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Tottenham Hotspur Membership: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Since moving into the spectacular Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Spurs have become the Premier League’s best days out. Here we’ll look into every detail of Tottenham Hotspur Membership. 

Our Guide to Tottenham Hotspur Membership

If you’re searching for Tottenham Hotspur tickets, it pays to know all about Tottenham Hotspur Membership. On this page we will go into detail about Spurs Membership, and all of its various levels, packages and benefits. We will also weigh up whether it’s worth getting Spurs tickets via One Hotspur Membership or jumping into the Secondary Market. So, check out our complete guide to being a Spurs member. 

Tottenham One Hotspur Membership

This is the entry-level Spurs Membership, open to everyone. The price of One Hotspur Membership rises every few years. For 2024-25 it was £45 each season, and it automatically renews at the end of each campaign. As well as offering access to primary market tickets, Spurs One Hotspur Membership comes with a number of benefits. 

These include:

  • A £15 club shop discount 
  • A £10 discount for visitor attractions, which includes a Stadium Tour and the  Dare Skywalk experience, 50 metres above street level on the rim of the stadium. 
  • A £10 discount on a SPURSPLAY Membership (online streaming), which we’ll cover in more detail below
  • An automatic 10 Ticketing Points, and we’ll talk about this scheme further down this page.  
  • A further 15% retail discount on exclusive Tottenham member days 
  • Access to One Hotspur Moments, which is Tottenham’s exclusive loyalty program which helps provide access to special club events and could even see you grace the hallowed turf of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium itself.

Tottenham One Hotspur + Membership 

The level above basic membership is One Hotspur + Membership, and there are a few things that make it worthwhile. The first of these is a 24-hour priority window, exclusive only to “+” members. This makes it much easier for fans with Tottenham One Hotspur + Membership to get their hands on tickets through the primary market after they go on sale. 

The other advantage of Tottenham One Hotspur + Membership is a place on the waiting list for a Spurs Season Ticket. In the past, basic One Hotspur Membership also came with a position on the waiting list, but this privilege is now exclusive to the upper membership level. Other perks include:

  • A £20 club shop discount 
  • A £15 discount for visitor attractions including the Stadium Tour and Skywalk 
  • A £10 SPURSPLAY discount 
  • A further 15% retail discount on exclusive Tottenham member days 
  • An automatic 15 Ticketing Points 
  • Access to One Hotspur Moments, Tottenham’s exclusive loyalty program 
  • Priority access for the many third-party events that take place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, including major concerts 

So, what is the One Hotspur + Membership price? It comes to £55, and you get a lot of bang for your buck with that extra £10.  

Spurs Junior Membership

People under the age of 18 at the beginning of a given season are eligible for One Hotspur Junior (£20) or One Hotspur + Junior Membership (£25).

If they go “+” Junior Spurs Members get that position on the waiting list for a Tottenham Hotspur season ticket, and access to that 24-hour priority window for Spurs match tickets.  Both membership levels come with a lot of other benefits for younger Spurs fans:

  • Free goody bag with age-specific gifts, from activity books to Spurs official apparel 
  • A free Stadium Tour 
  • A £10 SPURSPLAY discount 
  • A further 15% retail discount on exclusive Tottenham member days 
  • Free access to Tottenham Hotspur Women’s matches 
  • Access to the One Hotspur Moments rewards programme. This includes the chance to be a mascot – (at least one parent will also need to be a One Hotspur + member in order to be in with a chance of becoming a mascot)

Does Becoming a Tottenham Hotspur Member Guarantee Me Tickets? 

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t. The only way to guarantee yourself a ticket for Tottenham home games at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is via a season ticket. If you don’t want to become a season ticket holder or aren’t prepared to wait, then becoming a Spurs member is the next best step to get hold of tickets.

