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How to Buy Premier League Tickets Without Membership

The Premier League is arguably the most popular sporting competition in the world, and due to high demand, it can be difficult to buy tickets to attend Premier League matches. It is even more difficult for fans that don’t have memberships with their clubs.

In this article, we discuss how to buy Premier League tickets without membership. When exploring this topic, we look at the reasons why it’s hard to get tickets in the first place, where you can find tickets without a membership and more. If you want to learn how to get your hands on more Premier League tickets, we recommend reading on.

How to Buy Premier League Tickets Without Membership

The best method of buying Premier League tickets without membership is via official secondary ticket sellers, including companies like StubHub, Football Ticket Pad, SportsEvents365, WoWTickets and Live Football Tickets. These outlets offer 100% genuine tickets with minimal risk.

Ticket Compare compares prices on secondary sites, enabling you to easily find the cheapest tickets for any major football match, including the Premier League.

What Are Premier League Memberships?

Before we discuss the ways in which you can buy Premier League tickets without a membership, it’s worth clarifying what a Premier League membership is. All 20 Premier League teams will offer their own memberships to their fans. They often look something like this:

  • Season tickets
  • Home memberships
  • Away memberships

Having a season ticket means that you’re guaranteed to have a ticket to every home match across a season. The difference between a season ticket and a membership is that a membership doesn’t guarantee you a ticket for every match, but it puts you ahead in the queue against fans who don’t have a membership, so your chances of getting tickets are much higher. That said, it is important to note that even a membership does not guarantee you will be able to get hold of tickets.

Benefits of Premier League Memberships

The main benefit of owning a Premier League membership is that you have access to tickets for your club earlier than thousands of other fans. This will apply for all types of matches too, meaning that it’s not entirely limited to league matches.

Having a membership can give you early access to away matches and cup competitions. If you support a team that plays in Europe, such as Manchester City, Liverpool or Manchester United, this can mean that you’ll get early access to tickets for a number of competitions.

It can be highly rewarding to have early access to tickets for Europe’s biggest competitions, including the Champions League, Europa League and the Europa Conference League.

The Limitations of Buying Premier League Tickets Without Membership

The key problem when buying Premier League tickets without a membership is that you’re much less likely to secure tickets for each match. This is because you’re essentially at the bottom of the priority list.

For most Premier League clubs, unless they’re in a bad position on or off the field, there will be enough demand which means that once tickets have been made available to season ticket holders and home members, matches will sell out. This means that non-members won’t even have a chance of buying a ticket.

Why Is it Hard to Buy Premier League Tickets?

There are many reasons why it can be hard to buy English Premier League tickets for your club. These reasons include popularity of club, size of stadium, allocations and number of season ticket holders.

Popularity of Club

Firstly, the popularity of each Premier League club will be a key factor on how difficult it is to buy tickets for matches. If clubs are based in major cities and have dedicated fanbases, it’s more likely that it’ll be harder to buy Premier League tickets without a membership. Examples of this kind of club include Nottingham Forest and Leeds United.

Leeds is a major UK city and only has one professional football club. This means that they’re more likely to have more fans than clubs that share major cities. By having more fans, it can make it more difficult to buy tickets.

On the other hand, if a club is based outside a major city, there may be fewer people supporting that club, meaning that it’s less popular and therefore less demand for tickets.

Size of Stadium

The size of a club’s stadium is another key factor in why it can be hard to buy Premier League tickets. From Bournemouth’s 10,000 capacity stadium to Old Trafford, which holds 74,310 supporters, there is a huge range of stadium sizes across the Premier League.

The relationship between the size of a team’s ground and their popularity is what makes it easier or harder to buy tickets. A team like Brentford, whose new stadium holds 17,250 fans, are fighting for supporters as they are based in London along with other Premier League clubs Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, Fulham and Crystal Palace.

The chances are it’s going to be easier to get tickets for Brentford than Fulham or Crystal Palace, even though their capacity is less than 20,000. Another reason for this is that Brentford are a relatively new Premier League side, so they won’t have had their fan base growing at a bigger scale than other London clubs over recent decades. That being said, even Brentford members will not always be able to get hold of tickets for certain big games.


Allocations refer to away ticket availability. The general rule of thumb set out by the Premier League is that clubs will receive ‘3,000 tickets per game, or 10% of stadium capacity if greater than 30,000 seats’.

The reality is that the majority of the 20 Premier League clubs will sell out their away allocation every single week. There is simply not enough supply to satisfy the demand of club supporters on this front. This is another clear reason why it can be hard to buy Premier League tickets.

Number of Season Ticket Holders

Each football club in the Premier League will have a percentage of their stadium’s capacity allocated to season ticket holders. There is no set percentage here, either, and the exact number of season ticket holders will vary greatly depending on the size of each club’s stadium.

