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How much does it cost for a ticket to a football game?

How much you pay to go to a football game depends on a lot of things; where you are seated, the popularity of the home team as well as the popularity of the away team.
Other things that can affect the price is the type of football game being played – domestic games tend to cost less than cup competitions.
If the football match is hotly anticipated, such as a final, then expect to pay a higher ticket price.

Tickets can vary wildly in price, so looking at minimum and maximum prices can help give you a good idea of what you might pay for a football ticket.
The English Premier League’s lowest Matchday ticket last year cost £9 (Hull City/Liverpool), but its more expensive would set you back £97 (Arsenal).
Prices in Europe are lower overall than their English counterparts, but the big clubs will still charge quite a lot. For example, Europe’s most expensive Matchday ticket last year was for Inter Milan, and it cost £242 to attend.

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