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Liverpool Membership: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

By purchasing Liverpool Membership you’ll be joining one of the biggest and most passionate fan-bases in world football. Check out our complete guide to LFC Membership for the latest info.

Our Guide to Liverpool Membership

Liverpool Membership is a great way to show your support for The Reds. With swarms of fans desperate for the chance to purchase Liverpool tickets, the club is constantly tweaking the membership and sales systems to make them as fair as possible. The biggest change in the last few years has been the introduction of a ballot process for the twice-annual bulk sale of home league tickets. In our detailed guide, we’ll help you navigate the LFC Membership labyrinth and discover alternatives. 

Liverpool Membership Types

Typically Liverpool Membership goes on sale from the 1st of June in each preseason. The choice has been streamlined in the last few years, with the former International Membership now discontinued. 

All adult LFC Membership tiers grant access to the Members’ Area, which opens up a range of opportunities throughout the season. One is the ability to enter competitions for the chance to win prizes like signed balls, exclusive hospitality tickets, attendance at open training sessions at the AXA Training Centre, and much more. 

There are also discounts on the club’s streaming service, LFCTV GO, and discounts on the official Liverpool magazine and matchday programmes. 

Liverpool Full Membership 

The majority of adult Liverpool Members purchase this membership tier, costing £37 a season. As with every other Liverpool Membership except for the one for babies and toddlers (Little Liver Membership), Liverpool Full Membership opens up a number of ticketing benefits. These are:

  • Access to the Liverpool Bulk Members Sale of 13,000 tickets 
  • Access to Late Availability Liverpool Tickets
  • Access to the LFC Auto Cup Ticket Scheme
  • Access to the Liverpool Ticket Exchange
  • Access to Liverpool’s Ticket Forwarding System

If you’re wondering exactly what these various schemes and processes entail, we’ll go into much more depth in the section below, titled Buying Tickets with Liverpool Membership. 

LFC Light Membership

Priced at £27 per season, this is a scaled-back no-frills membership tier that comes without a Welcome Pack. Still, Liverpool Light Membership does give you access to all of the ticketing benefits of Full Membership, including access to the Bulk Members Ticket Sales in July and November/December. Other benefits include:

  • A 10% discount in store and online 
  • A discount off annual subscriptions to LFCTV GO 
  • The chance to attend exclusive Member-only experiences via the Members’ Area

Liverpool Premium Membership

For fans who don’t mind splurging to receive some exclusive benefits, Liverpool Premium costs £65 and offers everything that you get with Liverpool Full Membership, with a few bonuses thrown in. These are:

  • A subscription to LFCTV GO for the entire season
  • Premium Welcome Pack gifts, including a hardback book and liver bird-insignia washbag
  • Enhanced retail perks, including premium discounts in store and online

LFC Junior Memberships

Liverpool has a range of memberships aimed at younger members of the family, with something for all ages, from newborns to teenagers. All LFC Junior Memberships are priced at £21 for the season.

Liverpool Little Liver Membership 

This starter Membership is for children 0-3 years old, putting them on the right track from an early age. No surprise that there are no ticketing benefits for this membership tier, but there are plenty of reasons why Liverpool-supporting parents splash out on it. The benefits of Liverpool Little Liver Membership Include:

  • An age-appropriate welcome pack with LFC-branded goodies like a bath book, a Little Liver rubber duck, and a Little Liver face cloth (welcome pack items may change)
  • An official LFC birthday card
  • A Little Liver Membership card and certificate
  • Access to exclusive Liverpool competitions and content
  • An opportunity to win money-can’t-buy experiences and prizes

Liverpool Mighty Red Membership 

For young Reds aged 4-8 years old, Mighty Red Membership combines all of the ticketing benefits of adult membership with a number of bonuses that could make a season extra special for younger children. These are:

  • A welcome pack with age-appropriate LFC goodies including a backpack, drinks bottle, LFC poster and LCD writing tablet (welcome pack merchandise may change)
  • A birthday card from the club 
  • The opportunity to attend Junior events at Anfield
  • Discounts on stadium tours and Legends tours
  • The chance to become a matchday mascot

Liverpool Red Squad Membership 

This membership tier was introduced in 2023, and is aimed at older children, aged 9-12 years old. In most respects, this membership tier is identical to Mighty Red Membership, except for the items that come in the Welcome Pack. So, older kids may get a pencil case, water bottle, stationery set and a drawstring bag.

