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Ticket Compare > AI imagines ‘typical fan’ for each Premier League team

AI imagines ‘typical fan’ for each Premier League team

Prepare to be either offended or amused! If you’ve ever felt frustrated by people judging you based on the team you support, you’ve been warned. In this blog post, we reveal what AI  perceives as the ‘typical fan’ for each Premier League club.

The rise of social media has greatly amplified stereotypes of fans, particularly on platforms like Twitter and YouTube. However, not every fan wishes to be linked with entities like Arsenal Fan TV or the personalities from the Pitchside podcast.

Acknowledging that these stereotypes are not always accurate, Ticket Compare has turned to AI, using Midjourney to illustrate the depictions of the ‘typical fan’ from every Premier League team.


To begin, let’s address the sad atmosphere among Liverpool fans following the announcement of Jurgen Klopp’s impending departure from the club at the season’s end. The news has cast a shadow over the fan base, leaving many feeling uncertain about the future of their beloved team.

The expression captured in the AI rendering reflects the collective sentiment of fans, who are left to ponder the implications of Klopp’s departure. Adding to the sadness of the situation is that the image bears an uncanny resemblance to Jurgen Klopp himself.

Manchester United

The next figure captured by AI is the typical Manchester United fan, often recognised as a seasoned supporter who fondly reminisces about the glory days of the Sir Alex Ferguson era. However, nowadays, disillusionment has settled in as they witness their team’s struggles to emulate past successes.

Manchester United’s premature exits from both the Champions League and the League Cup, coupled with slim prospects in the league title race, have disheartened supporters. Now, their hopes hinge on the FA Cup to reignite the spark in what has been a challenging season for the club.


The typical Everton supporter faces a trying period as their club grapples with a 10-point deduction for breaching financial fair play regulations, thrusting them into a relegation battle. Everton fans are understandably frustrated, particularly as they contrast their situation with Manchester City’s, who have faced 115 charges but have yet to receive sanctions this season.

The visible distress among fans highlights their plight, as they find themselves entangled in a relegation struggle through no fault of their own, forced to confront the daunting consequences of circumstances beyond their control.


Amidst the current season, Arsenal fans are witnessing a remarkable resurgence that has injected fresh energy and optimism into the club. The days of disappointment and frustration are behind them, replaced by genuine hope and excitement as their team emerges as genuine contenders for the league title.

The typical Arsenal fan, depicted by AI, embodies this newfound sense of pride and enthusiasm. With a beaming smile and celebratory demeanour, they epitomise the collective joy shared among supporters as they witness their team’s dramatic transformation on the field.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

This season, Wolves supporters find themselves immersed in a sea of frustration, primarily stemming from a string of contentious VAR decisions that have marred their matches. With each questionable call, the disappointment among fans grows deeper, leaving them feeling genuinely aggrieved by the perceived injustices on the field. 

The use of VAR, intended to enhance the accuracy of officiating decisions, has instead become a source of contention and discontent for Wolves fans. What was meant to bring clarity and fairness to the game has, in their eyes, only added to the confusion and frustration of match outcomes. The AI captures the sentiments of a typical Wolves fan during this up-and-down season.

Manchester City

Manchester City fans are riding a wave of euphoria fueled by their team’s consistent triumphs and sustained excellence over recent seasons. The club’s dominance on the pitch has brought joy and pride to supporters, who revel in the success and glory associated with their beloved team. However, amidst the celebrations and accolades, a cloud of uncertainty looms large over the Etihad Stadium. The pending decision regarding charges of financial fair play violations casts a shadow of apprehension and unease.

The AI image shows the anxiety gripping Manchester City supporters. Depicted with hands covering their ears, it symbolises their collective desperation to shield themselves from the impending consequences and repercussions of the verdict. The fear of facing penalties akin to those endured by Everton is a stark reminder of the fragility of success and the challenges it brings.