North Stand - Block 501 view
North Stand – Block 501 – offers a great view of the action but is near the away fans.
South Stand - Block 252 view
South Stand – Block 252 – this part of the ground offers the best atmosphere at a reasonable price.
East Stand - Block 002 view
East Stand – Block 002 – expensive seats are in this block.
East Stand - Block 528 view
East Stand – Block 528 – cheaper seats are in this block.
South Stand - Block 452 view
South Stand – Block 452 – this block is in the upper part of the biggest single-tier stand in Europe. The atmosphere is electric in this part of the stadium.
West Stand - Block 105 view
West Stand – Block 105 – some of the most expensive tickets are in this part of the stadium.
North Stand - Block 114 view
North Stand – Block 114 – the cheapest seats in the entire ground can be found here.

Can I Become a Tottenham Member at any Point in the Season? 

You can join at any time of the season, but unlike other clubs, Tottenham does cap the number of members it accepts each season. So the earlier you register, the better because there’s limited availability the deeper you go into the new year. The new membership season starts in August of every year.

The upside is that unlike some other Premier League teams, there’s no waiting list to become a member of Tottenham. If membership is full, you will be made aware and then prompted to try again on another day. The other alternative is to try another membership package, which might have spare membership spaces available.

If you’re wondering how many One Hotspur Members are there, your guess is as good as ours. The club keeps commercial information like this under wraps, but a recent estimate was as many as 150,000. 

Depending on availability, new members sign up all the time. Meanwhile current members will slip away at varying rates season by season. A good barometer is the performance of the team. At the end of Conte’s dismal second season in 2022-23, a fan survey found that just 68% of One Hotspur Members planned to renew. 

Things are looking much brighter these days, so you can be sure that there are more One Hotspur Members now than ever despite the opposition to the season ticket price hikes, which we’ll talk about later. 

Buying Spurs Tickets with One Hotspur Membership

Once you’ve signed up for One Hotspur Membership you can download a digital pass to your smartphone. This will be automatically updated when you purchase a ticket via the Spurs box office. If you’re coming to a game with, say, a Junior who doesn’t have a mobile device, you can also download their ticket onto your phone. 

When do Spurs tickets go on sale? You can expect them to become available via the Tottenham Hotspur Ticket Office six to eight weeks before a fixture. 

Buying Spurs tickets with a membership can be stressful, as they are available on a first come, first served basis. So you need to be quick and prepared to spend time in the queue, which can move slowly. 

Prices around the ground will vary depending on where you choose to sit. To familiarise yourself with the layout of the stadium, take a look at our comprehensive Tottenham seating guide. The most expensive seats are usually found in the East and West Stands, and the cheapest seats are usually in the lower tiers of the North and South Stands.

What is the Tottenham Ticket Exchange and Ticket Share? 

There are fallback options for Tottenham Members who are unable to snag a ticket via the Tottenham Hotspur Ticket Office. 

Spurs Ticket Exchange 

The first and most used option is the Ticket Exchange. This is a resale platform for Spurs Members to purchase Tottenham tickets from Season Ticket Holders at face value. 

So, when does the Spurs Ticket Exchange open? The Ticket Exchange tends to come online within two weeks of a given match selling out. You can assume that all matches will sell out, often just half an hour after tickets go on sale. 

People with standard Season Tickets, more expensive 1882 Season Tickets, and Premium Seasonal Memberships will sell their Spurs tickets on the Ticket Exchange. As there are many different reasons why a Spurs fan can’t attend a game, it’s not unusual to see seats available less than two hours before kick-off. However, this is more likely for less popular matches, so don’t expect to find Tottenham vs Arsenal tickets on the Ticket Exchange on the day of a match. 

A couple of drawbacks to the Ticket Exchange system are the clunky functionality and limited availability. For the most popular matches, available seats will disappear in the time it takes to load the page and click on them. There’s also the frustration of repeatedly reloading the Ticket Exchange in the hope of finding a ticket. 

Spurs Ticket Share

Something open at the same time as the Ticket Exchange is the Ticket Share. And how does Tottenham’s Ticket Share work? Well, Season Ticket Holders are able to gift or share their ticket to a friend or family. Importantly, that person needs to be part of a designated “network” managed by the Season Ticket Holder. 

