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Chelsea Membership: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Despite a couple of difficult seasons on the pitch, Chelsea Memberships have never been more in demand. Here, we’ll do a deep-dive on Chelsea Membership and buying Chelsea tickets.

Our Complete Guide to Chelsea Membership

If you want to buy General Admission tickets for Chelsea matches through the club’s official ticket office, you’ll need to become a Chelsea Member. As we will show, the club has a unique set of rules for fans to purchase Chelsea tickets. 

One reason the club does things so differently is because of the relatively low capacity of their stadium, Stamford Bridge, compared to the huge number of people trying to snag Chelsea tickets. 

Chelsea FC Membership Types

There are several levels of Chelsea Membership for General Admission tickets. All of them provide fans with the opportunity to buy tickets for Chelsea matches or search for Chelsea tickets on the Ticket Exchange. 

Factors such as Chelsea Loyalty Points come into play, and we’ll talk about this scheme further down this page.

Something to keep in mind is that access to tickets doesn’t vary by membership level. If your only reason for becoming a Chelsea member is to purchase Chelsea FC tickets, then you can even opt for the Adult Ticket Only Membership. 

Aside from this option, all Adult Chelsea Memberships come with:

  • A 10% Chelsea Megastore and online store discount
  • A 2-4-1 discount at the Chelsea Stadium Tour & Museum
  • Entry to exclusive Chelsea competitions, with one-of-a-kind prizes like signed shirts and VIP tickets

We will list various types of Chelsea Membership here:

Chelsea Adult Membership

Costing £60 in the UK (£65 in Europe and £70 for the rest of the world), this membership tier comes with a pack with various items, including a cardholder, washbag, luggage tag and sports bottle. 

Chelsea Premium Membership

The price of Chelsea Premium Membership is £85 (£90 in Europe and £95 for the rest of the world). For many other clubs, upgrading membership can make it easier to buy tickets. Chelsea Premium Membership does not make it easier to buy Chelsea tickets. You simply get fancier gifts when you sign up. In addition to all the benefits of Chelsea Adult Membership, you get a passport holder, deluxe scarf, keyring and aluminium bottle.

Chelsea Junior Blues Membership

Available for children aged 12 and under, Junior Blues Membership comes with a welcome pack filled with child-friendly items. Typically these will include a Chelsea-themed activity book, a sticker book, colour pencils, a size 1 ball, and a backpack. 

Junior Blues Membership costs £30 within the UK, £35 in Europe and £40 for the rest of the world. Chelsea Junior Blues Members do get a 10% Chelsea Megastore and online store discount, and a 2-4-1 discount at the Chelsea Stadium Tour & Museum. However, there is no entry to Chelsea competitions for prizes like VIP tickets. 

Chelsea Teen Membership

At the same price as Junior Blues Membership, Chelsea Teen Membership is available for anyone aged 13-19 years old. Again, the difference is in the welcome pack, which has age-appropriate goodies like a charger cable, cardholder, sports bottle and washbag. 

As with Junior Blues, Chelsea Teen Members are eligible for a 10% Chelsea Megastore and online store discount and a 2-4-1 discount at the Chelsea Stadium Tour & Museum. Again, Chelsea Team Membership doesn’t give you entry to Chelsea competitions for prizes like VIP tickets.  

Chelsea Ticket Only Membership

As mentioned above, if your only reason for purchasing a Chelsea Membership is to be able to buy tickets for Chelsea matches, this is the way to go. The price of Chelsea Membership at this tier is £35 worldwide, and includes no other discounts or welcome packs.

Chelsea Season Tickets

Some 28,000 seats at Stamford Bridge are reserved for Chelsea Season Ticket holders. As we show in our page about the Chelsea Season Tickets, they are extremely difficult to get. There are a lot of reasons behind this. Scarcity is a big one of course—by comparison, Spurs have 45,000 season ticket holders, while West Ham have 55,000.

Historically, Season Tickets at Chelsea have been reasonably priced. There may be many reasons why a Chelsea Season Ticket holder may give up their seat, but affordability probably won’t be one of them. 

From the very start of a season you need to be highly devoted and pretty lucky to get the chance to buy a Chelsea Chelsea Season Ticket. That’s because Chelsea Season Tickets are made available to Chelsea Members via a Loyalty Points system. We’ll do a breakdown of Chelsea’s complex Loyalty Points rules below. 

Chelsea Westview Season Tickets

The posh Chelsea season tickets, without hospitality included, are known as Westview. Located in the West Stand Upper, and served by a dedicated upmarket concourse, these seats are much more expensive than General Admission Chelsea season tickets. They start at £1,615 and rise as high as £3,685. Westview Season Tickets are on a separate scheme to normal Chelsea Membership, and have a waiting list that you can join with a £120 deposit.  

