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Emirates Stadium Seating Plan

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As a 21st-century venue, Emirates Stadium gives you clear sightlines of the pitch from every seat. So while the view is always good, the matchday experience can depend on the stand, tier, or seat you choose. Check out our Seating Plan guide to work out the right spot for you.


There are four stands at Emirates Stadium, all with names that come from the old Arsenal Stadium (1913-2006). Even though the Emirates was built in one phase, each stand offers a unique experience.

North Bank

The curve of the North Bank is what comes into view when you approach the stadium from Arsenal Station via the Ken Friar Bridge. The stand is served by turnstiles B to G, and has a view south to the iconic Arsenal Clock, mounted on the roof of the Clock End.

Emirates stadium North bank lower tier behind the goal view

East Stand

Fed by turnstiles H and J, the East Stand is parallel to the railway tracks. One advantage of this stand, especially in the Upper Tier, is the clear view over the tunnel and the benches. From here you can see the managers waving instructions, and work out the substitutions before they happen.

Upper tier Eaststand view

Clock End

On the south side of the Emirates, the Clock End comprises the away seating on the Lower Tier. Served by turnstiles K through R, the Clock End rises over Armoury Square, the Box Office and The Armoury store from the outside. Head to the Clock End for a lively atmosphere as the away fans are based in Blocks 21-25.

Upper tier Clockend view

West Stand

Fed by turnstiles S and A, this stand is the place to go for the classic TV angle of the pitch. As well as being home to the media facilities and camera platform, the West Stand contains the Directors’ Box and the exclusive Diamond Club at Box Level. On the Lower Level, seats are right behind the benches, and you’ll see players warming up on the touchline.

Lower tier North bank corner view


The Emirates has four tiers. General Admission is on the Lower Tier and Upper Tier, while there’s a small band of more exclusive seats running around the middle in the Club Level and Executive Box Level.

Lower Tier

The closest to the pitch, this tier is on a shallow gradient. So, even seats in the back rows of the Lower Tier are only a few metres above the pitch. Watching the game from the North Bank or the Clock End, you can expect to spend most or all of the match on your feet. In the past there were strict rules against standing, apart from after goals, but these have been loosened.

Club Level

On the main middle tier, Club Level has more than 7,100 seats commanding the ultimate view of the pitch, especially on the longsides. This is the location for the Directors’ Box, which sits directly over the Players’ Tunnel. Season ticket holders with Platinum Membership have seats in Club Level, which is also home to the VIP WM Club. It’s worth remembering that once inside the stadium, you can’t navigate between Club Level and the other tiers.

Executive Box Level

A narrow strip of rows between Club Level and the Upper Tier, these 2,200+ seats also have exceptional views. Contributing to an exclusive atmosphere is the Diamond Club, a private members’ club directly above the Directors’ Box. On the northeast side, the Avenell Club hosts hospitality packages with a sweeping panorama of the pitch, and appearances by Arsenal legends.

Upper Tier

With General Admission tickets, the lower rows of the Upper Tier give you an all-encompassing view of the action. Tickets become more expensive the closer to the halfway line you are. The Upper Tier has a wavelike design, rising highest in the East Stand and West Stand, and lowering on the corners. The two big screens are in these dips on the northwest and southeast sides.

Where Should I Sit at Emirates Stadium?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your seat at Emirates Stadium. Let’s take a look at some of the main factors.

For the Best Atmosphere

The shortsides of the Lower Tier have become famous for their atmosphere. Depending on the intensity of a match, you may spend the whole time standing up if you’re in blocks 4-13 in the North Bank, or 23-25 in the Clock End.

Away fans are usually in blocks 21-22, and this adds to the atmosphere, with chants exchanged between the supporters. Also in the Clock End is the Ashburton Army, a rowdy but inclusive supporters’ group that bangs a drum and sings all game. Dressed in black, they occupy a set of seats pitchside at block 25.

For the Best View

With General Admission, the TV-style views can be found on the lowest rows of the Upper Tier. Club Level and Executive boxes are even better. The corners of the Upper Tier give you a wide panorama of the pitch and stadium. If you want to be close to the action, and hear the players and managers, nothing beats the front row in the Lower Tier.

For the Cheapest Seats

As a rule the most affordable seats can be found in the shortsides of the Lower Tier. The low angle, combined with being behind the byline, is as far as you can get from a typical TV view. Younger fans love it, and the price will vary according to the category of a game. A fixture against a lower Premier League team will be C, while derbies, matches against title contenders, and big European nights will be A.

For a Premium Experience

With Club Level and Executive Box Level, Emirates Stadium has two tiers devoted to hospitality and exclusive memberships. On Club Level is the WM, a secluded members-only lounge and restaurant, with spots available via high-end hospitality packages. Above, in the corner of the North Bank, is the Avenell Club. This has a plush members’ bar and lounge, with luxury padded seats in front.

For Families

As a rule, the Upper Tier has a more laid-back atmosphere. Fans will stay seated unless there’s a goal, and the far-reaching view makes it easier to stay glued to the action. There are two designated family enclosures, both in the Clock End, reserved for Junior Gunners and Senior Members. In the Upper Tier, this can be found at block 25, and in blocks 26-30 in the Lower Tier.


Emirates Stadium has a total of 22 viewing areas for wheelchair users. Eleven of these can be found at the back of the Lower Tier. There are also eight areas in the Upper Tier, and another three on Club Level.

Each area can be accessed by ramps, while stewards are available to offer assistance. Seating for Personal Assistants is usually behind the accessible space for a wheelchair user, but occasionally it will be on one side.

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