 Another addition is a discount on the Anfield Abseil experience, descending from the roof of the Main Stand, past the club crest. 

Liverpool Teen Red Membership 

Finally, Teen Red Members gives supporters aged 13-16 years old the chance to get involved with Liverpool FC throughout the season. This LFC Membership tier differs a little from those aimed at younger children. Naturally, the Welcome Pack has more grown-up gifts like a thermal bottle. Meanwhile, unlike the younger tiers, LFC Teen Red Membership does offer a discount for a subscription to the LFCTV GO streaming platform. As with LFC Red Squad Membership, this tier offers a discount on the Anfield Abseil. 

Does Becoming a Liverpool Member Guarantee Me Tickets?

If only it were that easy. The answer to this question is a resounding “no”. As we’ll explain further down this page, becoming a Liverpool Member gives you an outside chance of earning the right to buy tickets for league games. For these you need patience, persistence, and, above all, some luck. 

However, tickets for home games in the domestic cups, especially the EFL Cup, are easier to purchase with a Liverpool Membership.

LFC Season Tickets

As we explain in our page on the Liverpool Season Ticket waiting list, Liverpool Season Tickets are impossible to obtain if you’re trying today. There are approximately 25,000 LFC Season Ticket holders, and the rate of renewal is extremely high. The list barely moves from season to season, to the point where 20 years is a normal waiting time. There are no upcoming plans to open the waiting list, so it’s a non-starter if you don’t already have your foot in the door. 

Now, if you are one of the privileged few with a Liverpool Season Ticket, you’re entitled to a host of benefits. Many of these overlap with LFC Membership. So that means:

  • Access to the Auto Cup Scheme
  • An in store or online retail discount
  • Priority access to club events
  • Discount on LFCTV GO
  • Access to offers from LFC club partners

On top of that Liverpool FC Season Ticket holders are able to get their money back on games they can’t attend by listing their seat on the Liverpool Ticket Exchange, which we’ll talk about later. 

Another worthwhile perk for truly committed LFC Season Ticket holders is free access to U18 and U23 matches (if played at Anfield or the Academy), as well as home LFC Women games. These are all subject to availability. 

Price-wise, adult Liverpool season tickets range from £713 in the Kop to £904 in the Main Stand. There are significant discounts for Young Adults (17-21), with the cheapest tickets at £356.50 and the most expensive costing £452. Senior Season Tickets, for LFC fans aged 65 or over, cost between £534.75 and £678. 

So at that price point, you can see why Liverpool Season Ticket holders might be reluctant to part with their ticket. 

Buying Tickets with Liverpool Membership

We’ll start with the good news. The long-term redevelopment of the Main Stand and the Anfield Road End has boosted the stadium capacity from just over 40,000 to more than 61,000 in under a decade. This had an impact on LFC Members, whose allocation for home games has since leapt from 10,000 to 13,000. 

In theory, it should mean that members should have a 30% better chance of obtaining tickets for Liverpool’s home games. However, with ballot processes in force since the early 2020s, the reality is that buying Liverpool tickets is a lottery for everyone except the lucky or dedicated few.

If you’re a new Liverpool Member your chances of obtaining General Admission tickets for any match are slim, but are non-existent for the biggest matches. Your best hope is to snaffle up any tickets you can get your hands on, focussing on the cups, and gradually rise up the match-credit hierarchy from season to season. 

A big word of warning is that the Liverpool ticketing platform is notoriously buggy. Whether you’re entering a ballot, registering for a ticket scheme or queuing for match tickets, it’s a stressful and frustrating ordeal. 

What is the Liverpool Bulk Members Sale?

The majority of the tickets sold to Liverpool Members are available to buy in bulk each year in two sale periods, one in July and the other in November/December. This divides the home league schedule into two halves. During these sale periods LFC Members can enter a ballot for each of the games for which they would like to get tickets. Shortly after, they will learn if they have been successful.

