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Serie A

Serie A Tickets

The Italian Serie A is one of Europe’s oldest and most competitive football competitions. World famous football teams are regular fixtures in the league, such as Inter Milan, A.C Milan, Juventus, Roma and Napoli. In all, there are 20 Italian football clubs that compete for the Serie A each year hoping to become the Campione d’Italia, or Champion of Italy.

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In Serie A, each club will play each other twice - once at home and once away. That makes for 38 matches by the end of the season. This system is a traditional round-robin format, and allows for a
balanced league. The three teams that top the Serie A table each year qualify for the UEFA Champions League, adding
extra glitz and glory to the clubs that come out on top each year.

Italian Serie A History

Serie A, in the form that we know it, first began in 1929. Prior to this it was played through regional groups across Italy. From 1929, Serie A featured 18 teams - many of the clubs we know and love, such as Lazio, Juventus and Roma. Since then, there have been additions to the league as well as departures.

All of the serie A teams have competed for the ‘Scudetto’, which means ‘small shield’ in Italian. Winners of the league (Scudetto) are gifted an Italian flag crest to wear on their shirts the following
season. For every ten titles that a club wins, they are gifted a golden star above their club badge.

Average Ticket Prices and Attendance for the Serie A

Featuring some of the most popular football clubs in Europe, it goes without saying that match day tickets are a prized commodity. Games, especially for the big names such as Juventus or A.C Milan, are
known to sell out incredibly quickly. Prices vary from club to club, with the lowest match day ticket costing around £14 and the most expensive tickets are £93.

As with pricing, attendance does vary from club to club in Serie A. Unsurprisingly, Inter Milan - one of Serie A’s biggest teams - draws in the biggest crowds, with an average home attendance of 45,000 fans. The smaller teams in the league, such as Empoli FC, draw in around 7,000 fans to their home games.

How to Get Italian Serie A Tickets

Serie A is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest football leagues in the world. Some of football’s greatest clubs, such as Juventus and Inter Milan, entertain the masses every week in the Serie A. Tickets
to domestic league games in Italy are very popular, and as a result getting to a game can be difficult. This is particularly true for the big names and games, so if you want to see a popular match it is important that you put
the work in to get a ticket. Thankfully, there are a few different avenues that you can take on your journey to a Serie A match day ticket, which are:

From the club

Tickets to Serie A matches are sold by the clubs box office around four weeks before the day of the game. With this in mind, tickets sell out very quickly from this channel, so it pays to be prompt. You
can normally buy from the box office online or through a telephone hotline, but if it is a particularly big game then the excessive spike in traffic can make things even more difficult.

Join the club as a member

Most clubs offer a membership that allows you to get first access to tickets as well as a selection of other benefits. As an option, it is really only viable if you intend to go to multiple games for a select club throughout the season. You have to pay for the privilege of being a ‘club member’, and prices vary from club to club. However, generally speaking it is a relatively low-cost investment if you want to see your favourite club play over the course of a season.

Corporate and hospitality tickets

If you are feeling particularly flush, you could purchase a hospitality or corporate ticket to a Serie A game. These tickets are a luxurious matchday option, granting you access to box seats as well as pre-game snacks and drinks. This decadent affair does come with a few drawbacks, though - mainly availability and price. However, there is another deficit with hospitality tickets - the atmosphere in a box seat is nothing compared
to the hyped nature of sitting in the stands.

Ticket scalpers

Ticket scalping in Italy is criminalized. As a result, ticket touts are rarely seen at stadiums prior to matches. With that said, touts still operate through many other channels including Craigslist and eBay. It is always advised to avoid these scalpers, as you can face legal consequences if you are caught with a fake or illegal ticket.

Official ticket resellers

Ticket exchanges have grown in popularity over the last few years thanks to their superb service. These online platforms allow legitimate season and individual ticket holders to sell tickets to games they cannot attend. In short, ticket exchanges are a legitimate, safe alternative to ticket touts. There are a few big ticket resellers that are affiliated with Serie A, Football Ticket Pad, StubHub and SeatLoader. Ticket prices on these sites often they align with the
face value of the ticket.