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How Long is the Waiting List for an Arsenal Season Ticket?

When we wrote this article in April 2024, some 100,000 people were waiting for their chance to get hold of Gold Membership, which is a General Admission season ticket at Emirates Stadium.

To calculate the wait you need to make an educated guess. But by our estimation, according to current trends it may take 25 years for your name to come up. It should be noted that the club does not provide an official estimate of the waiting time.

Still, it’s safe to say that if you want to take your Arsenal fandom to the next level and become a season ticket holder, you will need to be patient. The truth is that it has never been more difficult to get your foot in the door. Many people purchase a £25 place on the waiting list for their children knowing they will probably be adults by the time they qualify for a ticket.

Until more holders give up their tickets or people in the waiting list turn one down the list will not decrease any time soon.

How Do I Join the Arsenal Season Ticket Waiting List?

You apply for Gold Membership with a one-off fee of £50 for adults and £25 people aged under 18 years old. Then the waiting game begins, as you crawl up the list from season to season. When a season ticket holder gives up their ticket you will move up the list. People on the list will also drop out. As an estimate, about a third of people will turn down a ticket when their opportunity comes up.

How Much Does an Arsenal Season Ticket Cost?

The price of a 2024-25 General Admission season ticket fluctuates depending on the location. Typically the cheapest ticket is just over £1,200, behind the goal at the back of the Upper Tier. Meanwhile the most expensive General Admission season is £2,050 on the halfway line in the Upper Tier. In general, Lower Tier tickets are cheaper, but this also makes them more coveted.

Discounts apply to a variety of groups. These include young adults (aged 19-24), who are eligible for a 25% discount, as well as Cannon Members (aged 17-18) who receive a 50% discount. There’s also a 50% discount for Junior Gunners (up to 16) Senior Citizens and members of Arsenal’s Disability Access scheme.

How Many Games Do I Get With an Arsenal Season Ticket?

In the 2024-25 Season Ticket Holders have access to 23 matches. Naturally, these include the 19 home matches in the Premier League. In addition, 4 Champions League Group stage matches are included, if Arsenal qualify for the newly-expanded competition.

For increased access to European games and the FA Cup, the club has recently launched a Cup Scheme. By opting into this scheme General Admission season ticket holders will automatically purchase the remaining matches not included in their ticket, before they go on sale to other fans.

Do I Have Any Hope of Getting a Season Ticket Sooner?

A lot of factors can affect the waiting time. Poor form is a big one, and a sustained period in mid-table, or even relegation would surely thin out the number of people who want to see the team every other week. It helps to remember that Arsenal haven’t been relegated since 1913.

It wasn’t always this difficult. For example, interest in the team was at a long-term low at the end of Arsène Wenger’s 22-year spell in charge. At that time the list was as low as 40,000, less than half what it is now. This shows how interest in the team can change according to performance, and the sense of satisfaction among the fans.

What Has Caused the Waiting List to Increase?

The team has gradually improved under Mikel Arteta, which is one thing that has caused the list to grow. The other is the match-day experience. The club has taken a lot of effort to foster a lively atmosphere, and it has rarely been as fun to watch the team as it is now.

Covid-19 was a factor in the dramatic waiting list increase. During the pandemic, people high on the list were given the option of purchasing a special one-year season ticket. When the pandemic ended, these new holders were then offered a permanent season ticket. This, combined with the demand to see a thriving team under Mikel Arteta, has essentially brought the waiting list to a standstill.

Are There Any Rules for Season Ticket Holders?

More than ever, owning an Arsenal season ticket is a privilege that comes with a set of responsibilities. A big one is ‘seat utilisation’. The club strives to keep the stadium as full as possible, so fans are required to fill their seat at least 17 times to qualify for a renewal in the next season.

How Will I Be Offered a Season Ticket When My Name Comes Up?

Shortly after the final game of the season, General Admission season ticket holders are invited to renew their ticket. In the following weeks the club will calculate how many people on the waiting list to contact and offer a ticket.

The timeframe is very limited, and people who have been on the list for years will have under two weeks to decide whether they want to purchase a ticket. If for whatever reason you are unable to do so, you are thrown off the list.

In all likelihood you will be offered one of the more expensive General Admission seats. The cheaper seats, usually in the Lower Tier, have low availability. Many people accept a more expensive ticket, knowing they’ll be given priority should a cheaper seat in the Lower Tier become available.

How Do I Get a Club Level Season Ticket?

As opposed to General Admission, a different set of rules apply for fans seeking one of Arsenal’s premium seats. You join a waiting list for Platinum Membership, which guarantees a seat for every Premier League, European, FA Cup and League Cup match.

Prices start at £3,330 and increase to more than £8,000 for a table at the exclusive WM restaurant, and £10,750 for the Avenell Club on Box Level. To get a place on these waiting lists you are required to pay a non-refundable 25% deposit on the price of the ticket. Ticket renewals take place earlier, around April and if your name comes up you will be offered a place in

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