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Portuguese Primeira Liga

Portuguese Primeira Liga Tickets

The top tier of professional football in Portugal is known as the Portuguese Primeira Liga and comprises the country’s 18 most prominent and accomplished clubs. This league enjoys widespread viewership in Europe due to its impressive domestic turnout and the notable achievements of its teams in international competitions. As a result, tickets to matches are in high demand, especially among the dedicated home fanbase.

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Primeira Liga History 

The Portuguese Premier League was created from the remnants of an experimental competition known as the Championship of Portugal. From 1938 to 1999, a reformed version of this league was the professional arm of Portuguese football. In 1999, the Portuguese League for Professional Football took ownership of the league and renamed it as the Campeonato Nacional da Primeira Liga (Premier League National Championship) or the Primeira Liga for short. 

Since the Primeira Liga’s creation in 1938, only five clubs have won the league title. The top three - Benfica, Porto and Sporting CP - have won all but two league titles. The two other teams that bucked the trend were Belenenses in the 45/46 season, and more recently Boavista in the 00/01 season. 

Average Ticket Prices and Attendance at Primeira Liga Games 

The Portuguese professional football league is in the middle of a resurgence, recently making it into the top five most watched leagues in Europe. The three standout clubs in terms of attendance - Benfica, Porto and Sporting CP - with Benfica topping the lot with average attendances of 50,000. Under the shadow of the big three, smaller teams have much smaller attendances - around 12,000 for the team with the fourth-highest attendance. 

Obtaining Portuguese Primeira Liga Tickets As the popularity of the Portuguese Premier League grows, it is becoming harder and harder to get match-day tickets - particularly for one of the big three. You are much more likely to get a ticket for one of the smaller games, however, even they can sell out if it is a local rivalry. If you want to guarantee tickets to the Primeira Liga, you will need to plan ahead. There are several different ways - some good, some less useful - to try and get your tickets, which are: 

Directly from the club’s box office 

The official channel of obtaining tickets is through the football club's box office, however, it can be challenging to get the tickets that you want. Match day tickets are normally released for purchase around a month before game day, and in that time frame, they may stagger sales of more tickets. Due to high demand, it is important to act quickly if there is a specific game that you would like to see. Generally, you can buy over the phone or online through the team’s official website. 

Sign up for a membership 

If you intend to go to several games in a season to see the same club, then you can sign up for a club membership. There is a fee involved with this membership, but it grants you priority access to tickets when they are released for sale. 

Hospitality tickets 

If you have the money, you can opt to purchase a hospitality or corporate ticket. This type of ticket offers a luxurious way to watch your Primeira Liga fixture in a box, with a host of benefits. Expect a pre-game meal and drinks, as well as club merchandise. It is a very expensive option, though, not to mention the lack of atmosphere in a box seat can be disappointing. 

Ticket scalpers 

The act of ticket scalping is illegal in Portugal, but that does not seem to deter ticket touts from hanging around stadiums on match day. It is highly advised to steer well clear of these ticket scalpers, who have been known to sell fake tickets and rob unsuspecting tourists. Even worse, if you are caught trying to buy from a scalper or use a scalped ticket to get into the stadium, you could be facing criminal charges.