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The Most Instagrammable Premier League Stadiums

With the Premier League kicking off in a few days, our social media timelines are bound to be filled with amazing highlights. This begs the question, which Premier League stadium are we going to see most on our social feeds this season?

We gathered the data to find out which Premier League stadium is the most Instagrammed. Here are the findings.

20. Falmer Stadium

Team: Brighton & Hove Albion

Construction Date: 2008

Capacity: 31,800 People

Number Of Posts: 813 Posts

19. Brentford Community Stadium

Team: Brentford Community Stadium

Construction Date: 2020

Capacity: 17,250 People

Number Of Posts: 2,100 Posts

18. Dean Court

Team: Bournemouth

Construction Date: 1910 (Renovated in 2001)

Capacity: 11,364 People

Number Of Posts: 3,100 Posts

17. Molineux Stadium

Team: Wolverhampton Wanderers

Construction Date: 1889 (Renovated during 1978–1979; 1991–1993; 2011–2012)

Capacity: 32,050 People

Number Of Posts: 4,800 Posts

16. St Mary’s Stadium

Team: Southampton

Construction Date: 2001

Capacity: 32,384 People

Number Of Posts: 10,000 Posts

15. City Ground 

Team: Nottingham Forest

Construction Date: 1898

Capacity: 30,445 People

Number Of Posts: 17,600 Posts

14. King Power Stadium

Team: Leicester City

Construction Date: 2002

Capacity: 32,312 People

Number Of Posts: 25,300 Posts

13. Selhurst Park

Team: Crystal Palace

Construction Date: 1924 (Renovated in 1983, 1995, 2013, 2014)

Capacity: 25,486 People

Number Of Posts: 31,800 Posts

12. Craven Cottage

Team: Fulham

Construction Date:  1780

Capacity: 19,359 People

Number Of Posts: 34,800 Posts

11. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Team: Tottenham

Construction Date: : 2019

Capacity: 62,850 People

Number Of Posts: 48,200 Posts

10. Goodison Park

Team: Everton

Construction Date:  1892

Capacity: 39,414 People 

Number Of Posts: 61,800 Posts

9. Elland Road 

Team: Leeds United

Construction Date: 1897 (Renovated 1905, 1920s, 1957, 1968, 1970, 1974, 1989, 1991, 1994)

Capacity: 37,792 People

Number Of Posts: 70,500 Posts

8. London Stadium

Team: West Ham

Construction Date:  2012

Capacity: 62,500 People

Number Of Posts: 71,800 Posts

7. Villa Park 

Team: Aston Villa

Construction Date: 1897

Capacity: 42,682 People

Number Of Posts: 166,000 Posts

6. Etihad Stadium 

Team: Manchester City

Construction Date: 2002

Capacity: 55,017

Number Of Posts: 198,000 Posts

5. Emirates Stadium

Team: Arsenal

Construction Date: 2006

Capacity: 60,704 People

Number Of Posts: 267,000 Posts

4. St James’ Park 

Team: Newcastle

Construction Date: 1892

Capacity: 52,305 People

Number Of Posts: 364,000 Posts

3. Stamford Bridge 

Team: Chelsea

Construction Date: 1877 (Renovated 1904–1905, 1998)

Capacity: 40,834 People

Number Of Posts: 591,000 Posts

2. Old Trafford 

Team: Manchester United

Construction Date: 1910

Capacity: 74,140 Posts

Number Of Posts: 1,300,000 Posts

1. Anfield 

Team: Liverpool

Construction Date: 1884

Capacity: 53,394 People

Number Of Posts: 1,400,000 Posts


We gathered Instagram Hashtag data for the most popular hashtags for each premier league stadium and ranked them based on the number of posts for each hashtag.

Lydia Reynolds

Written by Lydia Reynolds

Lydia is a writer with a passion for sport. A lifelong fan of Sheffield United, she keeps close tabs on the Premier League, and loves digging into football data. She holds a degree in English Literature. When she's not writing, you'll find her swotting up on football transfers, or skiing in the alps.