Does Becoming a Chelsea Member Guarantee Me Tickets?

Sadly, the answer is a definitive “no”. Even for less popular matches, home Chelsea tickets are hard to come by. Things get even more difficult when you factor in the Loyalty Points system, which gives a priority to established Chelsea fans. 

Can I Become a Chelsea Member at any Point in the Season?

Yes, you can sign up to become a Chelsea Member at any time in the season. Some membership types do sell out, especially Adult and Premium Membership. But you can still opt for Chelsea Ticket-Only Membership until the end of the season. The good news is that there is no waiting list to become a member, which is unusual for a Premier League club. 

There are many reasons why it’s better to sign up for Chelsea Membership either in the summer or early in the season. These are mostly to do with the number of Chelsea Loyalty Points you can earn, as we’ll explain next 

If you’re curious about how many Chelsea Members there are. Well, the total is estimated at around 100,000 people. That is a lot of people competing for a very small number of tickets to Chelsea matches. 

Chelsea Loyalty Points 

Many Premier League clubs run loyalty schemes to reward dedicated fans with the chance to buy tickets for the most in-demand games, whether they’re home or away. Chelsea take this to a whole other level. 

Where things get extra complicated is that a lot of Chelsea’s most in-demand matches are even sold on a loyalty-points basis. 

How Do Chelsea Loyalty Points Work?

Chelsea Loyalty points are like gold dust, and make a huge difference to a member’s ability to purchase Chelsea tickets for a match. Depending on how many points you accumulate throughout a season, you may get the chance to apply for a Chelsea Season Ticket. In summer 2023 you needed 136 Chelsea Loyalty Points to be eligible to apply for a Chelsea Season Ticket. 

How Do I Earn Chelsea Loyalty Points?

The main thing to know is that you earn Chelsea Loyalty Points by attending matches. However, there’s a big difference between the amount of points awarded depending on the game. This is the current distribution:

You can also earn five bonus Chelsea Loyalty Points by becoming a Chelsea Member during the summer when there’s a special offer for early applications.

Which Chelsea Matches Are Sold Using Loyalty Points?

The club rewards its most committed fans by putting many Chelsea tickets on sale on a loyalty-points basis if possible. 

As a rule, this applies to the most in-demand matches. So we’re talking home and away games vs Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City. It also applies to domestic cup finals, and the semi-finals of the FA Cup.  

Also sold on a loyalty-points basis are away tickets for most other matches in London or the South of England. So that means Fulham, West Ham United, Crystal Palace, Brentford, as well as the likes of Bournemouth. 

The club also reserves the right to sell Chelsea tickets for any other match using the loyalty-points basis.

Do Chelsea Loyalty Points Carry Over from Season to Season?

The brutal answer is no. Your Chelsea Loyalty Points total is wiped in the summer. This means if you fail to get hold of a Chelsea Season Ticket, you need to start all over again next season. 

The good news is that because Chelsea are usually in the mix for big honours at the end of every season, the most loyal fans are rewarded with the chance to get, say FA Cup tickets, or Champions League tickets in the latter stages. 

Buying Tickets with Chelsea Membership

Tickets for Chelsea matches at Stamford Bridge go on sale to Chelsea Members exactly 42 days before a given fixture. 

While some clubs have opted for a ballot to sell their tickets, Chelsea continue to use a queue system, dubbed a Virtual Waiting Room. As Chelsea Tickets go on sale from 10:00 it’s worth being patient, and getting online at least half an hour before the ticket office officially opens. 

General Admission Chelsea tickets for home games are initially made available in three different windows. 

  • In Week 1, members can attempt to buy one ticket
  • In Week 2, two extra tickets are available per Chelsea Season Ticket holder or Chelsea Member (a total of three each)
  • In Week 3, Chelsea tickets go on general sale to everyone, including non-members

The final step almost never happens, so don’t expect to be able to buy Chelsea tickets this way. 

What is the Chelsea Ticket Exchange?

The Chelsea Ticket Exchange allows Chelsea Season Ticket holders who cannot attend a game to sell their ticket at face value to Chelsea Members. It all exists to help the club ensure as many seats as possible are filled at Stamford Bridge. As opposed to other Premier League clubs, you have to be a Season Ticket Holder, and not just a Chelsea FC member, to list your ticket on this platform.

The Ticket Exchange opens at 11:00 on the day that tickets go on sale, and closes at 15:00 on the last working day before a fixture. One of the drawbacks is that Chelsea Members do not earn Loyalty Points on the tickets purchased via the Ticket Exchange.

