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  • Booking Fees
  • Shipping
  • Help Form
  • Currencies
  • Busy marketplace with plenty of activity from buyers and sellers
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Easy to use website
  • UK based with postal address
  • Seating together available
  • Clear stadium plans
  • No PayPal
  • No telephone number or live customer support
  • Fees are not clearly indicated
  • Heavily focused on Europe
  • Minimal concert, rugby and tennis tickets
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Fanpass is a ticket market place, where users can both list tickets for sale and purchase tickets from other people. This means Fanpass sell secondary market tickets instead of selling tickets on the behalf of the team or venue, which are classed as primary market tickets.

As the ‘.co.uk’ website extension suggests, Fanpass is based in the United Kingdom and has both a website and fixed address. The address of Fanpass is 65-69 Shepherds Bush Green, London. There is even a postcode, which provides an added sense of assurance you are dealing with a proper company when purchasing tickets.

There is also a French version of the Fanpass website at www.fanpass.fr. The layout and content of the website is the same as the English version only in the French language.

The website sells tickets to concerts and sports, with football being the major sport on offer.

A quick search online shows Fanpass have many happy customers and this suggests they have been providing a good service. Fanpass have an average of four stars on Trustpilot with over 350 reviews and you can see some of the reviews in the screenshots below.

If you want to attend some of the greatest football matches in Europe but have been struggling to get your hands on tickets, Fanpass could be the answer. Continuing reading our Fanpass review to find out more about this ticket selling website.

How easy is the Fanpass website to use?

match list for fanpass

The first thing to note about the Fanpass website is the design. The website is very simple but that does not mean it is poor. In fact, simplicity is often the best policy when it comes to a ticket website and Fanpass have developed an excellent website and platform for ticket buying.

There’s a choice of menus at the top right of the page, including Sport, Concert and Sell Your Ticket plus language and registration options.

Perhaps the easiest way to find the football tickets you are looking for on the website is to use the big search box at the top of the homepage. By typing in the name of a football club for example, a drop down menu will appear showing upcoming events involving that team plus links to the team itself.

Clicking on an event, such as Manchester United vs Juventus, takes you to the main ticket selling page for that specific event.

Here you will find a diagram of the stadium, a list of the tickets available, number of tickets available and prices for each ticket. You can easily find tickets based on price or where you would like to sit inside the stadium using the search parameters on the website.

Be aware of the type of ticket you are buying. Fanpass shows if the ticket is paper or an e-ticket, with the former being delivered by post and the latter sent via email. If the event is being staged in the near future, you may want to look for an e-ticket and this is a handy feature of the website.

So, how can you find the tickets you want on the Fanpass website?

Can I find the tickets that I want?

chelsea v manchester united match @ fanpass

As Fanpass is a ticket selling website between individuals, the website is reliant on having enough people willing to sell their tickets for football matches. The fact there are thousands of football tickets for sale on Fanpass at any given time highlights how popular this website has become for those wanting to buy and sell.

One click on the ‘Sport’ link at the top of the Fanpass website brings up a choice of three sports which are football, rugby and tennis. Football dominates and the best way to find tickets for a specific team is to use the search box and type in the name of the team you want to watch.

As one would expect from a British based ticket selling website, the Premier League is well catered for and you will find plenty of tickets for almost every Premier League match being played throughout the season.

Other football competitions include the Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and international football. In short, you will have little trouble in finding the tickets you want when using Fanpass.

When selecting tickets, you can use the location menu to choose exactly where inside the stadium or arena you would like to sit. In most cases the different categories are listed and you can see these using the colour key of the stadium on the ticket page. You can also find the exact block the tickets are located but this is uploaded by the seller so is not always available.

Using the information provided by the seller and the stadium map, you can see if you are in the home or away section of the ground. This is very helpful, especially if you want to sit with a specific set of fans.

The rugby and concert inventory at Fanpass is not as extensive as the football inventory. Fanpass do have some big-name artists available which at the time of writing included U2, Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney. However, this does not come close to Ticketmaster, which had over 9,000 different concerts available in comparison to the 21 at Fanpass.

