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Fulham Tickets

Getting hold of tickets for Fulham FC is not easy. Due to high demand, tickets for the popular London club sell out quickly. Away tickets are also hard to get hold of, since the majority of tickets are held for home fans.

You can buy Fulham tickets for home and away matches from our trusted retailers listed below.

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How to Buy Fulham Tickets: Home and Away

Easily buy Fulham tickets with Ticket Compare. Use the table above to select a match, then compare prices from our trusted sellers. Buying tickets for Premier League games can be difficult. Read on for answers to frequently answered questions about how to buy Fulham tickets.


How much are Fulham FC tickets?

Fulham tickets are available in a wide range of prices. The price generally depends on the requested section and location of the game, but generally costs between £20-£50 per game at face value. This is always significantly higher in the secondary market, as is always the case with Premier League tickets. Most Premier League clubs require you to be a member in order to purchase individual game tickets. Ticket Compare can help you ensure you get your first choice of game without facing unnecessary disappointment.

How much is a Fulham FC season ticket?

Fulham season ticket prices are subject to numerous factors, from the age of the ticket holder to the seating area itself.    Adult prices for Fulham season tickets generally cost between £400-£800.

Can you get Fulham FC tickets without membership?

Once tickets have been sold to club members, a smaller quantity will be sold to the general public in advance of each game. However, these tickets can be particularly difficult to source, even with a valid club membership.   You can obtain match-day tickets through the trusted retailers on Ticket Compare.   

About Fulham FC

  Fulham FC is a professional association football club based in Fulham, England. The club was initially formed in 1879 as Fulham St. Andrew's Church Sunday School Football Club and have played at their current home ground, Craven Cottage, since 1896.    They reached the final of the FA Cup in 1975, but lost 2–0 to West Ham United. They also notably reached the final of the 2010 Europa League, which they contested against Atlético Madrid, but lost 2–1 after extra time.   Fulham FC is known for its possession-based and attacking style of play. The team likes to keep the ball on the ground and build up attacks through short, crisp passes. This approach often leads to chances in and around the penalty area, as Fulham's players are able to create space for themselves through their dribbling and passing skills.    The club's home ground, Craven Cottage, has long been a fortress for the side, with Fulham often able to take control of matches by dictating the tempo and rhythm.  

Stadium information

  Craven Cottage Stadium has been Fulham's home ground since 1896 and currently has a capacity of 25,700. Fulham played their first match at the stadium in October 1896 against Minerva, which ended in a 4-0 victory for Fulham.   The original stadium consisted of just one stand that could only accommodate a few thousand spectators. However, over the years, Craven Cottage has been expanded and improved to meet the needs of modern football fans.  

Honours and trophies

  Since its formation in 1879, Fulham Football Club has experienced a range of successes and failures. Although the club has never won a major trophy, they reached the final of the FA cup in 1975, losing 2-0 to West Ham United.    The club’s greatest achievement, however, was reaching the final of the UEFA League Final in 2010. Despite losing to Spanish giants Atletico Madrid, Fulham’s run to the final was seen as an incredible achievement for a team that had played in England’s second division just two years earlier.  

Team information

  There have been many notable players to play for Fulham FC over the years. Some of the most famous include Bobby Moore, George Best, and Gordon Davies.    Moore is considered one of the best defenders in English football history and won the World Cup with England in 1966. Best is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time and was named Europe's Footballer of the Year in 1968. Gordon Davies serves as Fulham’s top-performing goal scorer, scoring 179 goals for the club across 450 appearances.   


  One of the things that makes football so interesting is the rivalries between different clubs. Fulham F.C. has a long and rich history, with plenty of fierce rivalries along the way.   Perhaps the most well-known rivalry is with Chelsea. The two clubs first met in 1910, and the rivalry has been going strong ever since. The two teams have met dozens of times, with Chelsea usually coming out on top. However, Fulham has had more success in recent years, which has only added to the excitement of these fixtures.   Another big rivalry for Fulham is with QPR. The two clubs first met in 1906, and have been competing against each other ever since. Fulham have a slight advantage over QPR, much to the delight of the Fulham fanbase.
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