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Where is the best place to sit in a football stadium?

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and fans gather in their thousands to watch their favourite team play each week. When attending a game, one of the most important things to consider is where you want to be sat. 

When it comes to where the best place to sit in a football stadium is, there is no universal correct answer. There are several options, and it predominantly depends on what you’re looking for when you attend a match. Do you want to be immersed in the atmosphere of loud chants and feel a part of the action? Or would you rather be somewhere quieter where you can fully concentrate on the game?

It’s also important to remember that each stadium has its own characteristics, and what is the optimum place to sit in some stadiums might be less desirable in others. In this article, we’ll look at the best places to sit in a football stadium, and what you can expect from each area.

Side stands

Sitting in the side stand offers a great view of the game, allowing you to see the action from all corners of the pitch, particularly if you’re near the centre and high up. The depth of vision awarded to those in the side stands allows spectators to see every moment of the game play out, which can lead to a much more entertaining match. 

The side stands are the ideal spot for those who like to analyse the game. The best place for this is halfway up the stand, around the halfway line, which is where you’ll find most director’s boxes. This position gives the clearest view, and formations can be seen clearly from this angle. The only downside is the price tag that comes with it, as it can be one of the most expensive seats in the stadium. Despite the expense, seats near the halfway line sell out quickly, so if you want to purchase a ticket here, you’ll have to move fast!

You’ll also find most hospitality boxes on the side of the pitch, which confirms the elite status of this spot in the stadium. Hospitality boxes are individual private rooms or suites, that can be extremely costly, so those who opt for them are looking for the best view in the house. 

However, not all areas of the side stand will give you an optimum view, and the further towards one end you are, the more your view will be obscured. This may mean you’ll miss some action on the pitch, and could find it more difficult to understand what’s happening. As the view angle becomes altered, it’s harder to see where players’ are positioned, as well as where the ball is.

End stands (behind goals)

The end stands are often where you’ll find the most passionate fans, who like to immerse themselves in the game and atmosphere. The view from the end of the pitch reduces depth of perception, meaning you might miss what’s happening at the other side of the pitch. Therefore, end goal tickets are often the cheapest in the stadium.

Due to their cheaper price tag, end stand tickets are very popular, which is what contributes to the lively atmosphere. If you’re someone who enjoys singing, chanting and getting involved in the action, the end stand might be the right fit for you. 

Despite not being allowed to stand up in stadiums, some fans who are seated behind the goal will stand up, which will affect your view. So if you’re someone who doesn’t want to be stood up a lot, this is definitely worth taking into account if you’re considering going for an end stand ticket.

If you are wanting to opt for an end-stand ticket, you’ll want to be as central as possible. The more central you are, the more likely you’ll be able to see the pitch without your view being too obscured. If you are further onto the edges, the angle may make things difficult to see, and you will feel less involved in the action.

How close to the pitch should you sit?

It’s not just about deciding which area of the stadium you want to sit in, but you also need to consider whether you want to be high up or low down. The placement you should choose depends on what you want from your match-going experience. Being too high up may remove you from the atmosphere of the game, and you won’t feel like you are part of the experience, however, being too low down might mean you can’t see what’s going on very well. A spot somewhere in between is probably the best one to go for.

Upper tier

The upper tier offers almost a bird’s eye view of the pitch, allowing you to see players taking up positions and understand how the match is being played from a tactical point of view. However, as you’re high up and further away, you may struggle to recognise some players. The upper tier is ideal for those who don’t want to get too caught up in the emotion of the game and are looking for more affordable ticket prices.

Lower tier

While being lower down offers a worse view than if you are higher up, you’ll be a lot more immersed in the atmosphere and feel more involved. Being lower down also allows you to see your favourite players up close, and be a part of the action. 

Which part of the row is best to sit?

Another important element to consider when attending a football game, is where in the row you want to sit. Again, this is a personal preference depending on each individual. If you want to concentrate on the game undisturbed, the middle section of the row will be your best bet. However, if you’re someone that wants the freedom to make regular toilet trips or drink refills, the end of the row might be the way to go. 

In terms of accessibility, the end of the row will usually be the easiest to come and go. Most stadiums also have designated wheelchair spaces, so make sure you check this out on the seating plan layout prior to attending the game. 