Despite having a very small inventory of concert tickets, Fanpass had concert tickets available, such a Lady Gaga in London, which were not available at Ticketmaster. It is always worth checking Fanpass for concert tickets if they are sold out elsewhere.

The rugby section of the Fanpass website is a little more extensive and they have a good choice of international matches available. However, the focus is only on the 2019 World Cup in Japan and there are no other games on offer.

How easy is it to buy the tickets I want?

You will not find an easier way to purchase football tickets online than Fanpass. Once you have found the match you want to watch, you can select the tickets you want to buy from the list on your right.

If you would like to sit in a specific area of the stadium you can choose than from the dropdown menu and all the tickets are listed with the cheapest at the top and most expensive at the bottom. Above the list of tickets, you will find an option to select the number of tickets you would like, which is especially useful if you are planning on attending a football match with more than one person. You can choose up to five or more tickets and they will be shown seated together (if available) so there are no nasty surprises when the tickets arrive.

Within three clicks from the homepage, you can have the football tickets you desire in your basket and ready to purchase. You cannot ask for much more than that and the whole buying process is very smooth.

Fanpass accepts most credit cards plus the Mangopay payment service and uses Stripe to ensure all payment information is protected.

Do they provide good customer support?

fanpass contact options
The Ticketgum Guarantee – Includes a money back and delivery guarantees.

There is only one way to contact Fanpass and that is via the email addresses listed on the website. Depending on the nature of the enquiry customers can use event@fanpass.co.uk, [email protected] or [email protected].

The fact Fanpass have a complaints email address suggest they take people’s comments seriously and have a team on hand to answer them.

Fanpass have social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook which can also be used to contact them but there is no phone number. In the event you need some help, you will need to use the email addresses provided or the social media accounts.

There is no live chat support on offer at the time of writing.

Are their tickets fairly priced?

All the football tickets on Fanpass are priced by the person selling the tickets. Therefore, the company itself is not setting the prices and takes no responsibility for what is deemed fair.

However, if you are looking to purchase tickets for Real Madrid vs Barcelona in La Liga you will pay a lot more than buying tickets for Cardiff City vs Burnley in the Premier League. That being said, tickets for sale on Fanpass will regularly be over the face value of the ticket and it is on the shoulders of the buyer to know what the original prices are and if they happy to pay the amount show on Fanpass.

You will notice when completing the payment that Fanpass charge a service fee. This fee covers their service charge which ensures you receive original tickets, on time, with customer support and a 100% guaranteed refund if the event is cancelled. This fee seems to differ depending on the cost of the ticket but the more expensive the ticket, the more the fee.

We looked at a £221.12 football ticket, which came with a fee of £45.06, roughly 20% and a £71.24 football ticket which came with a £22.74 fee, roughly 30%, so you can see the difference. Delivery fees are free for addresses which match the country of origin of that of the seller or event but this may differ if buying tickets or events outside of your country of residence.

Every fan has a price they are willing to pay to attend a football match and Fanpass provides an opportunity to watch the biggest games in world football. That comes with a price and you must decide what you are happy to pay.

Can I trust I will get my tickets?

8/10 stars on trustpilot

This is the deal breaker and we are happy to report that you can trust Fanpass to receive your tickets. Many football fans have reported they are happy with the service they received from the website and their tickets arrived safely and in plenty of time to attend the match.

Fanpass asks all sellers to use UPS or another ‘signed for’ carrier to deliver tickets a few days before the event. It is also possible to meet with the seller and collect the tickets face to face on the day of the event.

There has been little in the way of reports where customers have not received tickets and this is good news. If you are unsure in any way when buying football tickets on Fanpass, you can opt only to buy from sellers who have the blue ‘T’ logo next to the tickets. This means they are a trustable seller certified by Fanpass.


There is so much to like about the Fanpass website when purchasing football tickets. The website is clear and it is easy to navigate to the tickets you would like to buy. Even for people who have never purchased football tickets online before, Fanpass is simple to use. They have a wide choice of tickets to football matches all over Europe and all the major football clubs are available. The buying process is straight forward, secure and tickets are always delivered on time, with face to face pick up also an option. Live customer support would be a nice feature to add to the website and perhaps this is something Fanpass will consider in the future but overall, Fanpass is a great place to purchase football tickets online.

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