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Anfield Seating Plan

KG KH KJ KK KL KM KN KP CE2 CE3 CE4 CE5 CE6 CE7 CE8 CE1 CE9 CE2 CE3 CE4 CE5 CE6 CE7 CE8 CE9 CE1 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 U1 U2 U3 U4 U5 U6 U7 U8 U9 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9 L10 AM8 AM7 AM6 AM5 AM4 AM3 AM2 AM1 AL8 AL7 AL6 AL5 AL4 AL3 AL9 AL2 AL1 L11 L12 L13 L14 L15 L16 103 104 105 106 107 203 204 205 206 207 202 102 305 306 304 108 109 208 AU1 AU2 AU3 AU4 AU5 AU6 AU7 AU8 KG KH KJ KK KL KM KN SIR KENNY DALGLISH STAND MAIN STAND ANFIELD ROAD STAND KOP STAND LONGSIDE TIER LONGSIDE TIER SHORTSIDE TIER SHORTSIDE TIER

When it comes to UK Football Stadiums, few are as special as Anfield. The home of Liverpool since 1892, ironically it was first the home of cross city rivals Everton.

The ancestral home of generations of Liverpool fans, Anfield is Liverpool.

Surrounding the hallowed Anfield turf are four stands: the Main Stand, Anfield Road End, Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand and arguably the most famous football stand in world football - the Kop.

Over the last ten years, Anfield has been a constant hub of redevelopment, and new seats and features have been added on an almost yearly basis. Set to be the home of Liverpool for years to come, Anfield’s attendance is just shy of 60,000 making it one of the largest Premier League grounds.

Having enjoyed so much European and domestic success, Liverpool has grown into one of the biggest clubs in world football. With a legion of fans both at home and abroad, buying tickets to watch Liverpool in action can be difficult, but that’s where we come in.

In this guide, we will break down more information about the best places to sit, reveal everything you need to know about Anfield’s four famous stands and provide a range of answers to some of the most asked questions that we receive about visiting the stadium.

Finding the right seat

When looking to buy tickets for Anfield, you want to ensure that you are purchasing tickets for the right part of the stadium. Here is a little more information about each of Anfield’s famous four stands.

The Main Stand

The Main Stand - overall capacity of stand: 20,300

Lower tier: 9,300

Middle tier: 3,100

Upper tier: 7,900

Anfield seating plan with highlighted the Main Stand

Depending on what tier you sit in within the Main Stand, the block names will differ.

Lower-tier blocks are between L1 - L16

Middle-tier blocks are between M1 - M9

Upper-tier blocks are between U1 - U9

The Main Stand is the oldest part of Anfield, and this famous stand has been the most redeveloped in Anfield’s history.

The highest stand in the ground, the stand was last developed back in 2016, where a new upper tier was added. Running adjacently alongside the pitch, the Main Stand is where the famous Anfield tunnel is positioned and is also where both dugouts are situated.

The Main Stand is also where the directors boxes are allocated and is usually the stand where the world’s media gather to broadcast the game.

Disabled access is given across all three tiers of the stand, which includes access for wheelchair users.

One of the trademark features of Anfield is that although the stadium is very tightly packed, there are very few poor seats and wherever you choose to sit in the Main Stand, a good view should be granted in all tiers.

Main Stand view

Main Stand view

Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand - overall capacity of stand: 11,762

Lower tier: 6,814

Upper tier: 4,600

Executive boxes: 348

Anfield seating plan with highlighted the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

Depending on what tier you sit in within the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand, the block names will differ.

Lower-tier blocks are between KG - KP

Upper-tier blocks are between CE1 - CE9

Formerly known as the Centenary Stand, the stand was renamed after Sir Kenny Dalglish in 2017.

One of Liverpool’s greatest ever players, the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand comprises two main tiers and sits opposite the Anfield tunnel.

Like most stands within Anfield, construction work has been done to the stand with the last of the work finishing in 1992 to commemorate the club’s 100th season.

Running alongside the side of the pitch, a great view can be had in both tiers within the stand.

Due to its prime position and the brilliant vantage point that it offers, the bulk of Anfield’s hospitality takes place within the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand. It houses over 300 executive boxes and a host of different hospitality packages can be bought.

