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Aston Villa Tickets

Aston Villa tickets for individual games are in high demand and can be very expensive. This is especially true for away games, for which the vast majority of seats are reserved for home fans that hold season tickets.  

You can purchase Aston Villa tickets for home and away matches using the links below from our trusted vendors.

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How to Buy Aston Villa Tickets: Home and Away

The easiest way to buy Aston Villa tickets is with Ticket Compare. All you have to do is use the table above to choose your match, then compare prices from trusted sellers. Tickets for Premier League games are never easy to acquire. Read on for answers to frequently answered questions about how to buy Aston Villa tickets.


How much are Aston Villa tickets?

Tickets for individual games vary according to the type of ticket, requested seating area and the location of the match. Aston Villa tickets generally cost between £70-£200 per game.    However, tickets can be extremely difficult to source, even if you hold club membership. Ticket Compare offers the opportunity to secure tickets for your chosen game to avoid disappointment. 

How much is an Aston Villa season ticket?

Aston Villa season ticket prices depend on a wide range of factors, from the age of the ticket holder to the desired seating area.    Prices for Aston Villa season tickets range from as little as £100 (wheelchair bays) to over £1,000 (price zone 4). 

Can you get Aston Villa tickets without membership?

Following sales to membership holders - and depending on demand - a small quantity of tickets will be sold to non-members in advance of each match. However, these tickets can be very difficult to acquire, even if you hold club membership.    Similarly, most Premier League clubs - including Aston Villa - require you to hold membership in order to purchase tickets directly from the club.    You can get hold of match-day tickets through the trusted retailers on Ticket Compare.   

About Aston Villa

Aston Villa Football Club is an English professional football club based in Aston, Birmingham. The club was founded in 1874 and have played at their current home stadium, Villa Park, since 1897.    Aston Villa are one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in English football, having won both the Football League First Division and the FA Cup seven times. The club also won the UEFA Super Cup in 1982, beating Barcelona 3-1.   The club has a large and passionate fanbase, who have helped to make Aston Villa one of the most supported clubs in England. Aston Villa hold many records, including the most league goals scored in a season (81) during the Division One 1930-31 season.   

Stadium information

  Villa Park is one of the most iconic and historic stadiums in English football. The stadium has been home to the club since 1897, making it one of the longest-serving stadiums in the country. Villa Park has seen plenty of highs and lows over the years, but it remains an important part of English football culture.   The stadium is located in the Aston area of Birmingham and currently has a capacity of 42,682. It has been redeveloped a number of times over the years. The stadium is well known for its iconic Holte End stand, which is one of the largest stands in English football.   Villa Park is also used for other events, such as concerts and international rugby matches.  

Honours and trophies

  Aston Villa has seen much success over the years, winning many trophies and achieving various accolades. Some of their most notable achievements include winning the Football League Cup five times and winning the FA Cup a staggering seven times.   Aston Villa are one of only five English clubs to have won the European Cup (the others being Liverpool, Manchester United, Nottingham Forest and Chelsea). Their victory in the 1981–82 season was the first by an English club since Liverpool's win in 1977-78.  

Team information

  One of the most notable footballers to play for Aston Villa is David Platt, who started his career at Aston Villa in 1988 and played in over 120 league games. He’s well-known for scoring 10 goals in 14 games during the League Cup, cementing him as a core player in Aston Villa’s history.   Another well-known player to have represented Aston Villa is Gareth Southgate. He played for the club between 1995 and 2001, notably appearing in every Premier League game throughout the 1998-99 season.   Stuart Gray is another former Aston Villa player who enjoyed a great deal of success during his time at the club. He joined Villa from Barnsley in 1987 and went on to make almost 100 appearances for the team.  


  Rivalries are a big part of football. They create excitement and passion among the fans, and can add an extra bit of intensity to games. Aston Villa has had many rivalries over the years, some with other teams in the Premier League, and others with teams from lower divisions.   One of Villa's biggest Premier League rivals is Birmingham City. The two teams are from the same city, so the rivalry has always been intense. The games between the two teams are often very close and hard-fought, adding an extra sense of excitement to the rivalry.   One of the more underrated rivalries in the wider Premier League is the one between Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers. The two clubs are separated by just 18 miles, and their meetings are always hotly contested affairs.