Other considerations

There are also other factors that you might want to take into consideration when booking your ticket. If you know the game you’re attending is a big one, it’s likely there will be a high attendance, so you might want to think about sitting somewhere near the exits. This means you can still watch the game in its entirety, but you’ll be able to leave the stadium swiftly once it finishes, without getting stuck in queues. 

Another thing to consider is the gradient of the stands. This can vary between stadiums, and is unfortunately out of our control. If you’re someone who is unsteady on their feet or feels sick sitting high up, you might want to sit as low down as possible in a stadium with steep gradient stands. A stand with a shallow gradient is better for those who want to avoid steep flights of stairs, however the further back you are, the more likely your view of the pitch will be obscured.

Let’s take a look at where the best seats are in some of the world’s biggest football stadiums.

Where is the best place to sit in Allianz Arena?

Allianz Arena is the home of Bayern Munich and the German national football team. The Allianz Arena seating plan is carefully designed to offer great views from all angles. With a seating capacity of 70,000 for international matches and 75,000 for domestic matches, Allianz Arena is the second-largest arena in Germany. It was constructed in 2002 and is the first stadium in the world with a full colour changing exterior. Allianz Arena is located in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. 

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Where is the best place to sit in Camp Nou?

Situated in Barcelona, Spain, Camp Nou is the home ground of FC Barcelona, who have played there since 1957. The Camp Nou seating plan has been designed to afford excellent views from any part of the stadium for both home and away supporters. Camp Nou is the largest stadium in both France and Europe, and the second-largest association football stadium in the world, with a capacity of 99,354. It has hosted World Cups, European Cup finals, UEFA Super games and more, and always promises an electric atmosphere for those visiting. 

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Where is the best place to sit in Emirates Stadium?

Emirates Stadium is the home of English club, Arsenal. The Emirates Stadium is crafted to ensure you have a memorable match day experience for all fans, no matter where you sit. Emirates Stadium is located in Holloway, London, and has a capacity of 60,704, making it the fifth-largest stadium in England. Emirates Stadium opened in 2006 at a cost £390 million. The stadium is a bowl shape, and each of the stands in it has the same amount of tiers. The four stands are known as The North Bank, East Stand, The Clock End and The West Stand.

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Where is the best place to sit in the Johan Cruijff Arena?

Based in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam, the Johan Cruijff Arena is home to AFC Ajax. The Johan Cruijff seating plan is designed to ensure brilliant views from all areas of the stadium, and promises a terrific atmosphere. Johan Cruijff Arena was originally known as the Amsterdam Arena, before being renamed in honour of the legendary Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff, who died in 2016. It had a capacity of 56,130 for football matches and 68,000 for concerts. Johan Cruijff Arena also has a retractable roof and grass surface, and has hosted matches for the UEFA Euros, UEFA Champions League Final, and UEFA Europa League Final.

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Where is the best place to sit in Parc des Princes?

Parc des Princes is an all-seater stadium located in Paris, France. The Parc des Princes seating plan provides stunning views of the pitch from all angles for both the home and away fans. Parc des Princes holds 47,929 spectators and is the home of Ligue 1 football club Paris Saint-Germain, who have played there since 1974. The stadium includes four covered stands known as Tribune Borelli, Tribune Auteuil, Tribune Paris and Tribune Boulogne. Parc des Princes was also the home of France’s national football team as well as their rugby union team, before the opening of the Stade de France in 1998. 

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Where is the best place to sit in Santiago Bernabeu?

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is home to Real Madrid, and is based in Spain’s capital city of Madrid. The stadium’s seating plan is carefully designed to ensure the crowd have excellent views from all areas. The stadium was named after footballer and Real Madrid president Santiago Bernabeu, and is one of the most iconic football venues in the world. With a seated capacity of 81,044, Santiago Bernabeu is the second-largest stadium in Spain, and the third-largest home to a top-flight European club. It has held many important games, and was the first stadium in Europe to host both a UEFA Euro final and a FIFA World Cup final. 

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Where is the best place to sit in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?

Located in north London, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is home to Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. The stadium has a state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge facilities, offering a unique match day experience wherever you choose to sit. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium had a capacity of 62,850, making it the third-largest football stadium in England and the largest club ground in London. It features the world’s first dividing, retractable pitch, and is also used for NFL London Games, concerts and other events. The stadium opened in 2019 and replaced the club’s previous ground, White Hart Lane.

