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Wembley Stadium Seating Plan

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Since 1923, Wembley has been the home of English Football.

Wembley is the permanent home of the English national football team, and every year, it is the venue for various English domestic cup finals such as the FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Community Shield, Playoff Finals and the FA Vase.

As well as being one of the greatest stadiums in the UK, Wembley is viewed as one of the greatest stadiums in the world and has hosted numerous European Cup and Champions League Finals (it will do so again in 2024), UEFA European Championship Finals and of course the 1966 World Cup Final.

Originally built not for football but as the host for a major exhibition, Wembley still has a purpose beyond football and also plays host to an annual NFL game, boxing bouts and concerts from some of the world’s biggest artists and bands.

Despite its flexibility, in this guide, we will primarily focus on football, breaking down more information about the best places to sit, revealing everything you need to know about the layout of the stadium and providing a range of answers to some of the most asked questions that we receive about visiting Wembley.

Finding the right seat

Wembley is one of the biggest football stadiums in the world, hosting 90,000 fans, and is easily the largest football stadium in the UK.

What makes Wembley so special is that the stadium prides itself that every seat offers a fantastic view of the action. So no matter where you choose to sit, you should always have a top-class view of the action.

When looking to buy tickets for a match at Wembley, you need to be aware that there are four stands - North, South, East and West. However, unlike most domestic club football stadiums, Wembley is a symmetrical bowl where every stand offers a similar vantage point.

Each stand contains three separate tiers, a lower, middle and upper tier, and it’s important to know that for cup finals, fans will be given tickets to a certain part of the ground. When England plays its home matches, tickets across all four stands and tiers can be purchased.

The number of seats within each tier is as follows:

Lower tier: 34,303

Middle tier: 16,532

Upper tier: 39,165

The North Stand

Depending on what tier you sit in within the North Stand, the block names will differ.

Lower-tier blocks are between 102 - 105 and 140 - 143

Middle-tier blocks are between 201 - 205 and 248 - 252

Upper-tier blocks are between 548 - 552 and 501 - 505

The North Stand is home to some of the most premium seats in Wembley. Traditionally, in cup finals, the North Stand is reserved for VIP or corporate tickets; however, in England games, tickets for this stand can be purchased.

The more expensive seats are in the second tier, with cheaper seats in the lower and upper tiers.

It’s worth noting that the Royal Box, tunnel and dugouts are all located in the North Stand.

View from the North Stand lower tier 143

View from the North Stand middle tier 252

View from the North Stand upper tier 552

The South Stand

Depending on what tier you sit in within the South Stand, the block names will differ.

Lower-tier blocks are between 118 - 127

Middle-tier blocks are between 222 - 231

Upper-tier blocks are between 522 - 531

The South Stand sits opposite the North Stand and is another area of the stadium that is usually reserved for corporate guests.

However, tickets can be purchased in this stand for England games.

View from the South Stand lower tier Block-122

View from the South Stand middle tier Block-226

View from the South Stand upper tier Block-527

The West Stand

Depending on what tier you sit in within the West Stand, the block names will differ.

Lower-tier blocks are between 128 - 139

Middle-tier blocks are between 232 - 247

Upper-tier blocks are between 532 - 547

Located behind the goal, the West Stand is one of the ends reserved for fans in a cup final. Spanning three tiers like all the other stands within the ground, the West Stand has seen many memorable moments.

Depending on the nature and prestige of the final, there are usually 33,000 tickets allocated to fans in the West Stand across all three tiers. Usually, the most expensive seats are found in the middle tier, with cheaper seats in the lower and upper tiers.

If the final is a lower category game where the ticket allocation won’t be taken up, it isn’t unusual for the upper tier to be closed off with the bulk of fans being positioned in the lower tiers.

The East Stand

Depending on what tier you sit in within the East Stand, the block names will differ.

Lower-tier blocks are between 106 - 117

Middle-tier blocks are between 206 - 221

Upper-tier blocks are between 506 - 521

Located behind the other goal is the East Stand and this is the other stand dedicated to fans of teams who have made the Wembley final.

Like the West Stand, the East Stand has seen many historic moments, and it isn’t unusual for a fantastic atmosphere to be generated.

The East Stand and West Stand will receive an equal allocation of tickets and there are usually around 33,000 fans in attendance.

Similarly to other areas of the ground, the most expensive seats can be found in the middle tiers, with cheaper seats in the upper and lower tiers.

View from the East Stand upper tier 534

View from the East Stand lower tier 134

View from the East Stand middle tier 240

What is Club Wembley?

Club Wembley is a debenture package that people can purchase. Offering a five year season ticket, if you purchase a Club Wembley ticket you can watch most events at Wembley in style. There are six different packages that you can purchase which we reveal more about in our hospitality section below.

All Club Wembley tickets are located in the middle tier of the stadium.

For a cup final, where are the fans seated?

If your team makes it to a final at Wembley, before you can purchase your tickets your club will be notified which end your tickets will be valid for.

Usually the allocation of tickets will be given to fans in the West and East Stands and there are usually 30,000 - 35,000 tickets that are allocated. The North and South Stands are usually reserved for corporate guests.

Is it easy to get Cup Final tickets?

As you can imagine, trying to get tickets for a cup final can be tricky. Usually, cup final ticket allocation is reserved for season ticket holders or those who attend regularly. However, tickets can still be purchased; you just need to be quick!

Where is the best place to sit at Wembley?