There is no charge involved in the Ticket Share scheme, and it’s a hassle-free way of ensuring that every seat is filled at Tottenham’s home games. 

Tottenham Season Tickets

As we’ve seen, one Hotspur + Members who are extra patient will eventually be rewarded with the chance to purchase a Spurs Season Ticket. As it happens, 2024 was a big year for Tottenham Season Ticket Holders, as the club announced a 6% price rise for the 2024-25 season, following a freeze for several years. So from 2024-25 the current price of a Spurs Season Ticket ranges from £856 to £2,147.

Meanwhile, if you’re asking how long is the Tottenham Hotspur Season Ticket waiting list, we have an in-depth article to check out.

Tottenham Season Ticket Benefits

As well as a seat for every home game and access to the Tottenham Ticket Exchange, a Spurs season ticket comes with all of the perks included in One Hotspur + Membership. A notable one is 24-hour priority access for all home domestic and European fixtures. Every season, Spurs season ticket holders also get 30 Ticketing Points. 

Spurs Senior Season Ticket Concession

For years, Tottenham Season Ticket holders over the age of 65 qualified for a Senior Concession of 50%. Over the coming seasons this will be gradually reduced, reaching a discount of 25% by 2029-30. 

Even more dramatic is that this discount will only apply to existing ticket holders. From 2025-26, no new season tickets will be issued with a senior discount. 

The reason given by Tottenham Hotspur is that the average age of Spurs Season Ticket holders has increased fourfold since the club relocated to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium from White Hart Lane. 

Tottenham Hotspur Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme

Now, while a Tottenham Hotspur season ticket doesn’t include FA Cup tickets, EFL Cup Tickets or European games, holders can opt in for the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme. By doing so, they are guaranteed a ticket for all home games in the cups and European competitions. 

If you opt in, you will be obliged to purchase a ticket. But of course it can be resold on the Spurs Ticket Exchange or shared with a friend or family member via the Ticket Share. Just for opting into the scheme, you are also awarded 10 Ticketing Points. 

Spurs 1882 Season Tickets

Spurs 1882 Season Tickets are a kind of upgraded season ticket with seats located in several sections around the South, East and West Stands. Although the seats are not premium, a raft of benefits come with Tottenham 1882 Season Tickets, in addition to the lineup of Spurs Season Ticket benefits that we mentioned. These include: 

  • Complimentary pre-match food 
  • A complimentary match programme (digital or print) 
  • Exclusive meet-and-greets with Tottenham legends
  • Access to one of several private bars serving these seating areas. On a matchday you get two complimentary drinks
  • You can also get your name enshrined on the wall at one of these bars 

There are additional ticket benefits, as 1882 Season Ticket Holders have priority access to tickets for Tottenham’s European matches. The ticket also includes all home domestic cup games. 

How much does an 1882 Season Ticket cost? Well, as of 2024-25 this high-end tier is Tottenham’s most expensive season ticket package, costing a flat rate of £2,367 a year. 

Spurs Away Season Tickets

A lucky few Tottenham Hotspur fans can snag a guaranteed ticket to every away league game. Spurs Away Season Ticket is almost as difficult to obtain as a home Season Ticket. The club recently announced that due to exceptionally high demand, they were not issuing more of these tickets until further notice.

Tottenham Premium Seasonal Membership

These are Tottenham Hotspur’s luxury hospitality season tickets, and there’s a number of different levels. All have a waiting list, which you can join with a £25 deposit. Once you’re top of the list and ready to pay the Spurs Premium Season Membership price, you become eligible for a number of perks. Here are the main ones:

  • Access to all of Spurs’ away tickets
  • Invitations to exclusive club events via the Spurs Signature programme 
  • Priority access for concerts, NFL games and more taking place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 
  • Meet & greet opportunities with Spurs legends on matchdays
  • Complimentary matchday programmes 
  • Exclusive retail discounts
  • Access to the Spurs Ticket Exchange 
  • Free access to the SPURSPLAY streaming platform 

Spurs Premium Seasonal Membership Packages

All of Tottenham’s premium hospitality packages come with padded seats, complimentary food and access to a choice of exclusive restaurants and casual lounge areas. 