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Where is the best place to sit in Anfield?

Anfield has been the home of Liverpool FC since 1892. The Anfield seating plan will ensure you have great views of the action on the pitch, as you’re greeted by the iconic ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ anthem when you enter the stadium. Located in Liverpool, Anfield has a seating capacity of 53,394, making it the seventh-largest stadium in England. It has four stands including the Main Stand, the Spion Kop, the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand and the Anfield Road End. Anfield was originally the home of Everton from 1884 until 1891, however they moved to Goodison Park after a dispute.

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Where is the best place to sit in Etihad Stadium?

Situated in Manchester, England, the Etihad Stadium is home to Premier League team Manchester City. The seating plan at the Etihad Stadium is crafted to provide a comfortable and memorable experience for all fans, and offers state-of-the-art facilities and a cutting-edge design. The Etihad Stadium has a domestic football capacity of 53,400, making it the sixth-largest stadium in England and tenth-largest in the UK. It was originally built to host the 2002 Commonwealth Games at a cost of £112 million. The stadium has been the venue of a UEFA Cup Final, as well as rugby league matches and the Rugby World Cup. 

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Where is the best place to sit in Wembley Stadium?

Wembley Stadium is based in London, and was opened in 2007 after the original site was demolished in 2002/2003. With a capacity of 90,000, Wembley is the largest stadium in the UK, and the second-largest stadium in Europe. It hosts major football matches, including home games of the England national team and the FA Cup Final. Wembley Stadium is owned by the Football Association (the FA), which is the governing body of English football. Above the stadium is the 134-metre-high Wembley Arch, which is now a popular landmark across London. 

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Where is the best place to sit in Stamford Bridge?

Stamford Bridge is located in Fulham, West London, and is home to Premier League club Chelsea. The stadium has undergone numerous renovations over the years, and provides great views of the action, no matter where you’re seated. Stamford Bridge has a capacity of 40,343, making it the eleventh-largest stadium in England. It opened in 1877, and has since hosted numerous sports including cricket, rugby, greyhound racing, and American football. Stamford Bridge always promises a spectacular atmosphere on match day.

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Where is the best place to sit in Old Trafford?

Situated in Greater Manchester, Old Trafford has been the home of Manchester United since 1910. Nicknamed the Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford is one of the most iconic stadiums in the world, providing fans with excellent views of the pitch in both the home and away end. With a capacity of 74,310, Old Trafford is the largest club football stadium in the United Kingdom, and eleventh-largest in Europe. It has undergone several expansions over the years, which includes the addition of extra tiers in the North, East and West stands. Old Trafford has hosted an FA Cup Final, as well as matches at the 1966 World Cup. 

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Where is the best place to sit in London Stadium?

Home to West Ham United, London Stadium is a multi-purpose outdoor stadium based in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.  The seating plan at the London Stadium has been crafted to provide a comfortable and memorable experience no matter where you’re located. The stadium was originally constructed to hold the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, and has since been the venue of other events such as the London Grand Prix and Rugby World Cup. The ground has a capacity of 80,000 for concerts and 66,000 for football matches making it the fourth-largest stadium in England. 

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Where is the best place to sit in King Power Stadium?

King Power Stadium has been the home of Leicester City since 2002. The King Power Stadium boasts a modern design and excellent facilities, providing all fans with a brilliant match day experience. Based in the East Midlands of England, King Power Stadium has an all-seated capacity of 32,262, and is also the home of Leicester City Women. The stadium was the venue where Leicester City famously won the 2015-16 Premier League title, and always promises an electric atmosphere for those visiting.

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Where is the best place to sit in Goodison Park?

Goodison Park is based in Liverpool, and is home to Premier League club Everton. The Goodison Park seating plan provides excellent views of the pitch from all angles for maximum enjoyment for both home and away fans. The historic Goodison Park stadium opened in 1892, and has held more top-flight games than any other stadium in England. The ground has an all-seated capacity of 39,414 and has also hosted an FA Cup Final, and multiple international fixtures, including a semi-final match in the 1966 World Cup. 

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