Anfield Road End

The Anfield Road End - overall capacity of stand: 16,000

Lower tier: 7,000

Upper tier: 9,000

Anfield seating plan with highlighted the Road End Stand

Depending on what tier you sit in within the Anfield Road End the block names will differ.

Lower-tier blocks are between AL1 - AL9

Middle-tier blocks are between AM1 - AM8

Upper-tier blocks are between AU1 - AU8

The latest stand at Anfield to have been redeveloped is the Anfield Road End. The most recent work to be completed was the addition of a new upper tier of seats, which boosted the overall capacity of seats at Anfield by an additional 7,000. This new tier opened in late 2023.

Situated opposite the famous Kop Stand, the Anfield Road End is traditionally the goal that Liverpool kick towards during the first half of games and it’s the end where Liverpool’s famous scoreboard is held.

As well as being the newest stand within the stadium, the Anfield Road End is where visiting fans will sit. With their seats being tucked in just behind the goal, the location of the away fans can often contribute towards a brilliant atmosphere.

The end also contains an underground fan zone where fans can gather before the match and at half-time.

Wheelchair users can also watch the match from this stand, and space is provided for two personal assistants for each wheelchair attendee.

The Anfield Road Stand also has a dedicated family zone and is the ideal location for families to watch the game together.

The Kop

The Kop - overall capacity of stand: 12,000

Anfield seating plan with highlighted the KOP Stand

The Kop is a single-tier stand, but depending on where you sit, the block names will differ.

Lower blocks are between 102 - 108

Middle blocks are between 202 - 208

Upper blocks are between 304 - 306

Up until the opening of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Kop was the largest single-tiered stand in Britain. Arguably one of the most iconic stands in the world, the Kop simply defines Anfield.

Home to Liverpool’s most passionate supporters, the Kop is famously the end that Liverpool choose to kick towards in the second half of matches.

Often adorned with flags and banners, when the Kop is rocking, the atmosphere that is generated is second to none. As is tradition at every home Liverpool game, the words to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ are belted out before every game and it is in the Kop where it is sung the loudest.

Liverpool fans from all over the world flock to the Kop to simply say I was there. The beating heart of Anfield, there is no Anfield without it. Despite the rise of new stands and new grounds across the Premier League, nothing will ever eclipse the history and prestige of the Kop.

Where is the best place to sit at Anfield?

Now you know the very best places to sit at Anfield, let’s break down some specific questions that you may have.

Where should I sit to receive the best atmosphere?

Liverpool has long been famed for its famous atmosphere, and on countless occasions, it has created experiences that will live forever in the memory.

If you want to sample the very best of the atmosphere and soak in the history, the best place to sit is in the Kop.

Sitting opposite the Kop is the Anfield Road End, and due to the close proximity of almost 3,000 away fans, it can often produce a special and tasty atmosphere.

Most matches at Anfield will deliver a special atmosphere, but the stadium truly comes alive for European fixtures and domestic matches against Everton and Manchester United.

Liverpool vs Manchester United is one of the most iconic matches in football and a ticket to one of these games delivers an atmosphere that few other games in world football can come close to matching.

Where is the best view?

What makes Anfield such a special football amphitheatre is that each one of the four stands is closely positioned to the pitch, so wherever you sit, you should always feel a part of the atmosphere and action.

If you want a view of the entire pitch, then a seat in either the Main Stand or Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand offers tremendous vantage points no matter your seat.

Due to the way the stands slope up in both the Anfield Road and Kop ends, the view behind both goals is also strong, but for the best view, you would want to sit towards the middle.

Where are the cheapest seats?

A day out at the football isn’t the cheapest and if you are wanting to save money the best place to sit is within the Anfield Road Stand.

Seats at the back of the first tier are by far the cheapest in the ground, but that is partially due to the fact that these tickets offer an obscured view, so you may not be able to see all of the action clearly.

Other cheap seats are in the very front rows of the Anfield Road End and Kop. Being right behind the goal has advantages when the team is attacking towards you, but when the ball is at the other end of the stadium, the action can be hard to track.

Due to the numerous competitions that Liverpool usually participates in, there will be matches where tickets across the ground will be cheaper. If you want to experience Anfield at a cost-effective price, target the early rounds of the Carabao and FA Cups, as a more family atmosphere is usually promoted. Summer friendly matches are usually priced at a discount.

If this is my first trip to Anfield, where should I sit?