Now, as with every aspect of Liverpool Membership, this is a system that rewards the most loyal fans, including people who have been members for years. To illustrate, Liverpool Members who have accrued 13 or more match credits from the previous season will be guaranteed the chance to purchase tickets to every game they register interest for in these bulk sales.

Next in line, LFC Members with between four and 12 credits can enter all of the ballots for the right to purchase tickets for individual games. This includes matches with high demand for tickets. 

Meanwhile, Liverpool Members with fewer than four match credits can enter ballots for about half of the games in each of the bulk sales. This works out about ten games a season, and these are usually the home league matches with the least demand. Even so, snagging a league ticket in the bulk ballot is next-to impossible for Liverpool Members on their first season. 

Liverpool Bulk Members Sale Success Rate Breakdown

To illustrate just how difficult it is to gain tickets via the Liverpool Bulk Members Sale, here’s a breakdown of the success rates for several fixtures in the first half of the 2023-24 season. Now keep in mind that the big games, like the Merseyside Derby, were a closed shop for members with 13 credits, which explains their high probabilities:

  • Liverpool vs Everton – 1 in 1.2 chance 
  • Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest – 1 in 13 chance 
  • Liverpool vs Brentford – 1 in 13 chance 
  • Liverpool vs Fulham – 1 in 13 chance 
  • Liverpool vs Manchester United – 1 in 1.2 chance 
  • Liverpool vs Arsenal – 1 in 1.2 chance 
  • Liverpool vs Newcastle United – 1 in 13 chance 

What is the Liverpool Waiting List Sale?

If you don’t have any luck in the bulk sale ballots, this isn’t the end of the road. You will be given a waiting list number for every game you registered for. This may help you obtain tickets down the line, as there’s an additional Waiting List Sale ten days before a match, available to a few thousand people. 

Additional Liverpool Members Sale

This is another opportunity for Liverpool Members to grab tickets for home league games. Whether or not you took part in the bulk sale, you may get the chance to purchase late availability tickets for a given game ten days before the fixture. The Additional Members Sale gives members the chance to buy tickets, but gives priority to people with match credits. 

So the initial sale may open only to LFC Members with 4+ credits, and then 3+ credits, descending until all tickets in this allocation are sold. There is no ballot for the Additional Liverpool Members’ Sale, and tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. This means you need to be quick, and prepared to spend time in an online queue. 

What are Liverpool Membership Credits?

As we’ve shown, Liverpool Membership Credits are an important currency when it comes to getting tickets through official channels. If you can build up enough in the previous season, you will gain a lot of privileges. 

Thirteen credits will give you the right to purchase tickets for any home league game. If you accrue between 4 and 12 you’ll be in a stronger position when you enter the bulk sale ballots in July and November/December, or if you’re hunting for tickets in the days before a fixture. 

You get one point for every match you attend as a Liverpool member. These include tickets purchased on the Liverpool Ticket Exchange, but not tickets received via the Liverpool Ticket Forwarding system. We’ll talk about both later. 

Now, you can keep an eye on how many credits you’ve built up by clicking on the “History” section of the My Account page. You will also be informed of your total credits by email every time you successfully purchase a ticket with your Liverpool Supporter ID. 

Liverpool Auto Cup Scheme

So while it may be difficult, or practically impossible, for a new member to purchase Liverpool tickets for the prestigious league games, there’s more availability for domestic cups and European games. However, fans with a history of attending these matches will get first dibs via the Liverpool Auto Cup Scheme. 

All eligible Liverpool Members and LFC Season Ticket holders can opt into the Auto Cup Scheme at the start of a new season. Tickets are allocated via a ballot scheme if the number of entrants exceeds the total capacity. Again, in these instances priority is given to members who attended games in previous seasons. 

So if you attended one or more of a select group of Champions League matches from the previous season, you may be eligible to enter. These rules apply to LFC Members and Liverpool Season Ticket holders, and neither group is given priority when it comes to domestic cups and European competitions.  

