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ATG Tickets Review

last updated - 26/01/2024

ATGTickets.com is the sales arm of the Ambassador Theatre Group, one of the biggest theatre organisations in the world. With an international presence that spans multiple continents, ATG focuses exclusively on theatre performances.

  • Well-designed website
  • SSL-encryption
  • Huge global variety of theatre tickets
  • Paypal functionality
  • Very well priced
  • No live chat functionality
  • Variable booking fee
  • Additional protection fees
  • Required registration

With over 25 years of industry experience, as well as extensive portfolios in theatre ownership and production management, ATG live and breathe live theatre. It is no surprise, then, that their unique business model also includes the sale of tickets to the most popular theatre events across the world. They sell tickets through ATGTickets.com, LOVEtheatre, Group Line, or directly through one of their 45 theatres, making them one of the most prolific theatre ticket companies in the world.

With all of that said, the world of ticket sales is a very competitive market and even the big companies have to fight for their share of customers. Although ATGTickets.com are deeply involved with the world of theatre, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best bargain in town. So this review is going to take a closer look at ATGTickets.com and see how they stack up against other ticket vendors.

How easy is ATGTickets.com to use?

ATG Tickets Homepage screenshot
ATGTickets.com have a website that is really nice to use, and it looks great too!

A good website is normally a good sign that you’re dealing with a good company, as many of the bad ticket vendors put no effort or money into their online portal. Based on our first-hand experience, ATGTickets.com have clearly put some time into making their website easy to use and navigate through, from easy to understand categories to intuitive search bars located at the top of their home page. If you’re just fancying a browse, ATGTickets.com have made it very simple thanks to their categories, which lets you search through different venues and live events. If you know what you’re looking for, you can easily type it into the search bar and you’ll find it in no time.

It isn’t just the ATGTickets.com homepage that is easy to use, though; from finding the right ticket all the way to the checkout stage, every aspect of the sales process is easy to understand and streamlined, which makes life much easier when you’re trying to snag a Lion King ticket for your loved one. If there are any complaints, though, they are small ones. For example, our findings show that in order to buy your tickets through ATGTickets.com you need to register an account with them, which takes a little bit of time.

Can I get the tickets that I want from ATGTickets.com?

ATG Tickets shows selection
ATGTickets.com has a truly remarkable range of tickets available for shows across the globe.

When we used the site, we found that something unique to ATGTickets.com is their dedicated category for Pantomime. This British tradition is often overlooked in the world of ticket reselling, and it is refreshing to see ATGTickets.com offer such a great variety of Pantomime tickets like Aladdin and Snow White for the entire UK.

Is ATGTickets.com a reliable website?

ATGTickets.com appear to have provided a great service so far, which includes their well-built website. If there is a particularly busy period where lots of people try to use their website, it is safe to assume that they could handle it without crashing. Many ticket vendors have shoddy websites that, if faced with a lot of traffic, will crash and make their website unusable. This is a real deterrent for customers, so a good website – like the one ATGTickets.com has created – is a huge plus.

ATG Tickets safe & secure
A part of STAR – ATGTickets.com is a safe, secure and trusted ticket retailer.

Another big tick on the reliability box for ATGTickets.com is their participation in Secured Tickets from Authorised Retailers (STAR). Their affiliation with STAR essentially means that ATGTickets.com as a company upholds a very high standard of customer service and reliability.

Do ATGTickets.com provide customer support?

Keeping the ATGTickets.com affiliation with STAR in mind, it is safe to assume that ATGTickets.com provides an excellent customer service experience. This is a huge part of what makes a ticket vendor desirable to use, because good customer support is essential in some cases, like when an event is cancelled. Drawing from our experience, getting in touch with ATGTickets.com is really easy thanks to their multiple channels of communication. They are based in the UK, which makes contacting them easy, too. You can call them 7 days a week, email them or even write them a letter. Unfortunately, they lack any live chat functionality, which is a shame. Another grumble, although it is pretty standard these days, is a £3.50 fee for additional ticket protection.

How fairly priced are tickets on ATGTickets.com?

Getting a good price on the tickets that you want is a massive factor that can sway your decision to use a certain company over another. ATGTickets.com would seem to have the upper hand against their competitors here, because they have so much control over the tickets that they stock. This is a company that owns theatres, creates plays and sells tickets, so it’s safe to say that they have a lot of sway when it comes to how they are priced.

The only way to see if this sway has a positive impact on customers is to check it against some competition. So, we have selected a random event and price-checked ATGTickets.com with another ticket vendor – LondonTheatreDirect.com. Below are the comparisons:

Ticket purchase at London Theatre Direct
With fees and delivery, LondonTheatreDirect.com charges a total of £211
Same ticket different price
ATGTickets.com will charge you £178.50 – saving you more than £30.

As the images above show, our research indicates that ATGTickets.com is much cheaper than the competitor in this scenario. If this is anything to go by, it looks like ATGTickets.com are passing on their better pricing to their customers, rather than pocketing it.

Should I use ATGTickets.com?

There aren’t many businesses out there that have such an invested, passionate interest in growing their own industry, but our findings show that ATGTickets.com are pulling it off. Whether it is renovating theatres, producing new plays or offering great prices on tickets, everything they do appears to encourage the growth of live theatre. With a great website, excellent customer service and incredible prices on some of the hottest theatre tickets from across the globe, ATGTickets.com are probably the best in town.


ATGTickets.com are definitely worth a punt!

Ticket price
Ease to Use
Match Day Experience
Quality of Support

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