The greater the percentage of season ticket holders, the harder it can be to buy English Premier League tickets without a membership, as there will be less remaining tickets available for the general public.

Best Websites to Buy Premier League Tickets

So now we’re aware of the reasons why it can be difficult to buy Premier League tickets without membership, is it possible to buy tickets at all? Yes, there are a few methods you can utilise to try and get your hands on those tickets, these include – secondary ticket marketplaces and ticket exchanges, ticket packages and travel agencies and social media/online forums.

Secondary Ticket Marketplaces and Ticket Exchanges

Secondary ticket marketplaces and ticket exchanges are your best bet at securing tickets for upcoming Premier League fixtures. The best part about this method is the guarantee of receiving authentic tickets.

At Ticket Compare, we work with the following trusted secondary ticket marketplaces, which are some of the best websites from which to buy Premier League tickets.


StubHub are a fantastic provider of event tickets, not only limited to football matches. They offer tickets for all types of events, including music concerts. With a 100% guarantee on every order, a 24/7 live chat service and PayPal accepted, StubHub is a fantastic option to consider when making your next Premier League ticket purchase.

Read our StubHub review.

Football Ticket Pad

Football Ticket Pad offer a fantastic booking experience, with a sleek website, secure payment methods (excluding PayPal), excellent customer services and even offer seating in pairs.

They operate using an active ticket marketplace and offer a 100% money-back guarantee, too, so there should be no concerns in trusting Football Ticket Pad when buying future Premier League tickets without membership.

Read our Ticket Pad review.


If you’re looking for an overall travel package with your Premier League tickets, SportsEvents365 could be your best bet. With a 100% ticket guarantee, and an impressive customer service, they’re also affiliated with travel agents so that they can offer packages to their customers.

Read our SportsEvents365 review.


Looking for tickets in groups bigger than 2? Secondary ticket marketplace WoWTickets could be your answer! An easy-to-use website, an impressive Trustpilot score and tickets available seating more than 2 fans together are just some of the benefits you can enjoy when purchasing Premier League tickets from them.

Read our WoWTickets review.

Live Football Tickets

Live Football Tickets have been in the secondary ticket market for over 10 years, offering secure payment and ticket customization while not requiring a registration to make a purchase. So what’s not to like?

Read our Live Football Tickets review.

You can also search for specific fixtures or teams here on Ticket Compare to find the best prices from all our trusted vendors.

Ticket Packages and Travel Agencies

Ticket packages and travel agencies are another method of sourcing Premier League tickets without membership, however this method tends to be the most expensive by some distance. Although you’ll get more than just a ticket for a match, the package deals regularly price out the majority of potential customers.

Social Media and Online Forums

Another method of buying Premier League tickets without membership is through social media and online forums. It’s worth noting that this is the most risky way of purchasing Premier League tickets, though, as social media and forums are often full of people trying to scam potential buyers.

If you’re able to find a fellow fan of the club you support who can provide you with genuine tickets, you’re onto a winner, however most people find this difficult to achieve.

With no guarantee that any tickets you buy are genuine, don’t be surprised to turn up to the turnstile and be turned away from the match you supposedly bought tickets for when purchasing from sellers on social media and online forums.


Although having a membership can make the process of buying Premier League tickets a lot easier, not all hope is lost if you don’t have one. There are several recommended websites where you can purchase Premier League tickets for your favourite upcoming matches.

Using secondary ticket marketplaces is the safest and most secure way of buying Premier League tickets, with travel agencies and social media proving to be more expensive and riskiest ways of purchasing tickets.

Browse football tickets at Ticket Compare for the biggest events across the world. We offer tickets for the biggest sporting events across the world including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Premier League Tickets Without a Membership?

It’s possible to get Premier League tickets without having a membership. There are a few effective ways to do this, including secondary ticket exchanges and comparison sites like ours. We can almost always help you find tickets for all Premier League matches.

How Hard Is It to Get Premier League Tickets?

Depending on the Premier League club that you support, it can be incredibly difficult to buy English Premier League tickets. Most Premier League clubs have dedicated fanbases with incredibly high demand for tickets each week of the season.

Not all hope is lost, though, as secondary ticket exchanges can be a great way to source tickets to watch your favourite club.

Can You Buy Premier League Tickets Outside the Stadium?

It’s normal for ticket “touts” to be selling Premier League tickets outside of stadiums on match day. It’s extremely risky to buy tickets from touts, though, as many people who buy tickets from them get to the gate, only to find that their ticket is fake, and they have wasted their money.

Instead of buying Premier League tickets outside of stadiums, we recommend buying them from our independently reviewed secondary sellers, so that you can be sure that you’re purchasing a genuine ticket.

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