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Brentford Tickets

Purchasing Brentford tickets means becoming part of a footballing success story. For decades, this West London club was stuck in the third tier, but now the Bees go toe-to-toe with Premier League giants and often win. With Brentford tickets, you’ll experience one of the Premier League’s most state-of-the-art stadiums, loved for its strong sense of community and family-friendly vibe.

Browse our fixture list below to check availability and prices for all Brentford tickets, both home and away.

Compare Brentford Ticket Prices

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How to Buy Brentford Tickets with Ticket Compare

As a trustworthy source for Premier League tickets, Ticket Compare offers resale Brentford Tickets from a lineup of the most reliable secondary marketplaces. We assess each football resale website on our platform with a stringent review, making an anonymous purchase and testing everything from user interface to delivery to customer service.

So we can offer Brentford fans:

  • 100% genuine Brentford match tickets
  • A wide range of seat categories for up to five fans
  • Tickets for every Brentford match, home and away

Now we’ll show you how to purchase Brentford FC tickets via Ticket Compare.

Buy Brentford Tickets in Three Easy Steps

  1. Pick Your Brentford Match: Click the orange "Tickets" button for your required match
  2. Find Your Seat: Check the stadium layout and a list of Brentford FC seats. Narrow down your choice by price and location
  3. Complete Purchase: Head on to the secondary marketplace to buy your Brentford football tickets

Move on to our section on Receiving Your Brentford Tickets to know what to expect next.

Receiving Your Brentford Tickets

  • Release Schedule: Tickets for Brentford games are normally released shortly before a game. So your Brentford resale tickets may arrive within as little as 48 hours of kick-off.
  • Digital Tickets: As a brand new ground, the Gtech Community Stadium uses NFC (Near Field Communication) tickets that you load onto your Apple Wallet or Google Pay wallet. Be sure to keep your phone charged and the wallet open for the turnstile.

For first-time buyers, it's important to be aware of some helpful tips, which we cover in the next section.

Tips for First-Time Buyers of Brentford Tickets

  1. Expect Higher Prices: For the biggest matches, you may have to pay more than face value for resale Brentford match tickets
  2. Know Your Rights: Take a while to look over the terms and conditions on the resale website to avoid any mishaps
  3. Expect Tight Deadlines: As we mentioned, it’s common to receive Brentford resale tickets within 48 hours of kick-off, so don’t worry about tight deadlines
  4. Read Refund Policies: Check over the site's refund policies to avoid issues if you can't attend the Brentford match
  5. Name on Ticket: Your resale Brentford football ticket may have a different name but will still work at the turnstile with no trouble
  6. Contact Customer Service: You can reach out to resale marketplaces by email or WhatsApp if you have concerns about your Brentford ticket

Read on to learn more about Brentford ticket prices on the secondary and primary markets.

Secondary Market Brentford FC Ticket Prices

As we hinted above, the price of Brentford FC tickets on resale football ticket sites is governed by supply and demand. For this reason the price of Brentford FC tickets can fluctuate wildly, depending on the opposition.

So, for example, it may be difficult to get cheap Brentford vs Manchester United tickets. But you may be able to get Brentford tickets cheap for a weeknight match against a relegation contender.

There are ways to save money on secondary market Brentford tickets, and we’ll cover a few now:

  • Plan ahead and buy tickets to Brentford games as soon as they go on sale on a resale website
  • Sit alone for the cheapest Brentford seats
  • Try going to a midweek Brentford match
  • Compromise on the opponent, as Brentford matches against local or popular teams are always oversubscribed

Primary Market Brentford FC Ticket Prices

On the primary market, Brentford general admission ticket prices range from £30 to £65.

Brentford concession tickets (65+ and 18-24) tend to be £10 cheaper than full adult tickets, while Brentford junior tickets (0-17) cost £10-£15 depending on the match category.

The exception is the posh Dugout section where concession and junior tickets are always £55.

As a rule, tickets for Brentford home games are cheaper in the shortside East and West Stands (Band B), and are pricier near the halfway line in the longside North and South stands (Band A+ and Band P).

There’s a small price difference between Category A matches—against London rivals and Premier League Giants—and Category B games against all other teams.

Safe to say, it isn’t easy to buy tickets for Brentford games. We’ll explore the reasons next.

Why Are Brentford Tickets so Hard to Get?

The club will always give priority to long-term Brentford Members, as we’ll show later on. Remember, there are 11,370 Brentford Season Ticket holders in a 17,250-capacity stadium.

Remove the away allocation, and that leaves just over 4,000 tickets available for any Brentford league game at home.

If availability is a problem, you can always look into hospitality packages, which we’ll deal with below.

