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When Do Euro 2024 Tickets Go on Sale?

One of the biggest footballing tournaments on the planet is the European Championships, where 24 of the best countries go head-to-head in order to decide who should be crowned champions. In 2024, Germany will host the tournament with matches being played across various German cities including Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dortmund and more.

In this article, we’re going to inform you when Euro 2024 tickets go on sale. We discuss ticket sale dates, Fans First tickets, the time between rounds and much more. Read on to learn all about this topic.

When Do Euro 2024 Tickets Go on Sale?

Euro 2024 ticket applications begin from 3rd October 2023, and this gives fans across the world equal opportunity to access tickets. These tickets are on sale through the official UEFA ticket portal.

Answering ‘When Do Euro 2024 Tickets Go on Sale?’ isn’t straight forward, though, as there are three different ticket windows available to fans, as well as a resale ticket portal.

The first ticket window will take place from October 3rd to October 26th with 1.2 million tickets going on sale to fans who have registered an account with UEFA prior to the application stage. Each person will be able to request up to 4 tickets per match.

They’ll then be another sales window from December 2nd whereby another 1 million tickets will go on sale in collaboration with national federations. This coincides with the draw for the Eurocup final phase.

Finally, they’ll be a sales window open between March 21st and 26th, 2024, and this will be for fans from countries who qualify for the tournament via the play-offs.

Euro 2024 Format

In order to further understand when Euro 2024 tickets go on sale, it’s worth understanding the format of the competition. The European Championships is played in the following five rounds of matches:

  • Group Stages (3 rounds of matches)
  • Round of 16
  • Quarter-finals
  • Semi-finals
  • Final

Although tickets for all the stages go on sale before the start of the tournament, any supporters of the two nations who make it to the final will have to keep an eye on UEFA’s resale ticket portal across the whole tournament.

Time Between Rounds

Here’s the time between each round of Euro 2024. This schedule will be helpful for fans wanting to plan a big trip over to Germany for the tournament:

Euro 2024 StageDateTime Gap (Days)
Group Stages (1st Round)14th-18th June
Group Stages (2nd Round)19th-22nd June0
Group Stages (3rd Round)23rd-26th June0
Round of 1629th June – 2nd July2
Quarter Finals5th-6th July2
Semi Finals9th-10th July2
Final14th July3

Euro 2024 Ticket Prices

So you’re probably wondering how much Euro 2024 tickets will cost you. Well, the short answer is the price of tickets varies greatly depending on a few factors including the stage of the competition, the category of the ticket and whether you’re part of the ‘Fans First’ list.

Group StageOpening matchRound of 16Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
Fans First305050608095
Cat 36019585100195300
Cat 2150400175200400600
Cat 12006002503006001000

All prices in €

Stage of the Competition

As you’d expect, tickets for the latter stages of the competition cost more money, and this is because these matches are greater spectacles and tend to have the best nations competing in them.

You can expect to pay anywhere between €80-€1000 for a ticket to either of the semi-finals or the final of Euro 2024 when buying tickets through the official UEFA ticket portal.

The Category of the Ticket

The second variable affecting the cost of Euro 2024 tickets is the category of each ticket. All football clubs divide their stadium’s capacity into various “categories”, and this helps them price tickets in different brackets. So for example, a ticket right on the half way line is going to be more expensive than a ticket at the back of the highest stand behind one of the goals.

For Euro 2024, tickets have been divided into the following four different categories:

  • Fans First
  • Cat 3
  • Cat 2
  • Cat 1

Fans First tickets are the least expensive options, whereas Category 1 tickets are the most expensive:

  • Fans First – from €30-€95
  • Cat 3 – from €60-€300
  • Cat 2 – from €150-€600
  • Cat 1 – from €200-€1000

Fans First Tickets

You might be wondering what ‘Fans First’ tickets are? Well, following the initial ticket sale period between October 3rd and 26th, any fans who are unlucky and don’t manage to secure tickets in the ballot will be added to the Fans First list. This gives them access to priority notifications that let them know when tickets become available closer to the start of the tournament.

Furthermore, UEFA will be setting up an official platform where fans can sell unused tickets at their purchase price, and this will be open around Spring time in 2024.

When Do Euro 2024 Final Tickets Go on Sale?

Euro 2024 final tickets will go on sale from October 3rd 2023 when the official UEFA ticket portal opens for the tournament. Tickets will be allocated in the fairest way, via a ballot.

It is a slight risk buying a ticket for the final at this early stage, especially if you’re hoping to see your nation make it to the final. You’ll have to purchase a ticket in a hope that your country will go the whole way, or you might end up having a ticket for a final involving two countries you’re not that bothered about watching.

However, not all hope is lost, as UEFA will be opening a resale portal in the Spring of 2024, and this will allow fans to resell their final tickets at face value if they no longer wish to attend the match.

How Easy Is It to Get Euro 2024 Final Tickets?

For the majority of us, getting Euro 2024 final tickets is completely down to luck, due to the ballot system UEFA will be using to allocate tickets for the tournament.

Unless you’re a pundit, journalist, relative of a player competing, or relatively well moneyed, you’ve got to hope that luck is on your side as we approach one of the best footballing tournaments on the planet. Good luck!

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