While new members do stand a chance of attending early home games in the domestic cups and European competitions, there is no hope of getting hold of a ticket for a final. A typical cup final allocation at Wembley is just over 30,000, around half of Anfield’s capacity, so you can see how season ticket holders and long-term members would be in the driving seat.  

Local Members Sale Ballot

If you’re a Liverpool FC Member living in the L postcode, which encompasses a big swathe of the Liverpool Metropolitan Area, including parts of West Lancashire and Cheshire, you have another window of opportunity to snag Liverpool tickets. This is the Local Members Sale Ballot, which usually takes place about ten days before a fixture. 

There’s a 24-hour window to enter a ballot for some of the last remaining General Admission tickets. The day after the ballot closes you will learn if your entry was successful. The Local Members Sale Ballot takes place as a Local General Sale Ballot for non-Members, and we’ll talk about this in the next section. 

Buying Liverpool Away Tickets with LFC Membership

As opposed to some other Premier League clubs, Liverpool does not offer an away season ticket. Away tickets are available to LFC Season Ticket holders and Liverpool Members match-to-match on a first come, first served basis. These tickets sell out, almost without fail, and the same principles apply to the other aspects of purchasing Liverpool tickets. 

To qualify for the right to purchase Liverpool away tickets, you need a history of attending Liverpool away games. As little as a week before a given fixture, these tickets go on sale, with priority given to fans who attended, say, ten or more away games in the previous season. Two hours later, fans with nine games get their chance, and so on, and so on, until the tickets sell out. 

The Liverpool FC Ticket Exchange

If a Liverpool Season Ticket holder or an LFC Member can’t get to a game, they can try to recoup 100% of the price by selling the seat on the LFC Ticket Exchange. This is purely a face-value transaction, and only LFC Members can purchase tickets on the Ticket Exchange. If you’re hunting for Liverpool Tickets on this platform you need to be alert, as the Ticket Exchange is available until just two hours before kick-off. 

Liverpool Ticket Forwarding

Introduced in 2023-24, this system has replaced the old Ticket Distribution system that allowed LFC Season Ticket holders and Members to pass their seat onto someone else. With LFC Ticket Forwarding you can give your match ticket to people on your Family and Friends list. They need to be added before the season deadline of 31st of August, and they also need to be Liverpool Members. 

A minor drawback for people who receive forwarded tickets is that the match doesn’t count towards their Liverpool credits. The credit will stay with the original purchaser. 

Can the Cost of My Liverpool Membership Increase? 

While there are usually efforts to freeze season ticket prices across multiple seasons, the costs of all Liverpool membership packages are reviewed annually. So there is a chance that the cost of membership could go up. Of course, the assortment of goodies that come in membership welcome packs is also likely to change year on year. 

Is there a waiting list for becoming a Liverpool member? 

There’s no waiting list, but you can register your interest in order to receive a reminder of when the memberships go on sale prior to June. You can also purchase memberships through the club website.

Can I Become a Liverpool Member at any Point in the Season? 

Liverpool has an uncapped membership scheme that usually opens in June before the new season. If you register your interest before this, you will receive a notification once the scheme is open.

Can I Stagger the Cost of My Liverpool Membership throughout the Year? 

No, unlike season ticket payments, which you can split over the course of a season, if you decide to become a Liverpool member you will need to pay for your membership in full as soon as you decide to purchase it. It should just take minutes for the payment process to complete.

Liverpool FC Seasonal Hospitality

One way to get around Liverpool’s immense season ticket waiting list is to spend big on LFC Seasonal Hospitality. One of the reasons the club has invested so much into the stadium redevelopment is to bring the LFC’s breadth of hospitality options in line with other top Premier League clubs. These lounges are open several hours before kick-off, and offer complimentary match programmes and visits from famous LFC players. 

The majority of the club’s hospitality lounges are in the sleek new Main Stand, and we’ll run through the seasonal packages below. Prices are closely guarded, a typical package is £4,420 per season + VAT. You are able to purchase a three-year, five-year or seven-year seasonal hospitality ticket, with discounts on the longer commitments. 

