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The Top 5 Premier League Clubs With The Most Hated Fans

The ever-rising popularity of the Premier League worldwide has caused more tension amongst the fan bases as with their passion comes emotion, and sometimes, that emotion can turn into hatred, frustration, and even hostility. This is often taken out on footballers who are abused for any error that will affect the match’s result with footballers being targeted with hurtful comments on their social media pages. 

With the Premier League foreign rights sales (£5.3 billion) starting to exceed the £5.1 billion raised from the UK broadcasters. This and the rise of social media, where football fans are now more readily able to share their thoughts, has led to even more fans voicing their opinion which has led to some supporter fan groups earning a bad reputation for their club.

The effects of the Premier League’s global popularity

The increasing popularity of the premier league does come with certain effects and impacts, such as:

Diverse Fan base: Premier League clubs now have a more diverse and international fan base than ever before. Fans from different countries follow their favourite teams, forging connections with clubs they may have yet to visit in person.

Cultural Impact: The Premier League’s global reach has led to its integration into local cultures and societies worldwide. Supporters’ clubs and fan communities have sprouted up in various countries, creating hubs for fans to gather and celebrate their teams. 

This can be shown by Premier League clubs touring internationally for pre-season. In 2023 all 20 Premier League clubs visited various countries abroad to play pre-season games (Premier League). 

Challenges: The global popularity has also brought challenges, such as the potential for matches to be played in different time zones, impacting local fans’ ability to attend games. This has caused tension with local supporters who have expressed concerns about the influence of foreign investors and the commercialisation of their beloved clubs.

In summary, the Premier League’s surging global popularity has elevated it to become one of the most fiercely competitive and enticing leagues globally, drawing in fans from all corners of the world. 

However, this increased attention has also given rise to divisions within fan bases, as more supporters express their opinions on football clubs which has caused tension within the football community leading fans to argue which supporters are considered the least favoured in the league.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most hated fan bases in the Premier League, ranking them based on their notorious reputation for being on the hated side. To discover which football club supporters are the most hated, we looked into the key stats behind football fan bases and quotes from rival footballers.

Continue reading to find out the five most hated Premier League fanbases in 2023.

5) Tottenham Hotspurs

Securing the fifth position on our list, we find Tottenham Hotspur, earning a 6.56% disapproval rating among fans. Tottenham’s fanbase finds itself in this less-than-favourable position primarily due to their perception of the club as a perennial member of the ‘Top Six’ in the Premier League.

Tottenham sparked anger among fans from various clubs when they made the decision not to participate in their final Europa Conference League game due to player shortages. This decision did not sit well with fans across the league, leading to accusations of entitlement and a belief that Tottenham considered themselves above the competition, a stance they likely wouldn’t have taken in a Champions League fixture.

4) Arsenal

In recent years, Arsenal fans have gained a reputation for their continuous outbursts on platforms like Arsenal Fan TV. Despite the conclusion of the ‘Wenger Out’ campaign, many had expected these expressions to subside. However, Arsenal supporters have continued to vent their frustrations, critiquing new managers, tactics, players, and the club’s off-the-pitch politics.

Consequently, they’ve earned the reputation of being the most disgruntled fanbase in the Premier League. Arsenal fans have been ranked as the fourth most hated fan group, receiving a disapproval rating of 8.82%.

West Ham footballer Michail Antonio didn’t hold back when sharing his sentiments with The Boot Room, stating, “I don’t like Arsenal fans! I’m going to say it, I don’t like them.” 

He further expressed, “I have family members, my agent, and my nephews who are Arsenal fans. They can be quite vexing and have consistently been so! And let’s not even get started on Arsenal Fan TV! It can be quite exasperating.”

3) Chelsea

Securing the third spot in our list of most hated fan bases, Chelsea commands a 9.18% disapproval rate among their fellow fans. Chelsea supporters find themselves under this unfavourable spotlight primarily due to their remarkable success over the past two decades, which many perceive as “buying success” due to their significant financial backing.

Chelsea’s image took a hit when their fans flooded Trustpilot with negative reviews after Telecommunication Company Three cancelled its sponsorship deal with the club. This onslaught of one-star reviews left Three with a meagre 1.6-star rating, further contributing to the less-than-favourable perception of Chelsea supporters.

2) Liverpool

Liverpool has earned the dubious distinction of being ranked as the second-most disliked group of supporters, earning 15.61% of the vote. Liverpool fans find themselves in this position due to the rich history and success of their club. This prolonged success has fostered a sense of entitlement among the fan base, leading many fans to believe they are superior to others due to their deep connection with their team. 

In recent years, Liverpool supporters have faced criticism for frequently asserting their identity as ‘Scouse, not English,’ distancing themselves from the broader community of English football fans and showing limited support for the England National Team.

1) Manchester United

Manchester United supporters have gained a reputation for being the most hated fan group, often characterised by their perceived arrogance and sense of entitlement. This demeanour can be traced back to the club’s storied history of success, which has led fans to vocalise their frustrations when the team falls short in contemporary times, particularly in significant trophy competitions. Their hatred is directed towards the owners, the managers, and the players.

One prominent reason why Manchester United fans are often singled out as one of the most disliked fanbases is the substantial £1.3 billion investment in players made by the ownership over the past decade. Despite this significant spending, Manchester United fans continue to express their dissatisfaction with the board’s actions. 

This ongoing discontent has strained relations with fans from other clubs who resent Manchester United supporters’ perceived arrogance and entitlement, resulting in them being voted as the most hated fanbase in England, with a 19.9% disapproval rating.

It is clear the surging global popularity of the Premier League has given rise to heightened emotions, tensions, and divisions among fan bases. The league’s staggering foreign rights sales, surpassing even those from UK broadcasters, have provided fans with greater avenues to voice their opinions, particularly through social media, leading to certain supporter groups earning unfavourable reputations for their clubs.

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