Newcastle United

Newcastle fans are currently experiencing a remarkable surge of optimism and excitement following the club’s recent takeover, which has catapulted them into the upper echelons of global football wealth. This newfound financial muscle not only signals a new era for the Magpies but also opens up a world of possibilities and ambitions that were previously beyond reach.

The AI portrayal of a Newcastle supporter perfectly encapsulates the prevailing mood among fans, characterised by palpable optimism and anticipation. There is a genuine belief among supporters that the club is now on the cusp of a transformative journey towards success and prominence on both the domestic and international stages.

Tottenham Hotspur

AI grasps the emotions running high among Tottenham fans, who are dealing with the recent departure of their legendary player, Harry Kane. Coupled with several injuries to key players and the absence of Son Heung-min for numerous games, it’s been a bitter pill to swallow. Despite these setbacks, a sense of hope lingers as Ange Postecoglou steadies the team and introduces a captivating new style of play that resonates with supporters.

However, tempering this optimism is speculation linking Postecoglou to the managerial vacancy at Liverpool, left by Jurgen Klopp’s departure. Fans are understandably anxious about losing their esteemed manager, particularly after Postecoglou expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of support during the January transfer window.


Brentford fans are facing a daunting second season in the Premier League, exacerbated by the suspension of their star striker Ivan Toney until January. This setback has forced Brentford into a relegation battle, struggling to climb from near the bottom of the table.

The AI image captures the prevailing sad sentiment among Brentford fans during the initial half of the season, with top scorer Ivan Toney sidelined due to suspension and secondary striker Bryan Mbeumo out of action due to injury. As a result, the team grapples with considerable challenges on the pitch.


With Chelsea’s current Premier League standing disappointing fans, despite the substantial investment of 1 billion in transfer and loan fees since Todd Boehly assumed control at Stamford Bridge in 2022, optimism initially surged with the addition of several world-class players to the squad. However, the team’s underperformance has prompted managerial changes during this period. Currently positioned at 11th place, which falls well below their expectations, Chelsea finds themselves in midtable obscurity.

The AI image accurately reflects the sentiment of the typical Chelsea fan amidst their 11th place position in the Premier League table and the recent defeat in the Carabao Cup final against Liverpool.

Aston Villa 

This season marks a significant ascent for Aston Villa, with the club radiating optimism and ambition as they set their sights on securing a place in European football. Under the guidance of Unai Emery, Aston Villa has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a formidable force on the Premier League stage.

Contrary to what AI may suggest, Aston Villa fans are not merely nervously anticipating outcomes — they are buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what the future holds. Emery’s impact on the team has been profound, instilling a winning mentality and a tactical sophistication that has propelled Aston Villa to new heights.

West Ham United

In contrast to the portrayal in the film Green Street, which depicts West Ham fans as loyal supporters who stand by their team through all challenges they encounter. West Ham fans take pride in recent accomplishments, including winning a European trophy, and actively support the team’s efforts to strengthen and rise in the league standings.

Despite the setback of losing key player Declan Rice, West Ham continues to evolve and grow stronger. The team’s management has astutely navigated the transfer market, securing key additions such as James Ward-Prowse and Mohammed Kudus. These signings represent a statement of intent, signalling West Ham’s commitment to maintaining competitiveness and pushing for success on the pitch.

AFC Bournemouth

Bournemouth fans have many reasons to rejoice since their return to the Premier League shown by what AI perceives them as. Despite a rocky start to the 2022/2023 season, Bournemouth has solidified its position as a formidable midtable contender. Currently, the team has distanced itself by eight points from the relegation zone, showcasing resilience and determination. As the season progresses, Bournemouth appears poised to secure safety from relegation, marking a significant achievement for the club.

Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton fans are currently experiencing immense joy with their club’s solid position in the Premier League and impressive performance in European competitions. The club’s attractive style of play, under the guidance of various managers, further amplifies the excitement, complemented by the unwavering support of its dedicated fanbase.

