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Snagging a Wimbledon Ticket – Survival Guide

Wimbledon is one of the greatest sporting events in the world, pitting the current tennis greats against one another in a truly iconic venue. For many fans, the prospect of making it to one of the matches is only a pipe dream. However, if you have the desire and funds to nab a ticket, you will be in treat for a true spectacle at Wimbledon 2016. The week-long tournament will host the best tennis players in the world – from Scottish ace Andy Murray to reigning champion Novak Djokovic.

Understandably, tickets for these games are incredibly popular and hard to obtain so close to the tournament. If you are not blessed with a friend or family member with some insider knowledge and leverage, you are only going to get a ticket through reselling. This opens up a new world that you may know nothing about. So, we are looking to offer you some sage advice. From prices to trusted sellers, by the end of this guide you will be much more clued up about how to get your hands on tickets to Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Tickets

Good Price For A Wimbledon Ticket

As is the case with all of the hottest sporting events, getting access to a Wimbledon match can be a pricey affair. Due to the very nature of Wimbledon, the tickets themselves are a bit of a rarity. Wimbledon’s centre court – the largest court there that hosts the final – holds 15,000. Wembley stadium, a nearby venue for other sporting events, can hold 90,000. This huge difference in the number of seats makes it significantly harder to get a ticket to Wimbledon.

With that said, there are a few methods to get to a match. Entering into the ticket ballot or queue is an option, although they tend to fill up months in advance. This year, ballot prices are a staggering £2600 for a seat. If you were lucky enough to pick up the same tickets before they hit the ballot, you would have paid just £66. Wimbledon also releases unsold tickets through Ticketmaster on the day of the matches, however they sell incredibly quickly. If you are looking to guarantee a seat at one of the specific matches, your best bet is to look at resellers.

When you enter into the world of reselling, you have to expect to pay above face value. However, there are competitive prices out there, depending on where you look. Remember – the websites mentioned here are trusted resellers and will not scam you. Viagogo.com stock tickets for the final at around £2500 per ticket. Generally speaking, this is the standard price for resellers. There may be some fluctuation, but for the final you will not likely find a ticket for under two grand.

Avoiding Fake Tickets And Scams

One of the biggest problems that comes with trying to get a ticket to a popular event such as Wimbledon is the wave of fake tickets and scammers that will try to dupe you out of money. This is particularly true in ticket reselling, as it is such a new market. There are an estimated 4000 websites that are selling fake tickets to popular events such as Wimbledon. However, there are a few ways to ensure that you will not get burnt in a bad sale or get turned away at the venue.

Firstly, do not fall for the paid searches on Google or other search engines. These search results are the first two or three hits when you use a search engine to search for tickets. Many shady businesses will buy up the advertising through Google, with fake promises of selling legitimate Wimbledon tickets. Secondly, if it too good to be true, it probably is. Websites that offer bargain prices for big events are almost certainly a scam. These websites, such as JustTheTicket.com will take your money and disappear from the internet forever. This leaves you out of pocket, with no recourse of action.

Using reputable reviewers online is a great way to gain insight about certain websites. Consumer forums are a great place to start, or reading a survival guide like this one. From our experience, trusted websites for Wimbledon tickets include Viagogo.co.uk, Kixtennistickets.com and Ticketbis.com. Other websites that are legitimate exist, but we know for certain that these sites have a solid reputation in the ticket resale market.

Steer Clear Of Ticket Touts When Buying Wimbledon Tickets

Ticket touting is a means of reselling that involves an individual standing around the venue on match day and selling their ticket. Aside from the overcharging that is rampant in ticket touts, the legality of the practice should be enough to deter you from trying this tactic. Ticket touting is illegal, so not only are you breaking the law and potentially paying a lot of money for a fake or invalid ticket, but you are also putting yourself at risk. The people involved in ticket touting are usually of a less-than-squeaky-clean background, and many will not hesitate in robbing you blind. Organized crime gets a lot of money through the practice of ticket touting, so be wary and be safe.


Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious sporting event to grace the UK, and it always guarantees a great spectacle. Getting your hands on one of the tickets to a Wimbledon match can be tough – especially if you are not willing to pay thousands of pounds in the Wimbledon ballot to snag a ticket. However, do not be tempted to use ticket touts or shady reseller websites. You will most likely end up out of pocket, or worse, facing a criminal charge. Instead, we recommend looking through some of our recommended resellers, as this will guarantee your safety without breaking the bank. Once you have figured out who you want to see playing on the court, all that remains is ordering up some strawberries and cream to enjoy while you watch some world-class tennis.

Wimbledon Tickets

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