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Best Sports & Events Ticket Sites Reviews

ticketbisTicketbis entered the secondary market in online ticket sales in 2009. As an intermediary between ticket buyers and sellers, it has achieved more than 300,000 sales for some 90,000 events across the world.
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stubhubThe San Francisco based company, which was founded in 2000, is owned by Ebay and in 2015 it was said to process one sports or entertainment ticket every second. That same year StubHub had over 16 million unique visitors and nearly 10 million live events every month.
Read More is a secondary source for tickets to football games, and has found a great deal of success in their brand.
Read More is the UK arm of the world’s largest ticket marketplace, operating across 160 countries, and has established several partnerships with ticket vendors across the music, media and sporting industries tailored specifically for the UK market.
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sportsevents365SportsEvents365 is a European ticket broker that sells thousands of tickets to different entertainment events across the world. They have been around since 2006 and have found great success in tailoring their business to the European market.
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seatwaveSeatwave is a secondary ticket marketplace that was recently acquired by the ticket giants Ticketmaster. Since 2006, they have provided an excellent service in regards to competitive prices as well as keeping current.
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getmein is one of the UK’s largest secondary ticket reselling platforms, offering up a huge variety of tickets for sports events, festival and concerts. Their affiliation with ticket giants Ticketmaster has opened a lot of doors for Getmein, particularly with their visibility online ticket stock and their ability to market incredibly well.
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Football Ticket Pad is a relatively new, sleek ticket resale platform that focuses most of its business across Europe. Although they have only been around since 2014, the company has managed to establish themselves as one of the best in the business.
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TicketNetwork TicketNetwork has spent a lot of time in the ticket resale industry, and they have gained a solid reputation since their foundation in 2007. In recent years, they have expanded to also operate, a website dedicated to selling tickets for high profile events.
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Ticket Bureau Ticket Bureau is a seasoned online ticket reseller in Europe, specializing in the resale of tickets for popular sporting and cultural events since 2001. Although their focus is primarily sports, they also offer a wide selection of tickets to some of the hottest music and entertainment spectacles across the continent.
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SeeTickets Now that online ticket reselling is really taking off, there is no shortage of resellers to choose from. Some are definitely better than others, though, with a large portion of vendors offering less than legitimate tickets and limited customer protection.
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Ticket Monster Ticketmonster has been in the ticket reselling industry since 2014, and in that time they have grown to be quite the fan favorite. They have successfully created a platform for ticket exchanging that is both cost effective and incredibly well-stocked.
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Ticket4Football Ticket4Football is a relatively new ticket vendor that has quickly attracted a large following thanks to their excellent service. They have created a fantastic online platform for fans to buy and sell their tickets for football events internationally.
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guarantee tickets is a secondary market ticket supplier to different entertainment events such as Football, concerts, tennis and rugby. But, true expertise is European football. They have established their business over a decade ago and since then they have made a name for themselves as reliable tickets reseller.
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  • Marcel Opstal


    This is my simple story – and the pain in the ass – dealing with Ticket Bis.

    1) 29 Oct 2016 : Purchase 3 tickets to watch 18DEC2016 Arsenal – City

    2) 18 Dec2016 : Try to attend match / get refused entry. Have to buy new tickets. Organizer says my tickets are FRAUDULENT.

    3) 18 Dec2016 : Same night I make a claim to Ticketbis VIA EMAIL. They have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER.

    4) 18 Dec2016 until 29Dec2016 : i play useless – time consuming email ping pong with Ticketbis, they need proof could not enter match, screen shots with organiser. I even give them the organisers number – they can check. The tickets are fake.

    5) 29 Dec2016 : Ticketbis promises to refund my money and says will take up to 15 days.

    6) 19 Feb2017 : To date (19 Feb017) Ticket bis HAS NOT REFUNDED ANY MONEY TO ME.

    What should I do guys? Set up parallel “ticketbis” site, trolling them with all the complaints that people can post about Ticket Bis? Hmmmm,,,, That sounds like fun.

    Blogs??? More Fun. Happy to do!

    Better Business Bureau in Singapore, Spain, Indonesia? More Fun. Happy to do!

    Buyers Beware. Until today : I FEEL I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY TICKETBIS.COM. BEWARE!!!!