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Best Viagogo Alternatives

Over the past few months, one of the biggest names in ticket reselling has dropped drastically in quality. Viagogo, once known for their excellent customer service and even better prices, have been growing more unresponsive to customer queries. Worst still, their ticket stock has declined and their steep booking fees have remained as high as ever – up to 30 % in most cases.

So, as one of the big names in ticket reselling seems to be dying before our very eyes, we thought it would be prudent to offer up the best alternatives to Viagogo. This article will break the competition into several categories, including football, live music and theatre tickets. That way, if you know what you’re looking for, you can try out some of our recommended resellers.

Best Viagogo Alternatives for Football Tickets


Ticketbis are one of the best in the reselling industry, and have been since 2009. Although they were recently acquired by Ebay group, the quality of their service has not dipped since the takeover. If anything, it has given Ticketbis more heft within the marketplace, which has allowed them to grow their already hefty platform into one of the biggest and best around – especially for football tickets. Whether it is the FA Cup final or a Champions League knockout match, you can almost guarantee that Ticketbis will have something available.

Aside from their remarkable ticket availability for football, Ticketbis are also some of the best in regards to price. Although they have a booking fee of anywhere up to 20 %, they seem to offset this charge with perks such as free shipping on your purchase, and a fantastic customer support team should anything go wrong. Ticketbis are definitely a contender for the best ticket reseller around these days.


Footballticketpad haven’t been around for very long, but since their inception back in 2014 they have done a fantastic job of creating a trusted secondary ticket platform. With a focus on European football matches, they usually have a fantastic spread of excellent tickets to some of football’s biggest and best games. Their stock is particularly popular for the Scottish, English, Spanish, French and German top flight leagues, as well as the hotly anticipated Champions League matches.

Another great aspect of Footballticketpad’s service is their transparent fees, which includes a low 12 % booking fee. When compared to the competition, this can lead to some great savings. They also offer free shipping on their orders, and a highly attentive customer support team that are well-known for their excellent ability to handle complaints and issues. 


With over 10 years in the secondary football ticket market, Livefootballtickets have rarely put a foot wrong. Unlike some of the other resellers, Livefootballtickets have created a marketplace filled with their own trusted affiliates, who can provide excellent seats for some of the biggest football games, without forcing their customers to pay through the nose for the privilege. Although they stock tickets for European footballs biggest leagues, they appear to have a particularly good variety of English and Scottish Premier League matches.

Where their service draws criticism is in their service fees and shipping costs. Whereas a few of the competitors will offer free shipping, Livefootballtickets has a minimum fee of £10. More than that, though, they also have a variable booking fee. Neither of these issues are deal-breakers, but it does generally result in overall higher prices.

Best Viagogo Alternatives for Concerts & Live Show Tickets


Getmein are affiliates of the ticket giant Ticketmaster, which has allowed them to serious beef up their ticket stocks. Although they have tickets for most live events, including sports, Getmein are definitely best known for their tickets to concerts and live shows. Being a UK-based company has definitely helped them create a user-friendly and trustworthy platform, making it easy to buy the latest Kendrick Lamar or Billy Idol tickets. More than that, though, they cater to all budgets – from discounted tickets to VIP access.

Although Getmein has an outstanding service and great ticket selection for live events, some of their fees can leave a bad taste in your mouth. With variable shipping fees and a steep 18 % booking fee, Getmein could do more to provide a cost-effective service.


Stubhub are another popular secondary ticket reseller with ties to Ebay group, with a focus on concerts, live shows and – to a lesser extent – theatre tickets. Since 2012, this London-based company has found great success in providing customer with a safe, secure platform to purchase tickets to some of the hottest live events across the UK. They appear to be providing a lot of popular comedy and stand-up shows as of late, such as Trevor Noah or Chris Rock live, as well as the occasional theatre performance such as Disney on Ice.

Where it starts to get a little bit less appealing is in their seemingly high booking and shipping fees. Stubhub keeps the fees variable, so they have the potential to be quite high. In their defence, this is rarely the case, and the quality of their website and service as a whole justifies the slightly inflated prices.


Seatwave are yet another ticket reseller with ties to Ticketmaster. With the biggest ticket marketplace in Europe, you can normally find the tickets that you want. Although they have a small inventory of football tickets, their bread and butter is in concerts and live shows. From Black Sabbath to Ed Sheeran, Seatwave prides themselves on providing tickets to the most popular shows across the UK.

Being the biggest marketplace has its drawbacks though, and for Seatwave that means fluctuating prices on popular tickets. This, coupled with high booking fees of 20 %, usually spells out high ticket prices. Give them a shot though, as you might managed to snap up a bargain!


Ticketnetwork have more than a decade’s experience in the secondary ticket marketplace, first opening its doors back in 2007. Since then, the landscape of this industry have changed dramatically, but Ticketnetwork have been consistently one of the best around. This global brand has always been focused more towards concerts and live shows including Cirque du Soleil and Peter Pan live, which makes it an excellent choice if that’s what you’re looking for.

Generally speaking, their prices are very reasonable. That does fluctuate for the most hotly ancipated live events, but that is expected across the board. Service fees are a tad high at 20 %, but definitely not the worst out there. They are a very reliable and trustworthy service, so you can forgive the slightly high fees.


Ticketmaster is the true giant when it comes to ticket reselling, whether it is ice hockey or Bruno Mars live. Although football tickets have never been a popular item at Ticketmaster, you might find a few games here or there. Generally speaking, Ticketmaster’s focus is concerts, festivals and live shows. With incredible prices on their tickets – thanks largely to their contacts within the industry – Ticketmaster provides an excellent service overall.

There are some rather steep fees associated with Ticketmaster, which can cause a slightly inflated price from the buyers end. What’s more, their overall stock of tickets has really disappointed in the last few years, possibly as a result of their partnerships with other resellers like Seatwave. Overall, though, Ticketmaster are a really solid service.


Seetickets have been around in one form or another since 2004, and in that time they have grown to be one of the most well-trusted ticket vendors around. Their bread-and-butter is concerts and live shows, and they cater to a wide audience in that regard. They almost always have a fantastic selection of high profile tickets to the biggest live shows around, such as Glastonbury festival.

Seetickets do tend to tack on a lot of additional fees, but with an average booking fee of just 10 % you can’t be too angry with them. They are a truly reputable brand, and their prices as a whole are really good.


Based out of Spain, Ticketselection have provided a fantastic European secondary ticket platform for concerts, live shows and the occasional sporting event. Although they don’t have much in the way of football matches, Ticket-selection have a fantastic inventory of popular live shows such as The Cure and Pete Tong. Better still, they have managed to maintain some incredible prices across the board. And with no hidden fees, you know exactly what you’re paying for.


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