If this is your first trip to Anfield, we would recommend that you sit in either the Main Stand or the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand.

With both stands running adjacently to the sides of the pitch, the vantage points on offer are usually top notch and every blade of grass can usually be viewed.

Although the atmosphere in both stands may not be as raucous as either the Anfield Road End or the Kop, you will still be surrounded by passionate Reds and will still feel a part of Anfield’s famous atmosphere.

Where should I sit for a more premium experience?

If you want to watch a Liverpool game in style then the best place to sample the atmosphere is within the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand. Home to the majority of Liverpool’s executive and corporate boxes, it is where the great man and other Liverpool legends often choose to sit.

Are there any obstructed views at Anfield?

Due to the fact that Anfield has had a host of major construction work applied to every stand, there are seats in the upper tiers of the stadium. where you will have an obstructed view. Seats right at the back of AU8, AU11, CE1, CE9, 304,305,306, 208 and 202 will all have the roofs of the stands in your eyeline.

Other seats to avoid are at the back of the lower tier of the Anfield Road End in blocks AL5 and AL6. Although a view of the pitch can still clearly be seen, the roof of the upper tier is clearly in your eye line and will distract you from the action.

There are also a few seats at either end of the Main Stand, mainly in blocks U1 and U9 which will be slightly obscured by the roofs of the Kop and Anfield Road End, respectively.

What seats are closest to the toilets?

Each stand has its own concourse area, which will include toilets and plenty of opportunities to buy refreshments.

Where is the best place to sit with family?

Heading to Anfield with your family can provide memories that last a lifetime.

At the back of the Anfield Road End is a dedicated family zone. Offering an interactive experience, families can gather before the game to take part in quizzes, learn about the club, learn chants or even send messages to the players. It’s important to note that the family zone doesn’t offer seats, and you will need to sit elsewhere, so allow time to find your seats.

Unlike other clubs, there isn’t a dedicated family stand within Anfield, but we would recommend sitting in the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand if you have young family members, as the atmosphere is a little more sedate. Any seats within blocks CE1 and CE9 would be great places to start.

Junior tickets are valid for children up to 16 years old. Any child under the age of 16 must attend the game with an adult. Children of all ages can attend matches at Anfield, but it is advised that due to the loud atmosphere of football matches, children under the age of six may find the atmosphere daunting.

Young children may find the atmosphere in games against Manchester United and Everton to be particularly boisterous.

If I am going to the game with disabled supporters, where should I look to sit?

Liverpool has tried to make Anfield as accessible as possible for the disabled or supporters with limited mobility.

Those with a wheelchair can enjoy the game in all tiers of the Main Stand and Kop. If looking to sit in the Main Stand look for seats in blocks L8 or L9. Wheelchair access is also provided in a specialised area just in front of the Kop.

If you have a supporter who is on the autistic spectrum, there is a dedicated sensory room located in the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand.

Where do away fans sit?

The away end at Anfield is located in the Anfield Road End. Usually, 3,000 away fans are in attendance, and seats are located in the lower level, just behind the goal.

The dedicated away end blocks are 121, 122, 123 and 124.

Where can I sit for VIP access?

If you want to watch Liverpool in style, there are several different hospitality packages on offer.

Executive boxes

The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand has a raft of Executive Boxes for which you can buy tickets. An executive box can seat up to ten guests and can be accessed up to three hours before kickoff.

As well as a free car parking space, a five-course meal can be enjoyed as well as access to a complimentary wine bar.

Executive Lounge 

Those not wanting an Executive Box experience can instead enjoy the Executive Lounge. Offering seats in the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand, those who buy tickets for the Executive Lounge can enjoy a five-course meal and have access to a complementary bar.

A former Liverpool player will drop in for a Q&A session, and a free car parking token will also be provided.

Premium Lounge 

Offering a four-course meal, those in the Premium Lounge will enjoy access to a complimentary bar and receive a free car parking token. Seats are in the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand.

Centenary Club

Those who purchase tickets for the Centenary Club will enjoy a four-course meal and a free drink on arrival. Seats for the game are reserved in the Executive Section of the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand.

Premier Club

The Premier Club is also located in the confines of the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand, and those who buy tickets for the Premier Club will be able to enjoy a hot and cold buffet and half-time tea and coffee. All seats are reserved in the Executive Section of the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand.

Anfield Seating Plan

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