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Old Trafford Seating Plan

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Old Trafford is one of football’s most historic stadiums. England’s biggest stadium for domestic club football, some of the game’s greatest players have graced Old Trafford’s hallowed turf, and there have been many memorable nights.

Affectionately known as ‘The Theatre of Dreams’, Old Trafford boasts a capacity of over 74,000, and when the Utd faithful are in full voice, it is one of the toughest venues for any visiting team to visit.

The famous Old Trafford Pitch is surrounded by four covered stands: the North Stand, which is now known as The Sir Alex Ferguson Stand; the South Stand, which is known as the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand; and the East and West Stands.

Each stand has different tiers, and there are many different views on offer that can provide the very best of views.

As one of the biggest football clubs in the world, getting hold of tickets for any Manchester United match can be tricky, but in this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about where you could potentially sit in order to soak up the very best of the action.

Finding the right seat

As we have already covered, there are four different stands that you can buy tickets for - let’s discuss each of these stands in more detail.

Sir Alex Ferguson Stand

Sir Alex Ferguson Stand: 25,500 = 102 rows of seats

Lower: 4,250 = 17 rows

Upper: 8,000 = 32 rows

Tier 2: 8,250 = 34 rows

Tier 3: 5,000 = 19 rows

All blocks within the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand will start with a ‘N’ to reflect that is the North Stand within Old Trafford. The blocks range from N40 - N49.

Renamed in 2011 after Utd’s most famous of managers, the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand is the biggest stand within Old Trafford.

Hosting 26,000 fans, the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand is the biggest stand in English football and houses fans over three separate tiers.

As Old Trafford’s largest stand, there are a huge range of facilities available including corporate hospitality and access to Utd’s famous football museum.

For those looking to save as much money as possible, a seat in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand could be for you.

Seats in the upper tier are usually priced amongst the cheapest in the ground. However, be warned; seats in the upper tier will require you to climb a lot of steps and you will be positioned right at the top of the stadium. Despite being positioned so high, your view should be unrestricted but the roof could be in your eyeline.

Sir Bobby Charlton Stand

Sir Bobby Charlton Stand: 11,500 = 48 rows

Lower: 2,500 = 11 rows

Upper: 8,500 = 37 rows

All blocks within the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand will start with an ‘S’ to reflect that this is the South Stand within Old Trafford. The blocks range from S20 - S22.

Old Trafford’s South Stand was renamed in 2016 after one of its biggest legends, Sir Bobby Charlton.

Situated opposite the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand is a single tiered stand and is the stand where most of the world’s media are allocated to broadcast the game. It is also the stand where most of Utd’s hospitality and executive boxes are located.

Despite the strong media presence, there are still seats that fans can purchase, however it is worth noting that tickets within the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand are amongst the most expensive that you can buy.

The West Stand - (Stretford End)

West Stand: 12,000 = 89 rows

West Stand lower: 2,000 = 17 rows

West Stand upper: 4,000 = 32 rows

West Tier 2: 6000 = 40 rows

All blocks within the Stretford End will start with a ‘W’ to reflect that this is the West Stand within Old Trafford. The blocks range from W10 - W16.

The West Stand is also affectionately known as the Stretford End and is one of the most iconic stands in world football.

It has become tradition for Utd to kick towards the Stretford End in the second half of their home games, and it is usually where the most passionate fans choose to sit. A season ticket in the Stretford End is one of football’s most prized possessions. Therefore, tickets in this iconic end can be difficult to get hold of.

The scene of many great and historic goals, the Stretford End can house 20,000 fans and is the part of the ground where most of Old Trafford’s noise is generated from. There are two tiers to the Stretford End and it’s the seats that are positioned slightly higher up which are the most sought after.

The Stretford End runs alongside the Manchester United tunnel and is a great stand to be in after a game, as this is where the United players and manager will often celebrate.

If you want the ultimate Manchester United matchday experience, then the Stretford End has to be the stand for you.

The East Stand

East Stand: 11,500 = 89 rows

East Stand lower: 1,500 = 17 rows (disabled section)

East Stand upper: 4,000 = 32 rows

East Tier 2: 6000 = 40 rows

All blocks within the East Stand will start with a ‘E’ to reflect that this is the East Stand within Old Trafford. The blocks range from E30 - E37.

Located opposite the famous Stretford End is the East Stand. Holding almost 12,000 seats, the East Stand houses Old Trafford’s famous scoreboard, disabled section and section for visiting fans.

Often a great stand for those new to Old Trafford, it is the end that United tends to attack first. The East Stand is where Utd choose to house a lot of its iconic features, not only is the East Stand adorned with signs and slogans, but the famous statue of Dennis Law, George Best and Bobby Charlton sits outside, alongside a statue of one of Utd’s most iconic managers, Sir Matt Busby.