Brentford Matchday Hospitality Packages

As a 21st-century venue, the Gtech Community Stadium was designed to cater to fans who are happy to pay extra for luxury.

The signature South Stand is dominated by hospitality lounges, and there’s a choice of packages available, known as Premium Seats.

These offer exceptional views, longer opening hours, a complimentary programme, padded seats and a host of other perks depending on how much you’re willing to pay.

Let’s look at each package:

  • The Legends - A stylish bar with a wide choice of food and drink that you can purchase
  • The Orchard - A slightly more exclusive bar, offering an inclusive drink and pie at half-time
  • The Railway - An airy lounge, also offering a complimentary drink and pie at half-time
  • The Fortress Loge Box/The Legends Loge Box - Private boxes, featuring a private host, complimentary drinks, private screens for replays, discount retail and a visit from a Brentford legend
  • The Terrace Box - Another private box offering first-class views of the pitch from above the players’ dugout
  • TW8 Restaurant - An award-winning dining experience, with champagne on arrival, a three-course meal and tea & coffee post-game

Now, if you’re sticking to general admission tickets for Brentford home games there are a few things you need to consider, and we’ll talk about them now.

Useful Information about Brentford Tickets on the Primary Market

Going through the Brentford Box Office, home tickets normally go on sale about six weeks before a fixture, while away tickets are available about a month out.

Brentford gives a lot of advantages to long-term fans, who have more access to primary market tickets thanks to something called Ticket Access Points (TAPs). We’ll go into detail now:

What Are Brentford Ticket Access Points (TAPs)?

Crucial to how you buy official Brentford football tickets, Ticket Access Points are loyalty points rewarding Brentford Fans who attend regular matches, home and away. TAPs become valuable for Brentford tickets that are either scarce or have unusually high demand.

How are Brentford TAPs Awarded?

As opposed to loyalty systems at other clubs like Chelsea, Brentford Ticket Access Points roll over from season to season and never expire. This has created a clear hierarchy when it comes to buying the Brentford FC tickets that everyone wants, with long-term fans accruing TAPs over multiple seasons. Now we’ll do a little breakdown to show how TAPs are awarded:

  • 10 TAPs - London derbies at home and matches against the biggest PL clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United
  • 15 TAPs - Home matches against all other Premier League clubs, and London derbies away
  • 20 TAPs - Easy to reach away games
  • 30 TAPs - Away games in the South of England, the Midlands and East Anglia
  • 40 TAPs - Away matches in the North West
  • 50 TAPs - Away days in the North East

When are Brentford Matches Sold on a TAPs Basis?

TAPS thresholds are applied to tickets for all Brentford away games, and that threshold will change on a game-by-game basis. For home Brentford tickets the TAPs threshold only applied to the most popular, Category A games and will look something like this:

  • 40+ TAPs Required - Chelsea, Fulham, Man City, Newcastle United, Spurs and West Ham
  • 100+ TAPs Required - Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United

Here we should point out that for all of these Category A home matches, there are two priority windows allowing fans with a lot of TAPs to get to the front of the queue. We’ll discuss them next.

Buying Tickets for Brentford Category A Matches

  • Window 1A: 50% goes on sale to Brentford Members with 750+ TAPs
  • Window 1B: Remaining tickets made available to Brentford members with 500+ TAPs
  • Window 2: The remaining 50 % of tickets, along with any unsold tickets from Window 1 will go on sale to Brentford Members with 40+ TAPs who have attended at least one home game

How Hard is it to Buy Brentford Away Tickets?

Going through the Brentford Box Office, it’s extremely difficult for a new Brentford Member to buy tickets for Brentford away games. This is especially true for Category A matches, against London clubs and Premier League big guns. There’s more possibility for less coveted Category B away tickets, as we’ll show:

  • Category A Away Matches - Season Ticket Holders will get priority in Window 1 according to how many TAPs they have. In subsequent sales windows the TAPs requirement will decrease until the allocation is sold out.
  • Category B Matches - Again, Season Ticket Holders have priority in Window 1, but TAPs don’t come into play. All Brentford Members can attempt to buy away tickets in Window 2.

If you’ve secured your Brentford tickets for home games, let’s see what you can expect at Gtech Community Stadium.

Brentford FC Matchday Experience

Brentford has won acclaim for its matchday experience, and was ranked the best in the league in the Premier League’s annual fan survey back in 2022-23. Brentford took first place for categories like:

  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Cleanliness of the stadium
  • Quality of stadium staff on matchdays

One reason why the Gtech Community Stadium is such a great place to watch Premier League football is because of the input of fan groups like BIAS (Brentford Independent Association of Supporters).

