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London Stadium Seating Plan

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The London Stadium was constructed to host the London Olympic Games in 2012, and is still used for a range of events, from concerts to Major League Baseball. Since West Ham United Moved here in 2016 they have made a number of improvements to make the layout more suitable for football matches. These have involved reducing the gaps between the tiers, and pulling blocks closer to the pitch to improve the atmosphere and viewing experience.


As soon as West Ham United moved into the London Stadium in 2016 the club applied the names of the old stands at the Boleyn Ground onto their new stadium. The big difference is that the orientation of the Trevor Brooking Stand and Bobby Moore Stand have been swapped from north to south and south to north respectively.

Bobby Moore Stand

On the north side and served by turnstiles K and J, this shortside stand picks up the tradition established at the Boleyn Ground in 1993. The original Bobby Moore Stand was built in 1993, and given the name of legendary West Ham and England defender Bobby Moore, who had passed away a few months before. In the new stadium Bobby Moore Stand is home to some of the club’s most vocal support. Along with the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand opposite, it is also the setting for one of the stadium’s two big screens, in the large gap between the Upper and Lower Tiers.

Billy Bonds Stand

The famous former player and manager Billy Bonds cut the ribbon in 2019, giving the former East Stand his name. On the longside, the Billy Bonds Stand is entered via turnstiles F, G and H. The stand comprises more than 20,000 seats, more than any other stand in the stadium. Differing from other parts of the arena, this stand has no gap between the Upper Tier and Lower Tier, creating one large wall of fans. The Billy Bonds Stand has a clear view across the pitch to the benches and the tunnel, and has premium seating on the halfway line in the 1966 section.

Sir Trevor Brooking Stand

In 2009 the old North Bank at the Boleyn Ground was renamed in honour of another West Ham great, Sir Trevor Brooking. As soon as the Hammers relocated, this name was given to the southern curve of the London Stadium’s bowl. On the shortside, the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand is accessed via turnstiles D and E, next to the Stadium Store. The southwest side of this stand, across both tiers and a total of seven blocks, is the away section, which boosts the atmosphere. As was the case at the Boleyn ground, the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand has a raucous atmosphere on matchdays, which is helped by the away fans.

West Stand

Fed by turnstiles A, B and C, the London Stadium’s most prestigious stand is also the only one to feature three tiers instead of two. On the longside, the West Stand is home to the tunnel, the Directors’ Box, executive and private boxes, the press box, and the commentary positions.

Also here is the premium Club London, which includes a large section seating on the Lower Tier, Middle Tier and Upper Tier. These seats are either on or near the halfway line, and so offer the most complete views of the action. There are four upmarket restaurants in the West Stand, along with two sports bars.

Before the 2022/23 season the West Stand was reconfigured with a project that boosted the stadium’s total capacity from 60,000 to 62,500. As part of the project the gap between the two tiers was filled in, bringing fans closer to the pitch.


To help you find your seat, the row numbers are in ascending order, beginning at the lowermost row of each tier. So the pitchside row on the Lower Tier is always 1. Along each row, the seat numbers increase in a clockwise direction, and every seat is labelled with a number.

Lower Tier - Rows 1 to 37

With the addition of new seating before the 2020/21 season the Lower Tier was moved a little closer to the pitch in the Bobby Moore Stand and the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand. This was done by replacing the curve with flat rows of seating in the pitchside blocks behind the goals. In the upscale West Stand the Club London area is served by the casual Forge restaurant.

Middle Tier - Rows 32 to 40

Containing the executive boxes, the West Stand at London Stadium is the only one to feature a Middle Tier. These seats are all part of Club London, and behind the seats are a mix of private and executive boxes and upmarket lounges with floor-to-ceiling windows and varying levels of exclusivity. Adding to the upscale ambience are the Arnold Hills and Royal East fine dining restaurants.

Upper Tier - Rows 31 to 70

Unlike the Lower Tier, which has an irregular layout, the Upper Tier is an unbroken bowl, on a steeper slope than the tier below. The Upper Tier maintains the same width throughout the stadium, apart from in the outermost tips of the Bobby Moore Stand and Trevor Brooking Stand, where it narrows in blocks 247-253, and blocks 219-225. In these areas there’s a large gap between the Upper Tier and Lower Tier, and seats can feel quite distant from the action.

Where Should I Sit at London Stadium?

Thanks to the stadium’s unusual layout there’s a very different experience depending on where you choose to sit. So we’ll break it down depending on your preference.

For the Best Atmosphere

If you want noisy fans who spend the whole match standing up, the best place to go is the Lower Tier. As a rule, the closer to the pitch you can sit, the better the atmosphere. Head for the Bobby Moore and Sir Trevor Brooking Stands, either behind the goal or on the corners. In London derbies, especially against Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, the atmosphere can be feisty around the away section in the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand.

For the Best View

As a modern construction, the London Stadium has a clear view of the pitch from almost every seat. However, if you want a perfect TV angle, try to get close to the halfway line in the Billy Bonds Stand and Club London in the more laid-back West Stand. These areas also tend to be a little more laid-back than the more raucous blocks immediately behind the goals.

For the Cheapest Seats

While the views are always clear, London Stadium’s unusual layout means some of the seating is a long way from the pitch. This is the case in the Upper Tier of the Bobby Moore Stand and Sir Trevor Brooking Stand. Seats here, in blocks 249-251 and blocks 221-223 are usually the cheapest in the stadium.

For a Premium Experience

The West Stand is ideal for fans in search of a luxurious matchday experience. There’s a complete view of the action, combined with an assortment of hospitality experiences and lounges. The Middle Tier of Club London is especially upmarket, and is home to the stadium’s boxes and fine dining restaurants. In the other stands, the food and drink options are more basic.

For Convenient Transport Links

The rail, tube and light railway stations around the London Stadium become extremely busy on match days. So if a smooth arrival and get-away are important to you, consider getting a seat in the northern Bobby Moore Stand or eastern Billy Bonds Stand. These two are closest to the high-capacity interchange, Stratford Station along Stratford Walk.


Turnstiles A,C, D, G and H at London Stadium are all wheelchair accessible, and there are 177 designated viewing spaces for home fans across the stadium. These can be found at the back of the Lower Tier in the Bobby Moore Stand (51), Billy Bonds Stand (9), Sir Tevor Brooking Stand (31), and West Stand (74). There are also 12 accessible view spaces in Club London. Personal assistants sit to the side of wheelchair users.

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