Now you know more about the various stands at Wembley, let’s break down more of the specific questions you may have.

Where should I sit to receive the best atmosphere?

Cup finals at Wembley are always special occasions. There have been many matches where the atmosphere inside the stadium has been memorable.

As we have already alluded to, in a cup final, fans are usually divided into the West and East Stands, with each team having a dedicated allocation. The core of the atmosphere tends to be in the middle of the lower tier, and this is where the most passionate fans will try to sit.

Where is the best view?

Due to its bowl shape and how each of the four stands elevates, there isn’t a bad seat to be had at Wembley. Wherever you sit you will be granted a clear view of the pitch.

Sitting towards the back of the lower tier should give you a tremendous view of the action and enable you to become part of the atmosphere. Those seated in the lower half of the upper tier should also have a brilliant bird’s eye view of the match.

Corporate tickets are reserved for the middle tiers, and these seats offer fantastic vantage points for the entire pitch.

Where are the cheapest seats?

Cup final tickets are certainly not the cheapest, but if you wish to go and cheer on your team, the cheapest tickets are usually found in the upper half of the upper tier and the front of the lower tier in both the East and West Stands.

However, due to the fact it’s a final, don’t be surprised if you end up paying more than you would normally expect.

If you want a fairly cheap day out, England matches in either the Nations League or Friendlies are usually priced well. If you are looking to attend Wembley for the first time these are the matches we would recommend attending.

If this is my first trip to Wembley, where should I sit?

If you are lucky enough to get hold of a precious cup final ticket, we recommend that you sit wherever the ticket is offered.

However, if you have the opportunity to be more choosy, we recommend sitting in the upper tiers of any stand.

The price shouldn’t be too high, and the view of the game is perfect for you to sample your first Wembley experience.

Where should I sit for a more premium experience?

If you want to experience Wembley in the best possible fashion then a seat in the middle tier is where you want to be. The middle tier is where Club Wembley seats are located. We will touch upon the Club Wembley offering in the hospitality section below.

Are there any obstructed views at Wembley?

Wherever you sit at Wembley, you will be granted a terrific view of the pitch. There are no seats with an obscured view.

What seats are closest to the toilets?

Each stand has its own concourse where toilets and a range of food and drink concession stands can be easily accessed.

Where is the best place to sit with family?

If you are planning on taking your family to a game at Wembley then there is usually a dedicated family enclosure when England games are on in the upper tier of the Northern Stand. Family enclosures mean that you will be sitting near similarly aged families and the atmosphere should be less intense.

It’s important to stress that a dedicated family enclosure may not be available for a domestic or European cup final, however if there is this facility available seats will be allocated in the upper tier of the East and West Stands.

It is the individual clubs who usually allocate tickets for domestic cup finals rather than Wembley, but a junior ticket usually covers babies up to children who are aged 16. Anybody aged 16 or under must be accompanied by a fully paying adult.

England matches are often great occasions for the whole family, and cup finals can be raucous affairs. Supporters with very young children may wish to avoid these matches.

If I am going to the game with disabled supporters, where should I look to sit?

As you can imagine with a stadium as modern as Wembley, there are 350 seats dedicated to wheelchair users and a further 100 seats for limited mobility supporters.

Disabled seats are located all around the ground, and there isn’t a dedicated section for fans. Instead, the game can be watched from dedicated areas and spaces in all four stands and across all tiers.

Where do away fans sit?

An away end at Wembley is only used when England host international matches. When England are playing at Wembley, the away fans will gather in the lower tier of the East Stand - specifically blocks 113 - 117.

Do the seating arrangements remain the same for non-football events at Wembley?

The seating plan will differ if you are attending another event at Wembley which isn’t football. Boxing bouts will take place on the pitch and seats can be purchased on the pitch and the stands.

Concerts will usually take place in front of either the West or East stand. Standing is usually permitted on the pitch, with seats available on the three other stands.

Where can I sit for VIP access?

If you want to watch a match at Wembley in style, there are several different hospitality packages on offer through Club Wembley where all seats are located across Wembley’s middle tier.

Private Box

If you want to watch the match in the space of your own private box you can buy the rights to your own box. With a personal chef, your own waiting staff and choice of dining menus ready and waiting for you, you can also decorate your box in your own style and host a range of guests.

Inner Circle

If you want to buy the Inner Circle package, you will receive access to the stadium three hours before kick-off and be able to gain access to a host of bars and restaurants. You can also benefit from priority tickets for NFL games and concerts, as well as priority trains.

Centre Circle

The Centre Circle provides premium seating adjacent to the halfway line. For the year, members of the Centre Circle can take advantage of free bars and restaurants as well as access to a range of street food.

Number Nine

With seats next to the Royal Box in the North Stand, the Number Nine corporate package offers a viewing experience like no other. With a sleek and sophisticated lounge, you can eat within the changing rooms and even play on the famous Wembley turf. With food from some of the most renowned chefs in the world, there are very few packages that can rival it.

Bobby Moore

The Bobby Moore package is one of the most exclusive packages in the stadium. Offering seats near the dugouts, members can take advantage of an exclusive four-course fine dining menu and can also access a champagne bar.

One Twenty

The most exclusive hospitality package that can be purchased is membership to Wembley’s One Twenty Club. Those who are willing to splash out will receive a five-course meal and a free champagne bar. With access to bespoke cocktails and free membership of the exclusive Home House club in West London, it is a corporate package that can’t be rivalled.

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