The cheapest are Spurs Premium Seats, starting at £3,700 a year, for an authentic matchday experience with luxurious touches like perfect views and extended opening hours, three hours before a game and two hours after. 

Next up is Stratus (from £7,600), with seats in the highest accessible point in the stadium, offering panoramic views of the pitch and the London skyline. 

Then you have Loge Suites (from £8,250), which are secluded semi-private dining suites that still have the atmosphere of a restaurant or bar. 

Above that is Sideline Suites (from £12,675), and these private boxes come with two parking spaces. Tickets for Sideline Suites are fully transferable and these spaces can be used for events and meetings outside of matchdays.

The second-highest tier is On Four (from £14,075), which combines a choice of experience on the exclusive level four of the stadium. Here you can choose from semi-private Loge Suites, private suites, and the private members-only H Club. On Four features Michelin-level dining, and the ultimate view of the match.

Finally, for something completely unique in Europe there’s the Tunnel Club (from £15,900). As well as luxury padded and heated seats behind the dugout, this tier offers access to a glass-walled bar/restaurant with a view of the players’ tunnel. 

Can I Get Access to Hospitality Tickets with Tottenham Membership? 

Unfortunately becoming a basic One Hotspur or One Hotspur + member won’t secure you any bonus hospitality tickets. If you want to watch a one-off match in luxury, you will need to pay the full price. Our extensive Tottenham seating guide has more detail on hospitality and where you can find it at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

If the idea of buying a Spurs membership isn’t for you, we can help. At Ticket Compare we sell tickets for most Tottenham home games with seats all over the stadium—be sure to check out our Tottenham ticket section today.

SPURSPLAY Membership

Launched in 2022 and Costing £45 a year, SPURSPLAY is Tottenham Hotspur’s standalone streaming platform. We’ve shown that One Hotspur Membership and Spurs Season Tickets come with a discount for SPURSPLAY, and it’s something worth taking up.

Extended highlights and full first team men’s matches are available within 24 hours of a match. There’s also an extensive package of live broadcasts, including men’s pre-season friendlies, home u18s matches, u21s matches (home and some away), and a number of women’s matches. 

Also available are feature-length documentaries, and access to a huge video archive if you want to celebrate legendary players and relive famous moments from Tottenham Hotspur’s history. 

What Are Spurs Ticketing Points?

We have mentioned that Membership packages and Tottenham Hotspur Season Tickets come with a certain number of Ticketing Points. Now, these points can be accrued in several ways, including buying match tickets, renewing membership, renewing a Season Ticket, or opting in to the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme. 

So of course, the most dedicated fans will rack up the most points. Where the points become important is mainly for away games and cup finals. For these matches supply far outweighs demand, so tickets are prioritsed for fans with higher Ticketing Points totals. 

Buying Spurs Tickets Without a Membership

In theory, Tottenham Members might not buy enough tickets, and the Tottenham Hotspur Ticket Office will put tickets on General Sale. This never happens in practice, so non-members will never be able to purchase Spurs tickets this way via the club’s official channels. 

Another theoretical sales window is Guest Sale. Here, people with Spurs Membership would be able to buy tickets for friends and family who are non-members. Again, tickets almost never become available via this window. 

Buying Spurs Tickets Through Resellers

In truth the best option, in particular for fans travelling to a single Spurs match from abroad, is to hit the secondary market for Tottenham Hotspur tickets. Ticket Compare allows you to browse a range of reliable marketplaces. 

The upside is that there’s ample availability, so you stand a better chance of getting a Spurs ticket for a specific match. Added to that, you won’t need to purchase a year-long Membership for a one-off game.  

Going through Ticket Compare, you don’t need to sign up for Spurs Membership for a whole year simply to watch one match. And when it comes to the most popular Category A matches, you won’t have to waste any time in an online queue, not knowing if you’ll even get a ticket.

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