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La Liga

La Liga Tickets

The Spanish La Liga is arguably one of the best leagues in the world, with world class talent flocking to play there. Giants such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid battle it out every season in a bid to clinch La Liga. With massive crowds filled with fervent supporters of their team, and a highly lucrative television deal, La Liga games regularly sell out. Get ahead of the masses by comparing all of the available La Liga tickets here.

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With the 20 most successful football teams in the country, La Liga is the highest
echelon of professional football in Spain. Some of the world’s greatest teams play in La Liga, including Barcelona
FC, Villarreal, Real Madrid FC and Atletico Madrid. It is one of the most prolific leagues in terms of matches
played, with an average 380 games per season in La Liga.

Spanish La Liga History

Professional football in Spain began in 1929 when La Liga was founded. The first season,
or Primera Division, consisted of ten teams that are still in existence today. The inaugural teams included
Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad. For the first eight seasons of La Liga, Athletic Bilbao
and Real Madrid dominated the competition. Only three of the founding clubs in La Liga have managed to stay in the
league since its creation. Those teams are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

Average Ticket Prices and Attendance for La Liga

As one of the most lucrative, successful and exciting leagues in the world, it is no
surprise that La Liga has strong match day attendances. With worldwide support and the claim of the two most
valuable football teams in the world - Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively - La Liga is truly massive. Average
attendances for Barcelona is the highest in the league, with 79,000 fans attending their home games.

As a result of La Liga’s huge following, many games are known to sell out. This problem
is amplified with big clubs, and even moreso with big games such as El Clasico. As a result, tickets are expensive
to many games. In fact, the four most expensive match day tickets are found in La Liga - with Espanyol topping the
chart with an eye watering £498 match day ticket.

How to Get Spanish La Liga Tickets

The Spanish La Liga is one of the biggest football leagues in the world, and as a result
they draw in massive crowds. Tickets are a hot commodity, so getting your hands on one is not always easy. Of
course, not every game is a sell out - but if you want to see a big match you should buy well ahead of time. There
are a few ways to obtain your tickets, which have been outlined below:

From the box office

La Liga fixtures normally put tickets up for sale anywhere from two to four weeks before
match day. Sometimes they will stagger the ticket sales if it is a big game, such as El Clasico, but normally it is
first come first serve scenario. Buying directly from a clubs box office can usually be done online, but tickets
sell fast.

Club membership

Many clubs offer memberships for die hard fans looking to get the most out of a season.
Club memberships usually give fans access to match day tickets before the general public can buy them up. This is a
good option for people looking to follow a club all season, but the membership can cost a lot of money. As a result,
it is not a good option for the casual fan. Membership fees are completely variable, and tickets are not included,
so you will be paying over and above for a guaranteed seat to a La Liga game.

Corporate tickets

One of the more luxurious ways to enjoy a football game is to buy a corporate ticket.
These expensive tickets give you access to a wide range of benefits, such as box seats and a pre-game meal. However,
these tickets are hard to come by and very pricey. Moreover, there is little atmosphere in the box seats, so if you
want an authentic La Liga experience you probably won’t find it in a corporate seat.

Ticket touts

Spanish authorities have a relatively strict policy when it comes to ticket scalping -
if you get caught buying, selling or using a fake ticket then you will be prosecuted. As a result, it is highly
advised to steer clear of any ticket touts, including ones outside of the stadiums to La Liga games. Not only will
you most likely get jipped, you might get charged and banned from future matches.

Official ticket resellers

A relatively new channel for La Liga ticket purchases is through official ticket
resellers. This option has grown in popularity over the past few years, largely because of its ease and reliability
on getting you a ticket. They guarantee legitimate tickets that are sold by season or individual ticket holders to
La Liga games at a reasonable price. There are several ticket exchanges that are legitimate and safe to use, such as
Football Ticket Pad, StubHub and Livefootballtickets. Ticket prices vary, but generally align with the face value of the ticket.