The AI representation echoes the sentiments of Brighton fans, showing a typical supporter smiling in disbelief at their current situation while other fans sit back and enjoy the ride.

Crystal Palace 

Crystal Palace supporters are currently disillusioned with the direction of their club, feeling a sense of stagnation and lack of ambition under Roy Hodgson’s management. The club’s position, just five points away from the relegation zone, has amplified dissatisfaction among fans who believe their team possesses the quality to compete higher up the table. This discontent has led to the decision to sack Roy Hodgson with 14 games remaining in the season.

The AI photo offers a glimpse into the emotional turmoil of a Crystal Palace fan following their team’s recent defeat against arch-rivals Brighton. In the aftermath of the loss, emotions run high, with the bitter taste of defeat lingering in the air. The fan’s expression conveys a mixture of disappointment, frustration, and perhaps a hint of resignation.


Burnley fans are grappling with substantial concerns this season as their team finds itself in 19th place, trailing 7 points behind the survival zone. The team’s lacklustre performance, amassing a mere 13 points in 24 games, has shattered the lofty aspirations held at the season’s outset, fueled by their record-breaking Championship promotion.

Despite fleeting glimpses of hope, such as instances of resilience on the pitch or potential avenues for improvement shown when Burnley earned a huge win against relegation rival Sheffield United 5-0 at home, the overall outlook remains overshadowed by the looming threat of relegation. The fan’s expression demonstrates the frustration from a challenging season, where every match assumes pivotal importance in the struggle to secure crucial points and escape the relegation zone.


The AI portrayal of Fulham fans captures their concerns over paying some of the highest costs in the Premier League. With the most expensive season ticket priced at a staggering £3,000, translating to a hefty £157 per match, fans are feeling the financial strain of supporting their beloved team. This substantial financial burden weighs heavily on supporters, who are increasingly vocal in their calls for the club’s owner to reconsider these exorbitant rates.

Last season, the club experienced the third-lowest turnout, reflecting the growing discontent regarding ticket pricing policies. Many loyal fans find themselves priced out of regular attendance, unable to justify the considerable expense of supporting their team in person.

Nottingham Forest 

The AI image perceptively portrays Nottingham Forest fans as weary and brimming with regret amid a season fraught with disappointment. The departure of their beloved manager, Steve Cooper, has only deepened their woes as the team tackles their second season back in the Premier League. Fans, in particular, are profoundly disheartened by Cooper’s departure, recognising his pivotal role in guiding them to the Premier League and securing their safety during their inaugural season back in the top flight. With Nottingham Forest just four points clear from relegation time will tell if the decision to part ways with Steeve Cooper was the right one.

Luton Town 

In their debut Premier League season, Luton Town fans are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions as their beloved club competes against some of the biggest names in English football. The AI pictures these supporters with deep appreciation and enthusiasm as they embrace every moment of this remarkable journey.

For many Luton Town fans, the opportunity to see their team competing at the highest level is nothing short of a dream come true. The club’s ascent to the Premier League represents the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and unwavering support from the fanbase. The fans remain resilient and optimistic despite Luton’s precarious position in the league standings, with the team currently sitting in 17th place, just one point above the relegation zone.

Sheffield United

Finishing with the team situated at the bottom of the Premier League table provides a fitting summary to this list Sheffield United have faced a number of setbacks that have overshadowed Sheffield United’s much-anticipated return to the Premier League, including devastating defeats, managerial changes, and the departure of key players during the summer transfer window. The AI depiction of a typical Sheffield United fan strikingly reflects the prevailing sentiment among supporters, who are confronted with their team languishing at the bottom of the league table with little prospect of survival. 

Sheffield United fans find solace in the fact that their team will not be claiming one of English football’s most undesirable records: the lowest-ever Premier League point tally. This record is currently held by Derby County, who earned only 11 points. Sheffield United recently secured a victory against Luton Town, bringing their tally to 13 points and distancing themselves from this unenviable record.

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