There is no waiting list for LFC Seasonal Hospitality, but you do have to register your interest with the club’s Hospitality Team who will contact you about availability. So, in descending order of exclusivity, the spaces are:

  • Premier Club, in the Sir Kenny Daglish Stand, with a hot-and-cold buffet and half-time tea and coffee
  • The Carlsberg Dugout, in the Main Stand, with a cash bar and contemporary street food-style dining
  • The Centenary Club, in the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand, with a reception drink, a four-course carvery meal, half-time and full-time refreshments
  • Premium Lounge, with elevated views in the Main Stand, this lounge offers walk-through seat access, welcome drinks, four-course fine dining, a Stanley Road car park pass, in-lounge betting and an exclusive matchday gift
  • Executive Lounge, in the Main Stand, with direct access to seating area, champagne on arrival, a complimentary bar,  a five-course fine dining menu, an Anfield Road car park pass, in-lounge betting, a personalised decanter and a mathday gift

Which Liverpool Legends Can You Meet in Liverpool’s Hospitality Lounges?

Liverpool employs a long list of famous former players to make their hospitality experience even more special. They will pose for photographs, sign autographs and even stop for a chat. The lineup changes regularly, and of course, there’s no guarantee about attendance, but on a given game you’re likely to see one of the following players. 

  • Phil Neal, a legendary full-back and officially the most decorated English footballer of all time
  • David Fairclough, the original ‘supersub’ who came on to score a hatful of crucial goals in the 1970s and 80s
  • Alan Kennedy, an electric attacking full-back who famously netted in the 1981 European Cup Final against Real Madrid
  • John Aldridge, the dominant striker who bagged 26 league goals in the Reds’ successful 1987-88 title push
  • Ian Callaghan, the Toxteth-born midfielder with more Liverpool than any other player in the club’s history
  • Jimmy Case, a midfield hardman who added steel to the stylish LFC teams of the 1970s
  • Phil Thompson, the stalwart defender who captained Liverpool to that first European Cup win in 1981
  • Jan Mølby, the elegant midfielder who dictated play for the highly successful Liverpool teams of the 1980s
  • Terry McDermott, an all-action midfielder, ever-present in Liverpool’s most successful era, winning five league titles and three European Cups between 1974 and 1982
  • Steve McMahon, who anchored the LFC midfield from the mid-1980s onwards, winning three league titles and two FA Cups

These are the players who are still connected with the club and regularly appear for club events like the travelling Liverpool Legends Tour. The roster changes from season to season and, again, there are no guarantees about who will be taking part.

Can I Get Access to Hospitality with Liverpool Membership?

The short answer to this question is “no”. Liverpool Membership gives you the opportunity to purchase General Admission tickets, while LFC Hospitality is sold via a completely different process, as we covered above. 

Buying Tickets Without Liverpool Membership

Aside from spending big on a hospitality seat, there are a couple of ways to get Liverpool tickets without a Membership. As we’ll show, the secondary market is much easier than the first option that we’ll talk about.

LFC Local General Sale Ballot

As a community-oriented club, Liverpool FC does make a limited number of tickets available for home games via Local General Sale. This is another 24-hour ballot. The emphasis is on the word “local”, as only people who live within the L postcode will be able to enter the ballot. 

If you meet these criteria, you’ll need to be registered on the website, and will be able to enter the ballot around ten days before the fixture. As with almost all transactions via Liverpool’s official box office it is strictly one ticket per qualifying supporter, and a maximum of four tickets per transaction. 

Liverpool Tickets on the Secondary Market

If there is one lesson to take from everything we have talked about on this page it’s that Liverpool tickets are hard to come by. This is especially the case if you can only get to a game or two every season. Or maybe you want to attend one of the biggest fixtures and so you’re looking for something like Liverpool vs Manchester United tickets

For everyone except the die-hard Reds with the ability to attend matches at the drop of a hat, the secondary market is a fine option. It makes a big difference being able to select the date of a given match and choose from a range of tickets, pinpointing the section when you make your choice. We even have an Anfield seating plan to help you take your pick.

Ticket Compare compiles a lineup of marketplaces, with reliable resellers and two official hospitality agents. So take a look at our list of upcoming Liverpool fixtures, whether you’re searching for General Admission Liverpool tickets or want to treat yourself to exclusive hospitality packages. 

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