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Community Stadium Seating Plan

NORTH STAND SOUTH STAND WEST STAND EAST STAND SHORTSIDE TIER SHORTSIDE TIER LONGSIDE TIER LONGSIDE TIER N120 N121 N122 N123 N124 N125 N126 N127 W131 W132 W133 W134 W135 W136 W137 W230 W231 W232 W233 W234 W235 W236 S100 S101 S102 S103 S104 S105 S106 S107 S108 S109 S201 S202 S203 S204 S205 S206 S207 S208 S301 S302 S303 S304 S305 S306 S307 S308 E110 E111 E112 E113 E114 E115 E116 E117 E212 E213 E214 E215 E216 E217 E218

The newest stadium in the Premier League, Brentford Community Stadium opened in 2020, less than a mile from the tiny but fondly remembered Griffin Park (1904-2020). Brentford F.C. has the smallest fan base of any Premier League club, but the Community Stadium makes up for it with a vibrant atmosphere. The stadium’s strange footprint is shaped by the location, on a triangular plot of land bounded by railway lines.


Unlike some Premier League venues, Community Stadium has a clean and clear labelling system for its seats, rows and blocks. Rows are numerical, starting with Row 1 at pitchside, while the seat numbers increase in anticlockwise fashion around the stadium.

North Stand - Rows 1-22 - 3,000 Seats

Backing onto the freight tracks, this longside stand is unusual for being the only one in the stadium to have a single tier of seating. The North Stand is served by two entrances, K and L. These are located at the west side of the stand, and there is no home access through the visitors’ entrance (H) in the East Stand. So you may have to make a short walk along the concourse to get to your seat.

There are seven stairwells, one for each block, and these emerge at the bottom of the stand. The easternmost block, N120, is part of the away section, which occupies the northeast corner of the stadium. Capping the roof of the North Stand is one of the stadium’s two big screens, the other sitting opposite atop the South Stand.

Community Stadium Seating Plan with highligted the North stand

East Stand - Rows 1-34 - 4,000 Seats

The seven northernmost blocks of the East Stand are reserved for away fans, while the eight to the south are for home fans. Away fans are usually noisy at Premier League games, and will boost the atmosphere, especially in London derbies. If you want a lot of singing, and loud but light-hearted interaction with the opposition fans, this is a great place to sit.

The five stairwells bring you into the arena at mid-tier, around row 12, which is the same for every stand except for the North Stand.

The East Stand is affected by the limitations of the construction site. For example, the stand becomes narrower on its south side due to the curve of the freight line that curves past this part of the stadium. There are just six rows in the southeastern corner here, compared to 34 in the widest part of the stand.

Community Stadium Seating Plan with highligted the East Stand

South Stand - 32 Rows - 6,000 Seats

Entered via entrances A, B, C and D, the south stand is by far the largest at Community Stadium. This longside stand is covered by an immense roof structure, and has two large tiers and eight mid-tier stairwells.

Among the many facilities housed by the South Stand are the box office, sensory room, press box, changing rooms, TV gantry, and the dugouts. This is also the closest stadium to the main public transport link, at Kew Bridge railway station.

With a clear, TV-style view of the pitch, the South Stand is home to all of the stadium’s hospitality. Accompanied by some of the best seats in the house, premium lounges here include The Legends, The Railway, and The Orchard. Most exclusive is The Oxford & Cambridge, with private dining and luxury padded seats.

Despite the South Stand’s high-end atmosphere, there is a single block devoted to safe standing. This is S100 in the southwestern corner of the stadium.

Community Stadium Seating Plan with highligted the South stand

West Stand - 34 Rows -  4,000 Seats

Although the Community Stadium has a reputation for its atmosphere, some stands are louder than others. The loudest of all is the West Stand, which has become the anchor for the home support since the stadium opened. Adding to the sense of atmosphere, in summer 2022 this entire shortside stand was installed with rail seating to allow for safe standing.

Many fans will spend the entire match out of their seats. So if you’re coming to a game with younger children, it might be a good idea to pick a different stand so they’ll be able to see more of the action. This stand is entered through entrances M, N, and P, and, as with the other stands, all views are unrestricted.

Community Stadium Seating Plan with highligted the West stand

Where Should I Sit at Brentford Community Stadium?

Community Stadium offers a spectrum of experiences depending on where you choose to sit. Find out the best location, whether you want a perfect view, pulsating atmosphere, or want some family time.

For the Best View

The longside stands command the most complete views of the stadium, especially the blocks closest to the halfway line. You could choose from the premium seats, high in the South Stand, or the upper rows of blocks N124 and N123 in the North Stand. From here you get a perfect sightline of the dugouts.

For the Best Atmosphere

Bees fans are known for creating an atmosphere. Every home block joins in to sing “Brent-ford” to the tune of Hey Jude before kick-off, and things are even more raucous after a win. Throughout the match, the noisiest fans can be found in the West Stand, home to the safe standing section, but every corner of the stadium is animated.

For Families

The best place for families to watch the game is the North Stand, which is the stadium’s designated Family Area. Accessed via Entrance K, the concourse here has a variety of activities before kick-off. These include facepainting, card-swapping and there’s even a replica of the dressing room for photos.

For the Cheapest Seats

The most affordable seats at Community Stadium are usually in the shortside East Stand and West Stand, behind the goals. While the view isn’t always perfect, these are fun places to watch a match in the company of Brentford’s liveliest fans. Cheaper seats are also available in the calmer North Stand, which has a fantastic view of the pitch.


As a 21st-century stadium, this venue was designed with accessibility in mind. Every area at Brentford Community Stadium has accessible seating, while there are wheelchair spaces in the East Stand, South Stand, and West Stand. These 138 spaces are accompanied by personal assistant seating, and can be reached via the stadium’s six accessible turnstiles and large passenger lifts.

Community Stadium Seating Plan

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