However, on the flipside, you don’t need to accrue a certain number of Loyalty Points to be eligible for tickets sold on the Ticket Exchange. So, say you’re a Chelsea Member and want tickets for the final home game of the season, but don’t have enough Loyalty Points to buy a Chelsea ticket via the club ticket office. Well, the Ticket Exchange is one way to go. 

If you’re buying Chelsea tickets via the Ticket Exchange you may need to be patient and keep your eyes peeled. Tickets will become available and be sold in a matter of minutes. 

Can I Get Access To Hospitality Tickets With Chelsea Membership?

Chelsea Membership only applies to General Admission tickets. So the answer is, no, you don’t need to be a Chelsea Member to purchase one of Chelsea FC’s hospitality packages. 

Buying Chelsea Tickets Without a Membership

As we’ve shown, it is extremely uncommon for Chelsea to put tickets on general sale, making General Admission Chelsea tickets available to non-members. To get to this point, Chelsea Members and Chelsea Season Ticket holders have ample windows to snap up all of the available tickets via the primary market. 

One option is to pay out big for one of Club Chelsea’s matchday hospitality packages. As we said, you do not require a Chelsea Membership to purchase these premium experiences, assuming they are available for the match you want to see. 

Club Chelsea Annual Packages

Completely independent from the General Admission Chelsea membership system is Club Chelsea, which is Chelsea’s premium hospitality level, mainly based in the East Stand and West Stand. With a deposit of £120 (£300 for a Private Box), you can join a waiting list for season-long premium tickets, and Loyalty Points don’t play a role. 

These annual packages grant you access to all of Chelsea’s Premier League and domestic cup home games, with luxury padded seats and an ever-escalating range of perks. You also get the chance to purchase tickets for Premier League away games, as well as additional Club Chelsea matchday tickets, and access to the Club Chelsea Ticket Exchange.

  • The Captains’ Bar and The Managers’ Bar (each £4,030) offer access to an exclusive cash bar
  • The Canoville Suite (£4,920) has a cash bar, buffet and afternoon tea
  • The Champions’ Club (£5,245) features a four-course chef’s table, cash bar, a snack selection and afternoon tea
  • The UTB Sports Lounge (£5,690) offers a complimentary bar, chef’s table, full-time refreshments and half-time drinks vouchers on the Westview Concourse
  • The Tambling Suite (£5,850) has pre-match two-course fine dining, a full-time cheese station and half-time savoury refreshments
  • The Hollins Suite (£6,480) offers three-course fine dining, a full-time cheese station and half-time refreshments
  • The 1905 Club (£7,185) comes with four-course fine dining, half-time drinks vouchers, and a post-match cheese and charcuterie selection
  • With centre-circle seats, Canaletto’s (£7,520) has three-course fine dining, half-time savoury refreshments and a full-time cheese station
  • Ossie’s Suite (£7,520) features a four-course chef’s table, afternoon tea at half-time and full-time savoury snacks
  • The Bonetti Suite (£7,885) has a four-course chef’s table, half-time refreshments and a post-match Italian deli station
  • The Clarke Suite (£7,885) offers a four-course chef’s table, half-time afternoon tea and savoury snacks at full-time
  • The Drake Suite (£8,895) is right next to the Directors’ Box and comes with three-course fine dining, half-time savoury refreshments and cheese station at full-time
  • The Harris Suite (£8,895) is also beside the Directors’ Box and has three-course fine dining, half-time refreshments and a cheese station at full-time
  • The Executive Club (£12,490) is Club Chelsea’s premier annual hospitality package, with seats on the halfway line, champagne on arrival, three-course fine dining and savoury refreshments at half-time. 

Finally you’ve got Club Boxes, which cost £90,000 a season and are served by as many as 18 luxury padded seats. There’s champagne on arrival, a dedicated matchday host, casual dining, and a menu of half-time and full-time refreshments. 

Buying Chelsea Tickets Through Resellers

For many people, the secondary market is the sensible alternative to the official box office. One of the best things about purchasing Chelsea tickets from trusted marketplaces via Ticket Compare is the flexibility. 

If you are travelling to London purposely to watch, say, Chelsea play Spurs, then you can check our page for Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur tickets.

You don’t have to purchase a season-long Chelsea Membership, accrue Loyalty Points, take your chances in the Virtual Waiting Room, or hope that a ticket becomes available on the Chelsea Ticket Exchange. 

You simply browse the fixture list and pick the tickets that are right for you. We have a clear guide to the Stamford Bridge seating plan, to help you find the seats you need.

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