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Anfield Tickets

Anfield Tickets

Liverpool FC has played at Anfield Stadium since its formation. Anfield was built in 1884 on the land adjacent to Stanley Park and was originally used by Everton FC. Everton left Anfield in 1892 after a dispute, and Houlding formed Liverpool FC to occupy the ground.

This historic stadium is very special to Liverpool fans and the pre-match atmosphere is tremendous. The song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, is belted out by the Anfield faithful before every match, and is a spine-tingling occasion for both the players and fans. The Kop is regarded by many Liverpool fans as not only having the best atmosphere inside the stadium, but also one of the best views of the action on the pitch.

It’s a good idea to plan your route to Anfield in advance to ensure you arrive at your designated entry time. Public transport is the easiest way to reach the game. The bus is fast and frequent, taking you to and from Anfield and Liverpool City Centre in about 15 minutes. 


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There are a handful of stadiums in the world that have a truly frenetic atmosphere - Anfield is one of those lucky few.

Anfield stadium is located around two miles north of the heart of Liverpool, and is the home turf for Liverpool Football Club. With a capacity of 54,000, Anfield is one of the biggest stadiums in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to a dedicated following of Liverpool fans, though, tickets are known to sell out regularly to fixtures. Anfield is divided into four stands: the Centenary stand, Anfield road end, the main stand and the Kop. The Kop is the most popular section, and is known for its incredible atmosphere. The thousands of fans singing sporadically and swaying in unison with their waving Liverpool flags makes for quite the spectacle.

Anfield’s History

Anfield stadium was first built in 1884, but it was not Liverpool F.C’s home ground until 1892. Initially, local rivals Everton F.C rented the newly built stadium, but moved out in 1891 over a rent dispute. The newly created Liverpool F.C swooped in a year later, winning their first match at Anfield against Rotherham, in a triumphant 7-1 victory.

One of the strongest traits of Anfield and Liverpool F.C is their passionate dedication. A prime example of this diehard mentality is in their famous Kop Stand. In 1895, the Spion Kop stand was constructed, which later grew to be one of the most famous stands in the world. Known for its intense atmosphere and booming fans, the Kop stand is where Liverpool fans are at their most dedicated. There are three other stands in Anfield: the Centenary Stand, Anfield Road End and Main Stand.

There have been many high profile matches and tournaments held at Anfield. In all, it has been host to six internationals and hosted the best football clubs in the world, such as Juventus, A.C Milan and Barcelona.

The Hillsborough Disaster

Unfortunately, not all of the memories at Anfield are happy ones. There is one particular tragedy that will never be forgotten by Liverpudlians  - The Hillsborough Disaster. During a sold out match in 1989, a lack of coordination led to a human crush that caused 96 fatalities and left hundreds injured. To this day, the Hillsborough disaster is the worst disaster in British sporting history, as well as the worst recorded football disaster in the world.

The Reds

Anfield is home to Liverpool F.C, who have made the stadium their own fortress over the years. A large part of their success at home is their loyal fans, known as The Reds. With a rich history of standing by their club, Liverpool fans are loud, proud and essentially the teams twelfth man. The only real way to understand the atmosphere that the fans can create at Anfield is to go to a game. If you are feeling particularly brave, get a seat in the Kop stand and brace yourself.

Getting To Anfield

Anfield is an incredibly well-connected stadium, with numerous transport links available to get you there. Located in Northern Liverpool, Anfield can be reached via car, train or bus with no hassles at all. Below is a guide on getting to the ground using various methods of transportation:


Anfield stadium is connected to all of the major road networks in Liverpool. For more information, go to www.liverpoolfc.com/travel.


Lime Street Station is the most commonly used train station if you want to get to Anfield. It is around two miles from the stadium, so you can hail a taxi the rest of the way, or jump on a bus from Queen Square bus station.


If you are in the city centre, get on the 26 or 27 bus from Paradise Street, 17 bus from Queen Square or the 917 bus from St Johns Lane. All of these buses will take you directly to Anfield.

Anfield Tours

Liverpool F.C’s Anfield stadium tour is one of the best in the country, offering up regular meet-ups with players and club legends, including Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler. Soak up the Anfield atmosphere in the dressing rooms, look at their silverware, touch the famous, ‘This Is Anfield’ sign and get a true feeling of what it is to be a part of Liverpool football club. If you are wanting the five star package, look into getting a ‘Liverpool F.C exclusive Experience’. Here, you can indulge in a three-course meal, meet a club legend and chat with them for a while - then round it off with a limited edition gift to make your experience unforgettable.

Anfield’s Biggest Matches

Anfield has hosted some truly historic matches on its grounds. Footballing giants have fallen by the wayside while playing here, from domestic rivals Chelsea F.C to international powerhouses like Barcelona and Juventus. There is no question that Anfield has played a role in Liverpool F.C’s success both at home and in Europe.

The biggest game held at Anfield in recent memory was the 2005 Champions League semi-final against Chelsea. Liverpool went on to win the Champions League that year, thanks to a ‘ghost goal’ that eliminated Chelsea and put The Reds in the final.

Anfield Ticket Prices At The Box Office

The Anfield box office is always busy, but thankfully there are a number of different channels available to buy a matchday ticket. To get started, you can view the available Liverpool F.C tickets here: http://www.liverpoolfc.com/tickets/tickets-availability.

Ticket prices vary depending on whether it is a league, cup or European match. Below is a table outlining matchday ticket prices for domestic league matches this year.

Anfield Matchday Prices