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Ticket Compare > A guide to Manchester United season tickets 

A guide to Manchester United season tickets 

Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs on the planet, and due to its success and a rich and historic legacy, it has become one of the most well-supported teams in the world. 

Manchester United play their home games at Old Trafford, affectionately known as the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, Old Trafford is the biggest ground in the Premier League holding over 74,000 fans. 

Although it has been over a decade since United last won the Premier League, a season ticket for Old Trafford is still one of the most prized possessions in UK football. 

In this guide, we will reveal everything you need to know about Manchester United’s season tickets. We will tell you how you can get your hands on one, how much it costs and what different perks it can bring. 

What does a Manchester United season ticket get you?

If you want to watch every single Premier League game at Old Trafford then a season ticket is the only way to guarantee your seat. 

Offering you a seat for all nineteen home games, you can be on hand to watch United take on all of the Premier League’s best sides and secure your seat for the club’s most eagerly awaited matches against Liverpool and Manchester City.

A season ticket can be purchased for all four stands within Old Trafford, and prices vary depending on where you wish to sit. 

Is it easy to get a season ticket at Manchester United?

As you can imagine, with a club the size of Manchester United, securing a season ticket isn’t easy. In order to get your hands on a season ticket, you will need to join the official waiting list. 

Currently, the waiting list has approximately 120,000 names on it, so be warned it could take years before you can get your hands on a coveted ticket.

How many season tickets are available every season?

Every season, there are approximately 50,000 season tickets on offer. Once you acquire your season ticket it is yours to hold, but you will need to renew it every season in order to keep it validated.

Season tickets are only passed to those on the waiting list when a current season ticket holder chooses not to renew their ticket. 

How much does a season ticket at Manchester United cost?

Like all Premier League clubs, the overall price of a season ticket will range depending on where you wish to watch the action from. Season tickets can be brought for every stand within Old Trafford – the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, Sir Bobby Charlton Stand, East Stand and the Stretford End.

The most expensive season tickets are found in both the Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton Stands. Both stands are positioned along the sidelines of the pitch and offer a superb view of the action. These tickets will set you back £1,007. 

The Sir Alex Ferguson Stand is made up of three tiers and it is in the middle tier where tickets are the priciest. Season tickets can be purchased right on the halfway line and blocks N2410, N2409, N1408, N1407, N1406, N2405 and N2404 are where the most expensive tickets are located.

Old Trafford Block N2407 view
Block N2407 – a location where the most expensive season tickets are based

The Sir Bobby Charlton Stand is the smallest stand in Old Trafford and houses just two tiers. It is the stand where the media and VIPs are often seated, and the most expensive season tickets are in blocks S122 – S127 and S226 – S228.

Old Trafford Block S123 view
Block S123 – a location where the most expensive season tickets are based

Block S123 – a location where the most expensive season tickets are based

If you are looking to spend less than that, then tickets can be purchased behind the goal in both the Stretford End and the East Stand.

The cheapest tickets in the ground are available in the lowest tier of both stands and will set you back £551. Blocks W101 – W106 and E133 – E138 are where these tickets are located.

Old Trafford Block W101 view
Block W101 – a location where the cheapest season tickets are based

Old trafford Block W104 view
Block W104 – a location where the cheapest season tickets are based

Old trafford Block E106 view
Block E106 – a location where the cheapest season tickets are based

Although the vantage point of these tickets may not be as strong as seats purchased in Sir Bobby Charlton or Sir Alex Ferguson Stands, the Stretford End and East Stand are often where the best atmosphere is generated. Buying a season ticket in either of these stands should still offer a fantastic experience.

Here is a complete breakdown of the season ticket prices within Old Trafford.

AdultOver 6516-1718-20Youth Under 16
Category 1£1007£755.25£437£755.25£380
Category 2£931£698.25£437£698.25£380
Category 3£874£655.50£437£655.50£380
Category 4£836£627£418£627£380
Category 5£760£570£380£570£285£361
Category 6£741£555.75£370.50£555.75£285£351.50
Category 7£684£513£342£513£290
Category 8£551£413.25£275.50£413.25£285£266

Can season ticket prices vary per age category?

As the table above indicates, there are different prices depending on your age. The most expensive season tickets are standard adult tickets, however if you are over 65 or under 16, your ticket will be considerably cheaper. 

Are season tickets always the same price?

For most clubs, season tickets are a critical source of revenue, and their costs are constantly reviewed. 

Between the conclusion of 22/23 and the start of the 23/24 season, season ticket prices across all pricing categories rose by 5%. 

Whilst clubs know that it’s not a great look raising season ticket prices, it is something that is regularly done.

Can I buy a season ticket for my child?

If you wish to buy a season ticket for a child or a younger member of your family, there are various different youth categories that see the overall prices of season tickets fluctuate greatly. 

Depending on the age of your child, there are different prices for those who are under 16, ranging all the way to young adults aged 20. 

There is also the option to buy a season ticket for children under ten via a specialised youth seat. These youth seats are reserved in special portions of the ground where the atmosphere shouldn’t be as intense. 

Is my season ticket only valid for league games?

A Manchester United season ticket only ensures your seat for all Premier League games; for those wanting to buy a ticket for the FA Cup, Carabao Cup and European football matches, these tickets will need to be paid for as an extra. If a season ticket holder doesn’t want to purchase an additional cup ticket, these tickets are usually made available for general sale. 

Manchester United season ticket holders have the option of opting in for a cup ticket for each individual competition. If opted in, the price for the additional ticket is usually charged a week after the cup draw has been made and the cost of the ticket will be taken directly out of the season ticket holder’s bank account. 

What other benefits does having a season ticket provide?

As well as being guaranteed to watch every Manchester United home game, a season ticket also provides other benefits.

Tickets for finals are allocated to the clubs and the clubs usually try to sell their allocation to the most loyal group of fans. Holding a season ticket won’t guarantee you a ticket for either domestic or European cup finals. 

When you acquire a season ticket, you will be awarded points. The more games you attend, the more points you will accrue; points are also awarded for attending away matches and additional cup matches.

Cup final tickets are often reserved for those who have accumulated the most points, and it is often season ticket holders who benefit first. Whilst there is no guarantee you would get a ticket, you have a much greater chance of being awarded one due to the fact that you are a season ticket owner. 

Any cup final tickets would need to be paid for additionally and wouldn’t be covered by the already purchased season ticket.

The other benefit of having a season ticket is you have a better chance of receiving an away ticket for Premier League and cup games.

Away end allocations are controlled by the club and similarly to a cup final, tickets are usually awarded to the most loyal of fans. Away games can be special as usually only the most passionate fans attend and brilliant atmospheres are usually generated. 

Away tickets aren’t covered by a season ticket and would cost extra, but new Premier League rules mean that only a maximum of £30 will ever be charged for away fans.

If I’m not a season ticket holder, are there any other ways I can watch a match at Old Trafford?

One way to secure your seat at Old Trafford is by becoming a member. Only members can purchase tickets that the club releases on general sale. 

Membership fees are a lot cheaper than season ticket prices and currently start at £75 for the whole year. There is no guarantee that membership will get you tickets, but you have a better chance of being able to get your hands on them by being a member.

If the idea of being a member doesn’t suit you, you can buy tickets on our website.

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