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Coldplay Tickets

Coldplay is the most influential British rock band of the 21st century. It all started in 1996, when Chris Martin the singer met Jonny Buckland the keyboard player at the University College London. Soon enough they were completed by the remaining musicians – Guy Berryman and Will Champion. The band members also acknowledge their director Phil Harvey as the fifth band member and the magic-doer behind the scenes. The line-up of the band hasn’t changed since its inception.

During their first years of activity, the band was seeking own unique voice, alongside with a final name – before “Coldplay” they were performing as Pectoralz and Starfish, before taking on the name we know today. After proving their worth with few self-released EP’s – they got a record deal with Parlophone in 1999.

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In 2000 the first hit of Coldplay saw light – “Yellow”. The song presented a new sound of the British Rock. After the single took the world by a storm, a full-length album “Parachutes” was released – and the rest is history. Among their most famous songs of the bands: Paradise, Viva la Vida, Clocks, Fix You, Hymn for the Weekend, The Scientist and others. As for today, the band released 7 albums, the last one in 2015. Based on the sales, reviews of musical experts and fans, it is safe to say that the band gets better with time, the musical material never seize to amaze with originality, the style is easily recognizable and resonates with many genre-lovers.

The music videos are a completing the songs perfectly, for instance – the video for “Scientist” presents events happening for end to beginning, with Chris Martin lip-syncing throughout the whole song. In order to achieve this mystical effect, the singer learned the song backwards, creating the most amazing video back in 2002. The video was praised, earning the band an MTV award and Grammy nomination. However, that year the award went to the most heartbreaking postmortem video of Johnny Cash. Coldplay took a Grammy home in 2008, for their album “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” which was produced by Brian Eno, known by his own revolutionary instrumental album, as well as by the work of known artists, including David Bowie, Phil Collins, Genesis and many more.

Interesting facts about the band

On the top of their popularity, Chris Martin chose to join the common people and take the subway to the O2 Arena where the band supposed to perform. And although many fans of the band also took the same train – no one had recognized the rock star.

Their album “Mylo Xyloto” broke a record of digital sales around the world, proving that rock is still a leading force in the music industry.

One of the most famous songs of the band – Clocks, had entered the album “A Rush of Blood to the Head” in the last minute. Later it became the second single, taking a Grammy award in 2004.