They work hand-in-hand with the club to improve every aspect of Bees supporter life, from matchday events to processes like Brentford ticketing.

All about the Gtech Community Stadium

No doubt, Brentford plays at one of most cutting-edge grounds in the country. Seating 17,250, the Gtech Community Stadium opened at the start of the 2020-21 season. Replacing their previous ground cost the club just £71 million. Let’s look at some fun facts about the new stadium:

  • The unusual triangular footprint is caused by a unique site, bounded by the M4 and two railway lines
  • The strange multicoloured seats go back to the Covid pandemic, to create the illusion of a full house
  • The stadium has 2,866 hospitality seats nearly 17% of the total capacity
  • Much of the stadium’s power is generated by an on-side solar power plant

How to Get to Community Stadium

If you wondering how to travel to Brentford home games, we’ll run through Community Stadium’s public transport options (Zone 4) below:

  • The nearest train station is Kew Bridge, less than five minutes away on foot and with trains from London Waterloo every 15 minutes on Saturdays
  • On the same line, Chiswick and Brentford stations are about a 30-minute walk away
  • London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and the Controlled Parking Zones around Brentford Community Stadium make it impractical to drive to Brentord on matchdays
  • For the London Underground the nearest option is Gunnersbury (District Line, London Overground) about a 20-minute walk away, but it’s worth remembering that this station has a small platform and has restricted access on matchdays
  • Several TFL bus lines stop near the stadium, including the 65, 237, 267,  391 and H91
  • The ground has more than 300 cycle parking spaces if you’re travelling by bike

Visiting Brentford Community Stadium with Children

If you’re watching a Brentford match in the family area, there’s a lot going on along the North Stand’s concourse. Starting an hour before kick-off, this area features a range of activities for younger members of the family. These include:

  • Card swap zones
  • Face-painting
  • Brentford-themed photo opportunities
  • Predicting the lineup on a tactics board
  • The chance to meet the club mascots Buzz Bee and Buzzette Bee

The Matchday Schedule at Brentford Community Stadium

Here’s what a typical matchday looks like at Brentford for a 3 PM kick-off:

12:30 PM - Hospitality lounges open

1:30 PM - Stadium opens for general admission tickets

2:00 PM - Activities begin in the family area, and the team news comes in

2:15 PM -  Players are on the pitch for the warm-up

3:45 PM - Food vendors are open for business on the concourses

6:00 PM - Hospitality lounges close, with last orders 40 minutes after the final whistle

How Much is a Pint at Brentford Community Stadium?

£5.50. That is the price for a Grolsch, which is the cheapest beer at Brentford. Also on the price list are Guinness (£6.50) and London Pride (£6.25). Get to the stadium more than half an hour before kick-off and all draught beers are £4, as part of a range of special Early Bird offers.

When is the Brentford Box Office Open?

This facility is open for in-person ticket enquiries 2 hours and 30 minutes before kick-off on matchdays. The Brentford Box Office also remains open for another 30 minutes after full-time.

How Many Tickets do Away Fans Get at Brentford?

1,725 tickets. That was the typical away allocation at the Gtech Community Stadium in the 2023-24 season.

Where Do Away Fans Sit at Brentford’s Stadium?

In the East Stand, in Blocks E117, E116, E115, E218, E217, E216, E215 and N120. Brentford’s away blocks are in the north-eastern corner of the stadium and are accessed by Entrances F, G and H.

Brantford stadium seating plan with Away sections highligted

Tips for Away Fans at Brentford Community Stadium

  • Pubs around the ground like One Over the Ait (8 Kew Bridge Rd) and The Express Tavern (56 Kew Bridge Rd) accommodate both sets of supporters, but The Gunnersbury, (590 Chiswick High Road) is oriented to away fans
  • Avoid bringing any bag to the ground as it will not be permitted if it’s larger than 10 L
  • Laptops, computer tablets and umbrellas are among the forbidden items
  • The Gtech Community Stadium is entirely cashless
  • There is no re-admittance to the stadium
  • All food and drink counters have been lowered for wheelchair access

Now, if you’re ready to become a Brentford Member, we’ll give you some pointers below.

Brentford Membership - Things to Know

If you want to buy Brentford tickets through official channels then you’re going to need a Brentford Membership. Adults over 25 years old are eligible for the My Bees Membership package, and this costs £45, renewing at the end of each season. We go into more depth on this topic in our guide to Brentford Memberships.