The most famous block in all of Old Trafford is the K Block, and this is where some of Utd’s loudest and most vocal supporters are located.

Where is the best place to sit at Old Trafford?

Although we have covered each of the four stands that surround Old Trafford, here are several other features that you may need to know.

Where should I sit to receive the best atmosphere?

When Old Trafford is rocking there are few places like it. However, if you want to experience the very best atmosphere in the stadium, the best place to sit is in the Stretford End. Positioned behind the goal, you will have a great view of the action and be able to soak in the atmosphere alongside other Utd fanatics.

Where is the best view?

Despite being one of the oldest stadiums in the country, there is a reason why Old Trafford is known as the ‘Theatre of Dreams’.

Almost every seat will offer you a fantastic vantage point of the game but if we were to recommend seats it would be in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. Running alongside the side of the pitch, seats in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand offer a brilliant view of the entire stadium and no matter what tier you find yourself in you should have a cracking view of the action.

Where are the cheapest seats?

We all know that going to a football match can be a little expensive so if you are looking to go but still save some money, the best place to sit is in the Sir Alex Ferguson stand. The cheapest seats will be positioned in the upper tier but these seats should still provide a great vantage point.

There will be occasions where tickets at Old Trafford will be much cheaper across the entire stadium. Early round matches in the Carabao or FA Cups are likely to see cheaper rates across the entire stadium. Friendly matches should also see discounted tickets on offer.

If this is my first trip to Old Trafford where should I sit?

If you have never been to Old Trafford before then you are in for a memorable experience. If this is your first trip, a seat in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand or East Stand could be a great place to start. If you have a little more money to spend, a seat in the Sir Bobby Robson Stand will also offer a memorable day out.

Where should I sit for a more premium experience?

If you want to watch a match at Old Trafford in a little bit more luxury, then the best place to sit is in the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand. The smallest of all the stands at Utd, it is where the media assemble and other important VIPs are also regularly spotted watching the match.

Are there any obstructed views at Old Trafford?

Old Trafford is a football stadium in its purest form and there are very few seats inside the stadium that will offer a restricted view. The roofs of all four stands overhang the stands and for those seated at the top of the stadium, the roof won’t obstruct your view but may end up in your eyeline.

What seats are closest to the toilets?

There are toilets located throughout Old Trafford. With a concourse in every stand you will find that toilets are never too far away. For those with limited mobility access there are a good number of disabled toilets in the East Stand and throughout the stadium.

Where is the best place to sit with family?

Going to football with your family can provide lifelong memories and for those with young families sitting within dedicated family blocks is advisable.

Providing a great view of the pitch, there are seven dedicated family blocks in Old Trafford that are located along the West and South Stands.

If you are looking at an overview of Old Trafford the family seats in the stadium will have a prefix of ‘FAMW.’ Family tickets can be bought across blocks ‘FAMW206’ - ‘FAMW212.’ The seats within the family blocks are often in high demand but buying tickets in this area should ensure that the atmosphere should be less ferocious than in other parts of the ground.

Junior tickets are valid for children up to 16 years old. Any child under the age of 16 must attend the game with an adult. Children of all ages can attend matches at Old Trafford, but it is advised that due to the loud atmosphere of football matches that children under the age of six may find the atmosphere daunting.

If I am going to the game with disabled supporters, where should I look to sit?

If you are planning on attending Old Trafford with a disabled or limited mobility supporter, then Old Trafford currently provides seating in three different blocks in the East Stand. These blocks are E133, E144 and E145.

Offering an eye level view of the pitch, the seats are spacious and should accommodate almost every additional need. If you are a wheelchair user, there is a dedicated wheelchair platform and easy access through the East Stand. Located behind the goal, the seats can provide a great viewpoint of the game. The disabled section is located at the same end as the visiting fans and can often lead to a lively atmosphere.

Where do away fans sit?

The away end at Old Trafford is situated in the corner between the East and South Stands and allows for thousands of away fans to visit. Located across four blocks, the away end promises a good view of the action.

Where can I sit for VIP access?

If you want to enjoy a Manchester United game in luxury, then there are two different VIP packages that you can buy.

A VIP Package at Manchester United offers access to two lounges ‘The Red Cafe’ and ‘Warwick Suite’.

Those who are buying for ‘The Red Cafe’ will have access to a three course meal, complimentary bar, a 10% discount in the Utd Megastore and be able to access a Q&A from a former Man Utd legend. All matchday seats are positioned in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.

The ‘Warwick Suite’ is positioned in the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand and provides access to a Champagne and Wine Bar as well as an a’la Carte buffet. Users of the Warwick Suite will also receive a 10% Megastore discount as well as being able to partake in a legends Q&A session. All matchday seats will be positioned in the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand.

Other Popular Seating Plans