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Ticket Compare > The Ultimate Guide: Which Football Ticket Site is the Best?

The Ultimate Guide: Which Football Ticket Site is the Best?

If you’re in the market for football tickets, you might have noticed that things have gotten a little bit more complex over the past few years. Unless you’re a season ticket holder, getting your hands on a ticket for a popular match will require you to dive into the world of ticket reselling instead of using the traditional box office. Now, at first this may seem like a complete nightmare; there are so many different platforms that buy and sell football tickets online, where should you even begin to look?

Well, we’re here to help! At Ticket Compare, we make it our job to do the grunt work and critically assess all of the big ticket sites out there, so that you don’t have to. We’ve gathered a lot of useful information about these sites, so we’ve created a comprehensive guide for you to use. Whether it is the Champions League, La Liga or the Premier League, we have looked at pricing, customer service, site usability and much more to help you choose which is the best football ticket site to purchase your tickets from. For an in-depth look at how we rate these sites, feel free to check out some of our reviews.

For now, though, let’s try to answer the question – which football ticket site is the best? Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for. We’ve broken down this guide into a few neat categories, so that we can answer this burning question as comprehensively as possible.

The Best Ticket Site for the Premier League

The Premier League is arguably the most popular professional football league on the planet. Featuring footballing institutions including Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool, England’s top flight of football is a true spectacle to behold. Whether it is catching a glimpse of Eden Hazard at Stamford Bridge or soaking up the atmosphere at Anfield, the Premier League has a lot to offer its huge fanbase.

Unfortunately, the massive following that the Premier League enjoys comes at a price for the fans; getting tickets can be a real headache. Thankfully, there are a lot of ticket resellers that put a great deal of effort into cultivating a community that can provide tickets to the Premier League’s best games. We’ve outlined the cream of the crop below, as well as how well equipped they are to get you to a standard Premier League game:

Spurs vs Liverpool 22/10/17
Site 24hr Support e-Ticket Paper Ticket
Ticketbis.net Yes Free Free
Sportevents365.com Yes €5 Unavailable
Getmein.com No £2.40 Unavailable
Ticket4Football.com No Unavailable £8-10
intl.stubhub.com Yes Free Unavailable
wowtickets.football Yes Free Unavailable

By looking at their customer support and availability of e-tickets and paper tickets, we can see that Ticketbis is the only one to offer all of the above features. With that said, Ticketbis are not the best in town when it comes to ticket availability for the premier league – that award usually goes to Ticket4Football thanks to their amazing last-minute ticket options. So, if you’re trying to get a Premier League ticket your best bet would be to try out a few of the vendors listed above. Ideally, Ticketbis will stock the tickets that you want. If not, there are some decent alternatives out there.

The Best Football Ticket Site for La Liga

La Liga is Spanish football’s top tier, housing world class teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. With some of the best football in the world being played in La Liga, it is no surprise that tickets sell out regularly, especially in big games. However, it is absolutely worth the long lines for an opportunity to watch some of the world’s greats – such as Messi and Ronaldo – grace the pitch.

If you’re trying to nab some tickets for La Liga, you will probably struggle to find anything at the box office. The next best thing is through trusted ticket resellers, but which ones are the best for La Liga? We’ve spent a great deal of time researching all of the different resellers and how they fare with La Liga tickets. Below is a quick table featuring some of our top picks, as well as a few vital statistics about their service:

Real Madrid vs UD Palmas 05/11/17
Site 24hr Support e-Ticket Paper Ticket
Ticketbis.net Yes Free Unavailable
Sportevents365.com Yes €5 Unavailable
Ticketnetwork.com No $7.95 $10-40
Superstartickets.com Yes Unavailable £8-10
intl.stubhub.com Yes Free Free
Seatgeek.com No Free Free

When looking at what resellers had tickets to La Liga games, we had some mixed results. Many of the go-to vendors for Premier League tickets simply don’t stock La Liga tickets, so you might have to branch out slightly. Worry not, though, because there are still a good handful of resellers out there that do an exceptional job of stocking La Liga tickets. Although the international Stubhub offers up the best list of features such as 24 hour support, we would recommend paying a little more at Ticketbis for their excellent overall service and track record.

The Best Ticket Site for the Champions League 

The Champions League is the pinnacle of European football, with the continent’s best teams vying for the Champions League title. It is here that fans get to watch teams like Real Madrid compete against Manchester City, and it generates some of the best football matches in the world. As a result, these types of matches are incredibly exciting, popular and – unfortunately – hard to get tickets for.

If you’re trying to source a Champions League match ticket, you should expect to pay a little more for the experience when compared to domestic matches. There are also differences in how you can obtain tickets, because the box offices offer preferential treatment to season ticket holders. As a result, your hand will most likely be forced to use a ticket vendor to get to a Champions League game. Thankfully, we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting and researched what vendors provide the best services for people looking to buy Champions League tickets. We’ve compiled a handy little table below that shows some of the best options to choose from:

Barcelona vs Juventus 12/09/2017
Site 24hr Support e-Ticket Paper Ticket
Ticketbis.net Yes Free Free
Sportsevents365.com Yes €5 €12
Ticketnetwork.com No $7.95 $15 Local Pickup
Viagogo.co.uk No £5.45 Unavailable
Ticketmonster.com No Unavailable Free
Superstartickets.com Yes Free $15 Local Pickup

Unfortunately, because it’s the Champions League, there are multiple countries involved in the reselling of tickets depending on what game you want to go to. This can make it a little more difficult to source tickets from preferred vendors, but going to the right resellers will make things easier. By the features alone, Ticketbis seems to offer it all – free delivery and 24 hour support. All of the other sites that we looked at would tack on additional fees, but Ticketbis offered free paper or e-tickets. Other reputable brands that we would suggest for the Champions League include TicketNetwork and SportsEvents365, due to their excellent reputation in the ticket vendor sector.


Well, there you have it. Hopefully, you can use this guide as an excellent resource to find the best tickets for you, regardless of what league you prefer. We’ve tried our best to make your experience with ticket vendors as painless as possible, and using this guide should help make your life even more easier!