For now, here’s what you get with the main package:

  • Exclusive access to Brentford home and away tickets (limited to one ticket per member)
  • Access to cup matches
  • Access to the Brentford Ticket Exchange
  • Opportunities to upgrade your tickets to Premium
  • Discounts with partner organisations like Gtech home appliances
  • Access to locked online Brentford FC content
  • Entry to exclusive competitions for prizes like training ground tours and player encounters

Brentford Junior Memberships

The club has memberships for four different age categories up to the age of 25. They all come with the same ticketing perks as adult memberships. The big difference is the welcome packs, which feature age-appropriate gifts for younger fans. We’ll list Brentford’s various junior memberships now:

  • 18-24 Membership - £30
  • The Swarm (11-17) - £20
  • Bee Team (3-10) - £20
  • Babees (0-2) - £20

What is Bees Overseas Brentford Membership?

Costing £30 a season, this is a special Brentford FC Membership tier aimed at international fans. None of the ticketing benefits available to other Brentford Memberships apply to Bees Overseas.

But what they do get is entry into special International Ballots for Category A and Category B home and away matches. Ticket Access Point totals have no impact on these ballots. They give overseas Brentford fans the chance to attend any game, as long as they register interest beforehand.

If you do live locally and you want to get to as many Brentford matches as possible, then a season ticket may be the way to go. We’ll talk cover season tickets in our next section.

Brentford Season Tickets - Prices and Benefits

As we’ve shown, Brentford Season Ticket holders have plenty of advantages over other Brentford fans and even long-term Brentford Members.

If you’re willing to commit to the club, adult Brentford Season Tickets are priced from £460 (North Stand Family Area) to £815 (South Stand Dugout).

For the same seats the concession price is £135-£640 and for juniors it’s £80-£640. Browse our article if you’re wondering about the Brentford Season Ticket waiting list.

Here’s a list of the main Brentford Season Ticket benefits:

  • A seat for all Brentford Premier League home games
  • Priority access for pre-season and cup tickets
  • Priority access to all away tickets
  • Access to locked content and audio commentary
  • Exclusive local offers and discounts
  • The chance to sell Brentford match tickets on the Ticket Exchange

Using the BFC Ticket Exchange

If they can’t attend a game, Brentford Season Ticket holders are strongly encouraged to re-list their match ticket on the club’s own resale platform called the Ticket Exchange.

If you’re a Brentford Member who has been unable to purchase a Brentford ticket for a sold out game, you can use this platform to snag primary market Brentford tickets. It sounds great, but there are conditions:

  • For all Category A games you need 40 TAPS to apply
  • For Category B games you can normally apply no matter how many TAPS you have, but the club may add a TAPS threshold

Finally, Brentford Season Ticket holders can buy extra tickets from the Ticket Exchange, but only for Category B games within 72-48 hours of kick-off.

Next we’ll explore exactly how Brentford tries to keep bums on seats at the Community Stadium.

What is the Brentford ‘Every Seat Counts’ Policy?

It’s a way of keeping the stadium full and discouraging Brentford FC Season Ticket holders from missing games without making their seat available on official channels. Here’s what happens if you fail to do this:

  • Miss one Brentford match and you get a yellow card
  • Miss four matches before the spring renewal period and you lose the automatic right to renew your Brentford Season Ticket

Your Brentford Season Ticket counts as being used if you do one of the following:

  • Attend a Brentford FC match
  • Transfer your ticket to a Brentford supporter via your e-ticketing account
  • List your ticket on the Brentford Ticket Exchange before 2 PM the day before the game
  • Sell your ticket on the Brentford Ticket Exchange, even if you miss that deadline

Let’s finish up with some common FAQs relating to the Bees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brentford FC

What is the nickname of Brentford?

Bees. The nickname goes all the way back to the 1894-95 season. A group of fans chanted “Buck up Bs!”, as in “B” for Brentford, but it was interpreted as “Buck up Bees”, and the nickname was adopted soon after.

Is Brentford FC fan-owned?

No, Brentford FC isn’t fan owned. However, the club is owned by a fan. Brentford supporter Matthew Benham purchased a controlling stake in 2012. From 2003 to that point, Brentford’s supporters trust, Bees United, was in control of the club. Today they maintain a small share in the club that allows them to veto a stadium sale and allows them to have a fans’ representative on the club’s board.

What was the old name of Brentford Stadium?

Griffin Park, which was home to the Bees from 1904 to 2020. Holding 12,763 when it closed, this ground was famous for having four pubs, one on each corner of the stadium.

Do Brentford FC share their stadium?

No, not right now at least. From 2020 to 2023 the ground was shared with London Irish Rugby Football Club. They were suspended from the Premiership in 2023 after going into administration.

Why is Brentford’s stadium so small?

Because of the unique limitations of the site, which covers just 22,000 m2. Around half of this area is taken up by the pitch.

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