premier League is one of the most expensive leagues to watch in the world. Through inflation, paying for new stadiums and hiked prices, you can expect to pay anywhere up to two grand for a season ticket for your club.

UK Football Stadiums Refreshments Prices

Check out what are the teams stadiums refreshments prices, which are the cheapest and which are the most expensive ones.

England Football Legends: Most Common Traits, Backgrounds and Career Stats

The Premier League is back with a bang and with only a handful of games into this campaign the England collective under Big Sam is already undergoing change with key figures Joe Hart now playing abroad, Jack Wilshere accepting a loan spell and captain Wayne Rooney locking in a potential retirement date of 2018. The saga continues.