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When Do Premier League Tickets Go on Sale?

The Premier League is the most entertaining football league on the planet, with 20 teams fighting for the most prestigious trophy in British football each year. Fans of Premier League sides eagerly await the dates when tickets go on sale for their beloved club, however some are confused by exactly when these are.

In this article, we discuss when Premier League tickets go on sale in detail. We look into general sale information, factors that affect when you can buy Premier League tickets, club ticket exchanges and more. Read on to learn more about this topic.

When Do Premier League Tickets Go on Sale?

Typically, Premier League clubs put tickets on sale a month in advance of fixtures taking place. This gives fans the opportunity to plan their logistics for each match, e.g. transport and accommodation.

General Sale Information

If you’re not lucky enough to own a season ticket for your club, you’ll want to be aware of when match day tickets go on general sale for each match. Usually, clubs will release information about this on their website and social media channels, communicating when these dates are.

You often find that tickets go on sale roughly a month before a match is scheduled to be played. For example, Nottingham Forest’s home match against Brentford, which is to be played on Sunday 1st October 2023, initially went on sale to home members on the 28th August. This is just over a month away from the fixture.

Why do clubs do this? Well, it’s helpful for fans to be given some time to prepare their transport and accommodation arrangements, if required, for each fixture. Giving them a full month to prepare is usually sufficient.

Factors that Affect When You Can Buy Premier League Tickets

Deciding when Premier League tickets go on sale can be dependent on a few factors, in particular whether you have a season ticket, home membership or away membership.

Season Tickets

If you’re a proud owner of a season ticket for your beloved Premier League football club, it’s likely that they’ll only be one important date in your diary, and that’s season ticket renewal day.

This usually takes place during the back-end of the previous season, though. For example, Premier League club Nottingham Forest set their season ticket renewal date to Friday 14th April 2023. Although the club were still in the 2022/23 season, they put their season tickets on sale for the 2023/24 season.

At the time, Forest were unsure if they were going to remain in England’s top flight, with fans having to commit to higher prices with the risk of playing second-tier football the following season.

The bottom line is, if you’re a season ticket holder, Premier League tickets technically go on sale a month or so before the previous season has finished. We recommend being proactive and looking out for the date that your club announces. Make sure you’re signed up to their email communications, too.

Home and Away Memberships

The other memberships available besides season tickets are home and away memberships. So, when do these Premier League tickets go on sale? The short answer is that it depends. This is because there are usually a few different tiers of home memberships available.

The more premium the home membership you have, the earlier your tickets will go on sale, and this is because you’ll have access to tickets while there are more available. The lower down the tier system you are, the closer to the match your tickets will go on sale, because you’ll have access to tickets when there are fewer remaining.

It’s common for tickets to go on sale roughly a month before a home fixture to the most prestigious home members, with them having a window of a week to buy tickets. The following week, tickets will go on sale to the next tier of members, and so on.

Club Ticket Exchanges

Another method of securing Premier League tickets is through club ticket exchanges. You might be wondering what one of these is – well it’s basically an official resale market for fans of each club, whereby they can sell their ticket to another fan before a match.

So when do these Premier League tickets go on sale? Tickets made available on club ticket exchanges can come on at any time before a match is played, so it’s worth keeping your eye out. Be warned though, if the match is sold out, tickets on exchanges will be snapped up almost immediately, so you’ll have to be quick.

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When Do Premier League Home Matches Go On Sale?

Premier League home matches typically go on sale a month before the home fixture is due to be played.

When Do Premier League Away Matches Go On Sale?

Premier League away matches typically go on sale a month before each fixture is scheduled to be played.

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