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How Long is the Tottenham Season Ticket Waiting List?

If you want to take your Spurs support to the next level, a Tottenham Hotspur Season Ticket is one way to go. You get a guaranteed ticket for every league home game at Tottenham’s amazing new stadium, which is one of the best places in the world to watch football.

Now the problem is actually getting your hands on one, as you’ll be joining tens of thousands of other Spurs fans in the queue for a ticket. So let’s ask the big question: How long is the Tottenham Hotspur Season Ticket waiting list? 

As of today, there are around 90,000 fans waiting for the chance to purchase a Tottenham season ticket. Want to be in that number?

With a bit of digging, we worked out that it could take three years or more for you to be offered a ticket if you joined the waiting list today. 

How Many Spurs Season Tickets Are There? 

At the last count in 2023-24 there was an estimated total of 42,500 season tickets at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The rate of uptake will vary from season to season, depending on factors like team performance, and the economy. 

One thing that may shorten the waiting time for a THFC season ticket is the negative reaction to a set of new, 6% price rises and the phase-out of Spurs Senior tickets, announced in 2024. Spurs fans are not happy with the price hike, but when push comes to shove they tend to renew. 

Every season people on the Spurs Season Ticket waiting list can check to find out their place in the queue by logging into their e-ticketing account. To stay on the list you have to renew your One Hotspur + Membership every year, and we’ll talk about that next.  

How Do I Join the Tottenham Hotspur Season Ticket Waiting List?

The basic One Hotspur Membership won’t be enough to get you a spot on the waiting list. Instead you have to go up a tier, and plump for One Hotspur + Membership. This Spurs membership costs £55 a year, and will automatically renew at the end of every season. 

The bad news is that if you cancel your membership at any time, you will lose your place in the waiting list, and will have to go to the back of the queue when you resubscribe. For more information, dig into our complete Tottenham Hotspur membership guide

How Much Is a Spurs Season Ticket?

The price of a 2024-25 adult Tottenham Hotspur Season Ticket ranges from £856 to £2,147. The cheapest Spurs season tickets are by the cornerflag on the north end of the West Stand. Generally, the price rises sharply the closer you get to the halfway line, and the closer you are to the middle of a stand, where the views encompass more of the pitch.

Even more expensive are 1882 Season Tickets, at £2,367 a year. With sections located in the East, West and South Stands, these are essentially basic season tickets, but with a few extra perks such as access to private bars. 

Fans can purchase a Tottenham season ticket on finance, and spread the cost across the season. Also remember, that the Spurs season ticket prices only include home league games, and there’s an opt-in scheme and extra fee for cup games. 

Discounts apply for Juniors up to the age of 18 (50%), Young Adults aged 18-21 (25%) and Seniors aged 66 and over (50%). In 2024 it was announced that Senior concessions are gradually being reduced to 25% for existing season ticket holders, and will be removed altogether for new recipients. 

We should tell you that unlike with many other clubs, the Spurs Season Ticket does not include Champions League tickets, or any other European or domestic cups. There is an Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme that we’ll talk about a little later. 

Has the Spurs Season Ticket Waiting List Changed?

The demand for a Spurs Season Ticket has always been huge, which made it almost impossible to get hold of a season ticket when Spurs played at White Hart Lane, which they left in 2017. Tottenham’s old home had a capacity of just over 36,000. 

Due to the huge disparity between demand and availability, for many years the Spurs Season Ticket waiting list barely moved. In fact it would take as long as a decade just to be offered one of the less desirable “restricted view” seats. 

Then, when the club moved out, first to Wembley Stadium in 2017, and then into the glittering Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in 2019, the number of season tickets sky-rocketed. People who had been on the waiting list for years were suddenly offered a ticket, even with tens of thousands of new people joining the queue. 

Another thing to remember is that not every One Hotspur + member will actually want a season ticket when they get to the front of the queue. You might appear to be low down the queue, but a large portion of people above you will not purchase their Tottenham Season Ticker. 

When Are Spurs Season Tickets Renewed?

Towards the end of every season there’s a long window, during which Spurs Season Ticket holders can renew their ticket for the next season. Typically this lasts from the first week of March to late May. After this time the club will work out how many holders have dropped out, and how many candidates will be offered Tottenham season tickets. 

After this phase, candidates at the top of the list will be offered a season ticket. During this “Offer Period”, you have limited time to decide if you want a ticket. If for whatever reason you turn one down, you forfeit your place on the waiting list, and drop to the bottom once more. 

How Long is the Spurs Premium Membership Waiting List?

For people ready to pay a little, or a lot, more, Tottenham Hotspur offers a wealth of one-of-a-kind hospitality experiences with a Premium Seasonal Membership. These cost anything from £3,700 to £15,900 a year. 

The length of the wait for this membership tier is negligible. You simply have to pay a £25 fee to reserve a place on the list before the season starts, and before the club tries to sell the remaining premium spaces to the general public.  

Tottenham Hotspur Tickets at Ticket Compare

A trouble-free and much shorter way to buy Tottenham Hotspur tickets is with Ticket-Compare. Browse a lineup of trusted marketplaces and choose the right ticket for you. There’s no waiting list and no annual membership fee. You can also find Premier League tickets for every other top-flight team. 

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